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The LLVLC Show (Episode 555): Paleo Blogger Richard Nikoley Addresses The Low-Carb vs. Paleo Controversy


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In Episode 555 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the show Paleo blogger and author Richard Nikoley from the “Free The Animal” blog. Richard can be described as bombastic, controversial and irreverent (with a trademark potty mouth from time to time) and everybody in the Paleo/low-carb community knows about the work he does. It’s been a couple of years since he was on the podcast (listen to Richard in Episode 347) and now he’s back to promote his brand new e-book and book entitled Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet.

During this interview, Richard shared about a very special deal his publisher is running right now and here are the details: purchase a copy of either his e-book or the paperback and you will have the opportunity to give five e-book copies way for FREE! Purchase the book and full details are inside the book.

Don’t you dare miss this exciting interview where Richard talks about his recent experimentation eating more starchy carbohydrates in the form of potatoes and his unique firebrand take on the low-carb vs. Paleo vs. food reward theory that is lighting up the blogosphere. It’s never a dull moment when Richard Nikoley is on the show. ENJOY!

Listen to Richard Nikoley share his thoughts on the diet debates:

  • His book is very “grandma safe” without his trademark language
  • Why he decided to write a book promoting the Paleo message
  • He struggled with how to make it different from others
  • Hyperink Publisher contacted him about writing an e-book/book
  • The book is not just a bunch of blog posts published in a book
  • There are hyperlinks included in the e-book to relevant online info
  • There is a web page link in the print version to all the hyperlinks
  • He attempted to appeal to “your reason and logic” with this book
  • His fasting section is “quite extensive” because of his experience
  • The 110-page book is available virtually everywhere online
  • If you purchase the book, you get 5 coupon codes to give away
  • The brevity of the book was to make sure it “actually gets read”
  • His recent experimentation adding back in starchy carbohydrates
  • The frustration he has seen trying to get down to a better weight
  • His decision to replace non-starchy veggies with potatoes
  • He needed to adjust his fat calories to compensate for potatoes
  • He expected to gain “a few pounds” doing this experiment
  • Food became “less palatable” and he “felt full for longer”
  • He spontaneously started eating less calories daily on potatoes
  • His response to those who say you shouldn’t eat fat and carbs
  • Even low-carber Dr. Mike Eades believes that calories count
  • His synthesis of low-carb, food reward and calories count post
  • Food quality is vitally important if you’re gonna eat low-carb
  • Had he started eating potatoes first, he may not have stuck with it
  • When you have 2-3 potatoes a day, will you still crave them?
  • He’s losing weight because addition of starch cut total calories
  • More energy, sleeps less and straight through the night
  • A ribeye steak and potato used to “put me to sleep” afterwards
  • Why you need to add in the starch instead of just lowering calories
  • He’s a fan of my work because I’m “agnostic” about diet plans
  • The antagonism about low-carb from the Paleo community
  • The thyroid, body temp, adrenal fatigue on low-carb is “BS”
  • His take on the riff between the Paleo and low-carb people
  • Mark Sisson’s take on his diet is that it’s “still low-carb”
  • Paleo is defined as “real food that our ancestors ate”
  • “There’s nothing implicit in Paleo that means it is low-carb”
  • He’s becoming more and more “macronutrient agnostic” now
  • Low-carb is defined as restricting the amount of carbs in your diet
  • Low-carb worked for him and so it’s difficult to dismiss it
  • The ancestral movement is predicated on all the communities uniting
  • His dismissal of anti-Paleo blogger who spoke on the “Paleo Summit”
  • 425: Chris Voigt Ate 20 Potatoes A Day For 60 Days
  • People don’t need to “tear others down to make them look better”
  • Anyone can “cherry pick” whatever studies to prove their point
  • My controversial October 2011 “safe starches” post
  • “Can A Christian Follow A Paleo Low-Carb Diet?”
  • He appreciates my work calling me “information agnostic”

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    What did you think about what you heard from Richard Nikoley? Sound off about it in the show notes section of Episode 555. Pick up a copy of Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet (and take advantage of the 5 FREE e-book offer) and be sure to read my review of this book here. Of course, you should bookmark his “Free The Animal” blog to keep up with how his starch experiment is going. Coming up on Wednesday (my last LLVLC Show episode before taking a week off to attend PaleoFX March 14-17, 2012), I’m excited to share my brand new interview with legendary Paleo diet expert Professor Loren Cordain about his brand new book The Paleo Answer: 7 Days To Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young (check out this YouTube video of my conversation with him prior to recording the interview).

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    • Rawnut

      Was he drunk?

      • Anonymous

        Usually! LOL! 😀 Richard’s a hoot.

      • Richard Nikoley

        8am, and I hadn’t had anything since 2 beers Saturday (we recorded Friday). I did tip the bottle that night, though. I had posted that I was going to eliminate alcohol up until the recording so as not to confound variables.

        • Anonymous

          So if that’s “normal” Richard then I don’t wanna meet drunk Richard. 😀

    • Nina

      One quibble:  the Eades specifically talk about ‘nutrient dense food’ as a weight problem, not calories.  If you talk about calories, then you dupe yourself into thinking that 1=1.  Have a look at ‘Sugar – could be the primary cause of insulin resistance’ video on the blog for a view on this.  

    • Kelly Mahoney

      Sisson described Nikoley’s 200 daily grams of carbs as “low carb”? Has he abondoned his carbohydrate curve which describes “insidious” weight gain above 150 grams carbs?

      • Richard Nikoley

        Kelly, not. He was speaking in the big scheme of things where the average intake of 400-500 is more than twice that. But I did take away that he didn’t think it’s a big deal if from clean carbs and it’s working for me, which it is, very nicely so, almost 2 weeks in.

      • Anonymous

        As far as I know, it’s still 150g or less.