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The LLVLC Show (Episode 554): Melissa Joulwan Shows You How To Make Your Paleo Family ‘Well Fed’


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In Episode 554 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a Paleo blogger and cookbook author Melissa Joulwan. Growing up around traditional food as a child exposed to a wide variety of cuisines by her parents, Melissa understood the importance of family traditions and holding true to the ethnic cultures she was exposed to. So when she discovered the power of the Paleo diet in her own life and decided to start sharing some of her newfound recipes on her “The Clothes Make The Girl” blog, it was then that Melissa decided to pass along those culinary lessons of yesteryear and share them with a newfound audience interested in eating a healthy Paleo lifestyle. Thus was born the amazing cookbook entitled Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat (read my book review of Well Fed) that continues in the popular trend of the various Paleo cookbooks that have released in the past year who have been on this podcast to talk about them. Enjoy hearing Melissa’s story and get inspired to hop in the kitchen and start cooking!

Listen to Melissa Joulwan talk about her love for cooking:

  • Food was “a really big deal” in her family growing up
  • She developed some “not very good eating habits”
  • After college she wanted to be healthy and turned to low-fat
  • She constantly tried new ways to lose weight until CrossFit
  • This led her to the Paleo diet and helps her “enjoy food again”
  • Her “joy” for food again led her to write a Paleo cookbook
  • The “lost art” of cooking that we deal with in modern times
  • You don’t have to be a master chef to make nourishing foods
  • She remembered the “big social event” when her town got a Wendy’s
  • Her parents did put a focus on real food and not packaged foods
  • She was consuming The Zone Diet without grains at first
  • Looking around online she found The Whole9’s Melissa Hartwig
  • Her one-week challenge to give dairy-free Paleo an honest try
  • When she cut out dairy, there was no bloating anymore
  • Her current strategy to eat bigger meals and cutting out snacking
  • On the weekends she “accidentally” does some intermittent fasting
  • She goes to yoga on an empty stomach for the best results
  • Her “wonky” thyroid problems that made getting healthy challenging
  • The “quite large” nodule they found on her thyroid
  • She had over half of her thyroid removed because of the nodule
  • She takes thyroid hormone to compensate for the removal
  • Everything she does impacts how her thyroid functions
  • This challenge taught her that nothing in life is “settled”
  • Her Weight Watchers camp story as a 13-year old child
  • It was “a pretty major experience” and “overwhelmingly shocking”
  • They forced her to exercise and she “liked” learning tennis
  • When she got home from the camp, her old habits crept in again
  • Through college, she was about 80 pounds over what she needed to be
  • The lack of focus on real food is biggest flaw in Weight Watchers
  • It is disappointing that too many people see “fat-free” as healthy
  • Subconscious advertising in our culture has impacted our thinking
  • Most people see food as “pleasurable” and should be enjoyed
  • Why eating real food became sustainable for her
  • She becomes “completely irrational” if she eats wheat and sugar
  • When you eat real food, life is a lot more “natural” and “peaceful”
  • She eats Paleo 90% of the time with a few “treats” here and there
  • Why the purist mindset is doing more harm than good
  • What her “The Clothes Make The Girl” blog has to do with nutrition
  • Her desire to write about fashion, but Paleo enamored her more
  • She’s not afraid of her body or food (don’t expect “perfection”)
  • Why she decided to write a Paleo cookbook as her first book
  • The recipes on her blog were the most popular pages
  • Her original idea to make this an e-book, but it developed well
  • The response is “so lovely” because it’s helping people
  • She took her family recipes and worked on making them Paleo
  • The criticism she has heard about her recreated recipes
  • True “comforting” comes from consuming the best foods possible
  • Spices and herbs can make your food a lot more interesting
  • Why she enjoys using cabbage more than any other vegetable
  • Her experience as a roller derby girl in the Austin, Texas area
  • Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track
  • But for doing roller derby, she never would have tried CrossFit
  • How yoga and meditation reduced stress and improved her health
  • Anything that reduces stress will help with your thyroid health
  • She is now going full-time with her blogging/writing career

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    What did you think about what you heard from Melissa Joulwan? Tell us your impression of what you heard from her in the show notes section of Episode 554. Pick up your own copy of Melissa’s book Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat and bookmark her outstanding blog called “The Clothes Make The Girl.” Coming up on Tuesday, we welcome back opinionated Paleo blogger Richard Nikoley from the “Free The Animal” blog to discuss his new e-book Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet (read my review here) as well as his take on the current low-carb vs. Paleo vs. food reward theory that is lighting up the blogosphere. Richard will also tell us about his new experimentation consuming more starchy carbohydrates in his diet. Then on Wednesday (my last LLVLC Show episode before taking a week off to attend PaleoFX March 14-17, 2012), I’m excited to share my brand new interview with legendary Paleo diet expert Professor Loren Cordain about his brand new book The Paleo Answer: 7 Days To Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young (check out this YouTube video of my conversation with him prior to recording the interview).

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