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The LLVLC Show (Episode 545): Diabetes Blogger Kerri Sparling From ‘Six Until Me’


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In Episode 545 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome in one of the most popular diabetes patient advocacy bloggers named Kerri Sparling from the “Six Until Me” blog. If you or someone you love has diabetes and struggle with bringing this disease under control because of all the mind games that you play with yourself about it, then you DEFINITELY gotta read Kerri’s first-hand perspective through her outstanding and incredibly informative blog. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1986, she has refused to let that discourage her from living life to the fullest every single day of her life.

In May 2005 (just one month after I created my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog) she created her blog to serve as a patient advocacy resource since all of the Google searches that came up for “diabetes” so badly missed the mark and there was a major void for a quality destination for people with diabetes looking to connect with people like them. Before long, “Six Until Me” took off as an overnight success and Kerri became this Internet superstar diabetes blogger, freelance writer and social media consultant extraordinaire to help put diabetes management from the patient’s perspective on the proverbial map. Two weeks ago she was deservingly given the “Best In Show: Blog” Health Activist Award for 2011 from WEGO Health and now she joins us here today on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” for an introspective look at the life of someone living with Type 1 diabetes…and THRIVING! ENJOY!

Listen to Kerri Sparling talk about life as a Type 1 diabetic:

  • How she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in the 2nd grade
  • She and her family didn’t have any idea what diabetes was all about
  • The tell-tale signs that were indicative of diabetes (and missed)
  • The “emotional” complications that can happen for diabetics
  • What parents should be looking for regarding warning signs of diabetes
  • There is life after a diabetes diagnosis as the “new” normal
  • Why she isn’t always “perfect” in managing her own diabetes
  • The “daily dance” of the balance of food, emotions and life
  • Why it’s important to share all the honest ups and downs that happen
  • What the diabetes diet looked like in the mid-80s
  • Food was very “boring” and “regimented” before synthetic insulin
  • Her pregnancy experience as a Type 1 diabetic
  • She was told the having children was going to be difficult
  • Her “draw towards motherhood” not like Steel Magnolias
  • The “challenging” pregnancy that resulted in a “very healthy baby”
  • The “guilt” and emotional stuff she dealt with during her pregnancy
  • The first time in her life when her diabetes impacted someone else
  • What risks her daughter has of getting Type 1 diabetes
  • Diabetes doesn’t define her but it does explain her
  • Why she came up with the blog title “Six Until Me”
  • How her storytelling is what attracts people because they see themselves
  • Why you want to identify with a human being to drive the message home
  • What is the wrong information people are hearing about diabetes
  • Diabetes is “very individual” from person to person
  • Patients need to be secure with “finding what works for them”
  • Questioning doctors gets people better health outcomes
  • Kerri’s “You Are More Than Diabetes” YouTube video
  • Why an A1c isn’t necessarily a good “report card” for diabetes
  • It’s okay to be lenient with goals as long as you are pursuing them
  • When you’re feeling defeated, it’s hard to be an overcomer
  • Kerri’s very active Twitter account
  • How social media has helped her get in touch with “the real people”

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    How did you like what you heard about diabetes from popular blogger Kerri Sparling? Give us your thoughts in the show notes section of Episode 545. Check out Kerri’s diabetes advocacy blog “Six Until Me” to keep up with the awesome work she is doing helping her fellow diabetes patients. Coming up on Tuesday, Sarah Fragoso from “Everyday Paleo” is back to the show to talk about her new children’s book PALEO PALS: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship. Then on Wednesday, we’ll have the assistant to the New York State Council on Food Policy at the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets named Sarah Johnson sharing about the work she is doing in a state government position to change food healthy policy especially among children (and, oh yeah, she LOVES Paleo too!).

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