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The LLVLC Show (Episode 551): K.D. Joseph Says Dietary Fat Is The Best ‘Weight Loss Secret’

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In Episode 551 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome someone who could accurately be described as an enthusiastic supporter and defender of dietary fat. He is Cambridge, MA-based writer and counselor K.D. Joseph and is the author of a brand new 99-cent e-book on this critical subject entitled Fat: The Weight Loss Secret – Simple Advice To Lose Weight And Change Your Life. When people begin a low-carb weight loss and health journey for the first time, one of the biggest mistakes they make is neglecting the important role that dietary fat plays in their newfound healthy lifestyle. Fat is so incredibly satiating, staves off those dastardly hunger pangs, gives you energy galore by becoming an efficient primary fuel for your body in the absence of carbohydrate (aka fat-adapted), and is a critical element of what I like to call livin’ la vida low-carb. K.D. Joseph understands this and makes the case for consuming more dietary fat in his awesome e-book. He has a web site that summarizes what he thinks about this pro-fat diet on shedding pounds. It’s called “The Easiest Way To Lose Weight” which truly says it all and it also includes his “Three Very Simple Tips” for making it happen for YOU! Listen in as K.D. and I chew the fat so to speak on this very important subject!

Listen to K.D. Joseph extol the virtues of consuming dietary fat:

  • Why he has had a “lifelong interest” in alternative health
  • His vegetarian father who passed along health info to him as a kid
  • When he made the transition to eating more fat and defend it
  • He used to eat a vegetarian diet until 2010 when he found Paleo/low-carb
  • He became convinced that he needed more than vegetables in his diet
  • His father supports how he eats now despite the fact it’s not his diet
  • Who influenced him that led him to embrace fat as healthy
  • How he appreciates the bloggers who “emphasize fat consumption”
  • Why the “clogged arteries” imagery is still a part of modern society
  • We have fully embraced the low-fat “carb culture” as the norm
  • Protein is a good in-road for getting people interested in the message
  • If you’re eating high-protein, you’ll need to add fat to it eventually
  • Why people who eat carbs have to keep eating every couple of hours
  • You end up eating less food when you consume fat in your diet
  • The lack of positive mainstream news stories promoting dietary fat
  • You will “feel the results” if you embrace a high-fat diet
  • How his counseling background helps him getting people over fat-phobia
  • He went from eating lots of vegetables to “a ton of red meat” quickly
  • The mental “hurdles” that need to be overcome when you start eating fat
  • When people get “set in our ways” it’s difficult to get them to change
  • The negative nannies that will warn of high-fat being “a risky diet”
  • Being gentle with people and try to convince them with evidence
  • How “fatty foods” tend to be laden with carbohydrate as much as fat
  • Fat has been in our diet historically–only recently have we cut it
  • Our diet was “made up of animals” from the time of our early ancestors
  • We have not responded well to grains (shrunk 4 inches since eating them)
  • Low-fat, high-carb seems to have gained more steam in modern culture
  • Barney Fife talking about “Glucose & Carbohydrates” on Andy Griffith Show
  • There were no whole grains for 99% of the evolution of humans
  • The really good sources of dietary fat people should be consuming
  • Why grass-fed meat is a “tremendous” source of fat to be consumed everyday
  • He “loves” drinking heavy cream straight up every single day
  • Why he’s no fan of consuming lean chicken for your protein source
  • If you like coconuts, just eat it–they’re loaded with healthy fats
  • His response to people who say they can’t afford to buy quality foods
  • The fundamentals are fairly simple as the basis for living healthy
  • Why he decided to include “sweets” in his e-book
  • You can and probably should eat a little dark chocolate everyday
  • People should eat sweets so you don’t feel like you’re being deprived
  • The freedom to eat even when you’re eating high-fat, low-carb
  • “Relax” and “take it easy” to reap the benefits of this way of eating
  • Why people think they have to eat at pre-appointed times daily
  • You should eat when you’re hungry and feel completely satiated doing it
  • What is so important about exercising in a fasted state
  • As long as it “feels okay” not to eat, give it a try to fast 10-16 hours
  • One hour after a vigorous weight lifting session, you can “pig out”
  • There’s a psychological “need to eat” that blocks people from doing it
  • His 30-day challenge to get people to try eating a high-fat diet

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    What did you think about what you heard about consuming dietary fat from K.D. Joseph? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 551. Pick up a copy of Fat: The Weight Loss Secret – Simple Advice To Lose Weight And Change Your Life and visit K.D.’s web site EasiestWayToLoseWeightHQ.com. Coming up on Tuesday, I’ll have a fantastic young physician named Dr. Spencer Nadolsky who will share his unique perspective on the role of low-carb nutrition with traditional medical training in treating patients. And then on Wednesday, we welcome back one of my favorite all-time podcast guests in Phoenix Gilman (listen to my March 2008 interview in Episode 125 with her) sharing extensively and passionately about the updated version of her book Diet Failure…the Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight and Achieving Extraordinary Health at Any Age. THANK YOU for supporting the podcast!

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