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The LLVLC Show (Episode 552): Dr. Spencer Nadolsky Is A Physician Who Practices What He Preaches To Patients


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In Episode 552 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I’m excited to welcome nutrition and exercise-minded physician Dr. Spencer Nadolsky from “Leaner Living.” We often lament on this podcast how disappointing it is that medical doctors are not trained in the vital role that proper nutrition plays in overall health. If they’re lucky, the future physicians of this world receive two weeks of education on diet–and much of their focus is on finding a pharmaceutical answer to their patient’s problems. But there’s a growing trend happening among the younger generation of doctors that has me encouraged that good things are coming and the winds of change are already blowing in a positive direction. Our interview guest Dr. Nadolsky is a prime example of this. He’s a voracious reader of the latest nutritional research and seeks to help his patients with cutting-edge science and a sincere concern for treating the root cause of the health issues that they are going through. Listen in as Dr. Nadolsky and I talk about how he came to learn about the proper role low-carb nutrition plays in health despite his conventional medical education and training.

Listen to Dr. Spencer Nadolsky share how he utilizes low-carb nutrition:

  • His interest in athletics and nutrition in high school
  • His older brother Karl was very athletic and his dad was a coach
  • The talent in wrestling his brother possessed winning state titles
  • The high expectations he had to live up to his brother reputation
  • He looked to “enhance” his performance through nutrition and exercise
  • The Food Pyramid of high-carb eating increased his weight badly
  • Once his “hormones kicked in” he won a state championship too
  • He continued to hone in on nutrition and exercise science in college
  • He already started thinking of treating patients with nutrition
  • Why they decided to create their own supplement company
  • How they shifted from a career in athletics to the medical field
  • He was traditionally trained as an osteopathic physician
  • The self-experimentation that he does to help his patients
  • The monolithic thinking regarding nutrition with most doctors
  • How overabundant drug therapy has become in treating patients
  • Problems that patients tend to have with statin therapy
  • 98% of patients see NO BENEFIT from statin drugs
  • It’s dangerous not to know the importance of lipids
  • His emphasis on “risk stratification” to treat patients
  • He likes to test himself often to see how healthy he is
  • How difficult it is to get his patients to make lifestyle changes
  • “Habit-based nutrition” that helps people get optimally healthy
  • Why he always asks his patients about diet, exercise and sleep
  • How easy it is to get patients to double green vegetable intake
  • What led him and his brother to discover low-carb nutrition
  • How “horrible” he felt when he carb-loaded during college wrestling
  • He stays within 75-100g carbs daily now with no diminished performance
  • Nobody needs to be consuming 500g carbohydrates in their diet
  • His skepticism about Michael Phelps consuming 12,000 calories/day
  • It “makes sense” that patients consume less carbs than they do
  • You don’t need carbs to “lift heavy weights” but maybe sprinting
  • The keto-adaptation period that you go through with exercise
  • It’s hard from “a practical standpoint” to put diabetics on low-carb
  • The “visceral obesity” that leads to insulin resistance
  • Low-carb is the perfect diet for people with obesity
  • A big waist without high triglycerides isn’t as much a risk
  • The “sugar truck” analogy for people who are insulin resistant
  • If you think “safe starches” are invalid, then test it yourself
  • Getting people to care is half the battle with patients
  • If you have a “dictator” doctor, then you need to fire them
  • Any doctor who thinks they know it all, it’s just not true

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