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The LLVLC Show (Episode 540): Lucas Tafur From ‘Immunometabolism’ Blog Talks Gut Health


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In Episode 540 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome a molecular biologist and Paleo nutrition blogger from Peru named Lucas Tafur from the “Immunometabolism” blog. There are so many amazing people in the low-carb and Paleo blogosphere doing outstanding work spreading the proper nutritional messages of how to be optimally healthy through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. And Lucas is one of those people because he combines his education and experience in nutrition (having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics) with a thorough understanding of molecular biology (a subject he is currently studying along with biochemistry in pursuit of a Master of Science degree) to educate his readers about why chronic diseases exist and what to do about them. His particular area of interest is regarding the role bacteria in the gut plays in overall health in conjunction with a proper low-inflammation nutritional approach (which includes the consumption of saturated and monounsaturated fats mostly from animal-based sources, low vegetable oil fats, moderate in animal protein and low-carb) and we explore this subject quite thoroughly in our interview today.

Listen to Lucas Tafur discuss why high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb is optimal:

  • His interest in nutrition began at 12 with metabolic syndrome
  • He started working out in the gym and learning about nutrition
  • Why the nutritional education was based on “guidelines, not science”
  • The lack of biochemistry basis for today’s nutrition
  • His interest in ketogenic, low-carb diets he discovered online
  • Whether obesity and diabetes is as bad in Peru as in the U.S.
  • The association between poverty, a “bad diet” and chronic disease
  • We need to “change drastically the way we eat” to reverse health decline
  • It’s “very frightening” for him to watch what a pregnant woman eats
  • How the fetus is long-term impacted by stress and food chemicals
  • People are “not informed” on inflammation and autoimmunity
  • Molecular biologists are looking for genes controlling obesity and diabetes
  • Why immunobiology has been separated from metabolism
  • The studies coming out on ketogenic diet and epileptic seizures
  • What is “immunometabolism” and the relationship it has to health
  • Obesity isn’t an accumulation of more body fat, it’s an immune disorder
  • Low-carb diets reduce inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome
  • Not everyone needs to eat low-carb, yet many people do
  • An ideal body should respond well to a high-carb diet
  • Most people searching for diet advice have metabolic issues
  • Low-carb tends to be the best way to deal with obesity, chronic disease
  • Why low-carb should be the “default diet” and not low-fat
  • What he likes about the work of Dr. Richard Feinman
  • How people in the low-carb community can be monopolistic nutritionally
  • Veganism is more of a “cult” than a lifestyle improvement
  • The “two camps” that formed when I published my “safe starches” post
  • Why he believes the term “safe starches” is “misunderstood”
  • Whether he will be attending #AHS12 in Boston coming August 2012
  • How “safe starches” have nothing to do with glucose response
  • Why grains are “potentially bad” for people with inflammation
  • Calling all whole grains bad for everyone is “misleading”
  • Grains are “not a good food” but they’re not the “evil” people think
  • Why bacon and eggs is more heart healthy than whole grains
  • His pursuit of a PhD program in immunobiology (“future of health”)
  • His opinions on “fecal transplants” shared by Dr. Art Ayers
  • The effect of gut flora on autoimmune diseases is “very powerful”
  • The “yuck factor” of fecal transplants is the major barrier
  • Fecal transplants are a “simple procedure” and you’re “cured”
  • Everyone is looking for “the magic pill” without making changes
  • You can assess your health everyday by looking at your stool
  • Texture, shape and frequency are the primary things to look for
  • Jeroen Raes study published in Nature in April 2011
  • Attempts to standardize gut flora patterns in different diseases
  • Identifying which treatment works for people based on gut flora
  • This is “very complex” because we don’t know much about gut flora
  • Why he switched from “Ketotic” to “Immunometabolism” blog in 2011
  • How with every blog post he attempts to “learn something new”
  • His attempt to call attention to studies that aren’t being discussed
  • The desire to make complex topics seem understandable
  • What his ultimate dream is for the future of his career
  • Financial interests will continue to create barriers in coming years


    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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