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The LLVLC Show (Episode 541): Dr. John Briffa Helps You ‘Escape The Diet Trap’


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In Episode 541 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the UK’s premier low-carb physician and health journalist named Dr. John Briffa. He is a returning podcast interview guest (listen to my two previous interviews with him in Episode 292 and Episode 408) who has a brand new book entitled Escape The Diet Trap: Lose Weight For Good Without Calorie-Counting, Extensive Exercise or Hunger. This book continues to spread the message that weight loss isn’t just about cutting your calories, eating less food, exercising until you pass out and suffering through glorified bouts of starvation. Instead, by embracing a healthy high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb nutritional lifestyle change, you can be freed from the bondage of the typical “diet” trends that are out there and live a life that is enjoyable and healthy at the same time. Dr. Briffa is the first to tell you that “this is not a diet book” and you’ll quickly find out why during Jimmy’s interview with him today! He’s quite an articulate and passionate defender of this way of eating that is changing the lives of real people every single day through stunning weight and health changes.

Listen to Dr. John Briffa explain how to get out of “the diet trap”:

  • He likes to keep “a healthy distance” from the white coat photos
  • His “duty as a human being” to tell people these nutritional truths
  • Why health journalism tends to be skewed against low-carb diets
  • The major UK newspaper that ran excerpts from his new book
  • A “real shift” happening in the minds of people about health
  • His optimism about the “sea change of opinion” about low-carb
  • How print media is “catching up” to the online journalism
  • The trickle-down effect happening in the health blogosphere
  • Looking at the comments of print media online is eye-opening
  • Health professionals find the engaged patient “very difficult”
  • The infallibility mindset that many physicians have about health
  • How people are becoming “less deferential” to doctors now
  • His pessimism about medical education shifting to nutrition
  • Why non-medical people have more “objectivity” about health
  • In medicine “we are allowed to do loads of things that don’t work”
  • The remuneration that doctors receive for reaching certain goals
  • Doctors feel “compelled” financially to do the standard treatments
  • His appreciation for the rebellious work of Dr. William Davis
  • Wheat is “not the staff of life, it’s the staff of nightmares”
  • The story behind his disclaimer that “this is not a diet book”
  • Many people want to read books that say more than “just do this”
  • The heavy emphasis on BMI and why it’s not the best obesity measure
  • How waist circumference is a better way to measure body fat
  • If you have a gut, then you need to get rid of it
  • The actuaries who determine what health insurance should cost
  • Why “cutting back” is exactly the wrong thing to do
  • 1950 research shows the “disaster” that low-calorie diets are
  • The body becomes resistant to weight loss as calories decrease
  • How hunger is a one-way ticket for failure for weight loss
  • How 1600 calories/day could be a “starvation” diet for some
  • Why “a piece of fish and vegetables” isn’t what a hungry person craves
  • The less hungry you are, the more weight you’ll lose and keep off
  • Hunger “jeopardizes” weight loss efforts and why it should be avoided
  • The hunger scale he encourages people to measure
  • Why he promotes the use of a snack between lunch and dinner
  • You can be “self-nourished” by using intermittent fasting
  • Why fruit is “overrated” and not an ideal snack for controlling hunger
  • Why he no longer consumes breakfast regularly anymore
  • Cereal and toast for breakfast makes you hungry quickly
  • How you can eat a little more low-carb food to go longer between meals
  • Why “you should have animal” in your soup if you eat it
  • The sandwich lunch culture that exists in the UK
  • If he could outlaw just one food, it would be bread

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    • LOVED the comments about advocating for the patient and how the patients can educate us (even as physicians!) 🙂

      • and the comments about waist circumference!

      • Anonymous

        John is like you, Spencer–looking to learn as much as educate.

    • Jessica

      Where can I buy the eBook Escape the Diet Trap by Dr. John Briffa?  Its not on Amazon or BN.  Thanks

      • Anonymous

        There is no ebook version in the US.

    • Polly

      Re bullet point 10: I think you mean DEFERENTIAL, not “differential”.  

      • Anonymous

        Thank you! Got it fixed. 😉