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The LLVLC Show (Episode 546): Sarah Fragoso Makes Paleo Cool For Kids


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In Episode 546 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” Paleo author and blogger Sarah Fragoso from “Everyday Paleo” who was a guest on the podcast in Episode 482 last year discussing her debut book Everyday Paleo is back again to discuss an exciting new book designed specifically for kids. Over the past couple of years, there has been an explosion of interest in Paleo nutrition happening as so many passionate people are rising up to help educate people about this nutritious lifestyle and fitness plan. Paleo leaders such as Art DeVany, Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson are leading the charge in this effort. You’ve heard from many of these Paleo rock stars on my podcast and one of the newbies on the scene as of late has been the lovely and talented Sarah Fragoso. In her 2011 release, adults learned how to live the Paleo lifestyle, but she wasn’t content with just reaching her adult peers. As a mom, Sarah also wanted to teach kids about Paleo to help curb childhood obesity and get their adult life started off on the right foot. That’s why she decided to release a new Paleo children’s book in 2012 called PALEO PALS: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship (read my review of this book). Listen in as I talk with my friend Sarah about this sorely-needed Paleo low-carb resource for kids!

Listen to Sarah Fragoso share why she wrote a Paleo book for kids:

  • She had this idea that she really wanted to write a children’s book
  • Her mom was a published children’s book author when she was a kid
  • Her little boy who interrupted the interview to “go poop” (HA!)
  • The “help” from her family that made this book come about
  • Her 8-year old has been reading this book to her 4-year old
  • The kid-friendly style of the writing that helps kids relate
  • She’s lived the reality of the storyline in her book
  • Her hope that this gives kids who eat Paleo some sense of “normalcy”
  • The “Paleo Pals” look like the characters in The Incredibles
  • She wanted to give kids a healthy superhero role model characters
  • The lack of cartoons that show characters that eat well like Popeye
  • Her child’s teacher is reading this book to her 3rd grade class
  • The illustrations tell the story well…could it become a cartoon?
  • How she may start doing an Internet-based cartoon series about this
  • This is a “niche within a niche” book, but has broad appeal to many
  • As Paleo becomes more popular, this book will be a great resource
  • This book could open the door to Paleo who may not have considered it
  • Pediatricians she has heard recommending Paleo for kid health
  • She is releasing a follow-up “family cookbook” in May 2012
  • Her desire to base the next book character on a real life child
  • The freelance artist illustrator who didn’t want recognition
  • Her hope that he will continue with the PALEO PALS series
  • How she would write and get instant feedback from her kids
  • Her 8-year old came up with the subtitle in the book
  • The feedback her 16-year old gave her in consulting on this book
  • The Paleo food list and kid-friendly recipes she includes in the back
  • Her hope that kids will be “super-excited” and want to cook Paleo
  • Meeting children’s emotional needs need to be as much as physical
  • Kids want their parent’s attention and admiration, not Froot Loops
  • Children like rules and knowing where they fit into the family
  • How the food and fitness will fall into place when harmony exists
  • Putting the focus on “being a family” is the primary goal
  • It’s “too easy to be unhealthy” in today’s society
  • The “way too much time” her kids spend on electronics sometimes
  • One major tip on starting a Paleo journey with their kids
  • “Dread and fear” derail your efforts no matter what you are doing
  • The Everyday Paleo follow-up book is coming May 12, 2012
  • Her Everyday Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness with Jason Seib
  • The personalized attention they give people who sign up for this
  • Kids from 2-13 years old will love PALEO PALS

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    How did you like this PALEO PALS concept that Sarah Fragoso came up with? Share what YOU think about it in the show notes section of Episode 546. Pick up a copy of PALEO PALS: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship and keep up with everything Sarah is working on (and it’s a LOT!) at EverydayPaleo.com. Coming up on Wednesday, we’ll have the assistant to the New York State Council on Food Policy at the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets named Sarah Johnson (who is the girlfriend of former podcast guest Mat “The Kracken” Lalonde) sharing about the work she is doing in a state government position to change food healthy policy especially among children (and, oh yeah, she LOVES Paleo too!).

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