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The LLVLC Show (Episode 542): Simon Shawcross and Georges Phillips Present ‘The ONE Diet’


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In Episode 542 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome British weight loss coach and personal trainer Simon Shawcross and hypnotherapist Georges Phillips who are the co-authors of an exciting new book entitled The ONE Diet with a foreword from one of my former podcast interview guests named Dr. Doug McGuff. Simon has been actively helping people attain their weight loss and fitness goals in London, England since 2000 and often shares his love for low-carb nutritional health to his clients, in various seminars, and in his writings on health for several newspapers and magazines. Georges was one of Simon’s clients who got the help he so desperately sought and brought a fresh new perspective on how to improve upon the low-carb lifestyle even more. They collaborated on this new book to merge the nutritional and fitness knowledge that Simon possesses with the mental health experience that Georges brings to the table. These two men are a fine example of finding what works for you and then tweaking it to make it as optimal as it can be. Tune in to today’s episode as we get to the heart of this different look at low-carb living and bringing about meaningful changes that will shift the cultural beliefs on nutrition and health.

Listen to Simon Shawcross and Georges Phillips in today’s interview:

  • Georges’ interest in psychoanalysis that turned to dieting
  • Simon got “burned out by overtraining” until he found Dr. McGuff
  • Exercise alone isn’t enough, you have to get the diet right too
  • We’re “stuck in a time warp” on proper nutritional information
  • Humans do not believe they can be programmable, but they can
  • How low-fat diets that are being pushed in UK public schools
  • The tax being promoted on natural fats like butter in Denmark
  • People need to be educated more on nutritional truth
  • The tremendous amount of money involved in diet and health
  • How it’s “quite a challenge” to discern who to listen to and not
  • The “battle” we have with companies making obesity and health worse
  • Why they decided to call their book The ONE Diet
  • The “missing element” of the psychological aspect of weight loss
  • People are treated “robotically” when it comes to diet motivation
  • The “gratification” we feel we deserve from the foods we eat
  • Why people turn to something to eat when they get stressed
  • Comfort eating tends to become an addiction for many people
  • Jessica Biel Personifies Carbohydrate Addiction
  • How your mind can get “in a panic” as if you think you are dying
  • The ONE Diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet
  • 70% of the foods sold in supermarkets will make you fat and sick
  • How low-fat diets can make a “future bulimic” and weight issues
  • Why children need to learn the proper diet principles NOW
  • What one thing people need to do to produce a lifestyle change
  • The “wacky ideas” that keep us stuck from doing what we need to
  • People need to look for their own “tipping point” to change
  • Why “it’s a huge mistake” to look at the scale alone for progress
  • How a weight loss “stall” on the scale doesn’t mean diet failure
  • The “distorted” perception that people have about themselves
  • The mental “suffering” people go through after losing weight
  • Why you have to constantly make a new goal to stay motivated
  • The “bombardment” of quick-fix weight loss ads sidetracks people
  • It takes a little effort to make something become “effortless”
  • Not everyone around you wants you to be successful at weight loss
  • The Internet has become an amazing diet resource for people
  • How digestion improves and joints stop hurting quitting statins

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    How did you like what you heard from Simon Shawcross and Georges Phillips? Let’s hear from you about what struck you the most in the show notes section of Episode 542. Pick up a copy of The ONE Diet and keep up with what Simon and Georges are doing at their official web site. Coming up on Tuesday, we put The 2010 Dietary Guidelines under the microscope with nutrition education PhD candidate Adele Hite from Healthy Nation Coalition. While most people think the government-recommended nutritional axioms are founded on science, but you’ll be shocked to learn how they are actually created. Then on Wednesday we have America’s Brain Doctor Eric Braverman, MD who has a brand new book entitled Younger Brain, Sharper Mind: A 6-Step Plan for Preserving and Improving Memory and Attention at Any Age from America’s Brain Doctor that examines ways to stay younger, longer in your life.

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    • Peggy Holloway5

      This is the first time I’ve seen a reference to low-fat diets producing “bulimics.” Because my family has experienced such a wide-range of issues from our years of following the low-fat propaganda (my ex-husband was a primary care physician trained in the heyday of the lipid hypothesis and a big fan of Dean Ornish) I am likely to attribute just about any health problem to insulin resistance + excess carbs. I have become convinced that my daughter’s struggle with bulimia was caused by us feeding her on a low-fat diet throughout childhood. By age 16, she weighed 320 pounds. She lost half of that weight through extreme diet and exercise but developed the severe eating disorder along with it. Since she adopted a low-carb/paleo diet, she reports that she no longer feels the urge to binge and purge, and her insomnia and depression have vanished.
      What I wouldn’t give to go back 30 years and save my daughter the pain our misguided attempts brought her. She has the scars physical (surgery to remove excess skin after massive weight loss; they rarely talk about that in the media) and psychological, of course. The same is true for my son who was so “goofy” from ADHD induced by his high carb diet that he was bullied as a child and driven to heavy marijuana use as a teenager to calm his anxieties. His story also has a happy ending as he is a very clean paleo eater at age 23 a certified yoga teacher, and a “mole” at Whole Foods where he gives great low-carb/paleo advice to his customers!

      • Anonymous

        Good for you being a great mom!