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The LLVLC Show (Episode 539): Steve Cooksey’s RD Sabotage Saga And Carolyn Rush Helps You Eat Primal On A Budget


We like to stay on top of what’s happening in the Paleo/low-carb community and be there to bring you any breaking news as soon as we hear about it. That’s exactly what we have for you today as we begin Episode 539 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” with a shocking turn of events that took place on Friday, January 27, 2011. That day a group of dietitians began investigating a popular low-carb diabetes blogger named Steve Cooksey from the “Diabetes Warrior” blog because they claim he is providing nutritional counseling services to his readers without a dietetics license. As a formerly obese man who was taking insulin and several medications to help control his diabetes, Steve now no longer has to do that since discovering the amazing health benefits of high-fat, low-carb living that control his blood sugar and insulin levels. Obviously, Steve is a changed man and has become quite passionate about combatting the high-carb, low-fat nonsense that is being promoted by groups like the American Diabetes Association to unsuspecting diabetics who are none the wiser that this is a recipe for disaster in treating their disease.

This apparently does not sit very well with a dietetic group in North Carolina who has been voraciously combing through his web site looking for ways he is violating the law. It seems this group would like nothing more than to silence Steve’s First Amendment rights to free speech under the guise of accusing him of providing diet advice without being an RD. Although this sounds like a nightmare (and it is for Steve right now), in the end this could be a HUGE opportunity to spread the low-carb message even more if this story gets some major media attention. Rest assured that we’ll definitely be following what’s happening with this very closely as it unfolds. Here’s a YouTube video of my 9-minute conversation with Steve Cooksey which airs in today’s episode (please pass this video around on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, and everywhere else where people can see it and respond):


In Episode 539 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome someone who addresses a pretty common issue I hear about quite a bit in the low-carb and Paleo communities: “How can you eat this way on a budget?” I suppose it is a sign of the economic times we live in with high unemployment and falling wages that people are increasingly concerned about watching their budget while at the same time understanding their need and desire to feed themselves optimally well with grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, locally-grown organic vegetables and more. Well, never fear because Carolyn Rush is here offering up a fabulous new e-book for all of you penny pinchers out there in a resource called Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget . Endorsed by former podcast guest Nora Gedgaudas who wrote Primal Body, Primal Mind (listen to my interview with Nora about her book here), this e-book is sure to help so many people who struggle to find a balance between consuming nourishing foods that keep them healthy without causing major damage to their pocketbooks! Carolyn wrote this book on the prodding of Nora although she thought everyone knew about this stuff already. Obviously not–and now we have a great way to eat well and still have change left in our pockets.

Listen to Carolyn Rush talk about how easy it is to eat healthy on a budget:

  • How she has reclaimed the term “tightwad” so it’s no longer a “pejorative”
  • Her mother showed her how you can buy good quality food on less money
  • The “game” she makes it to spend as little money as possible on healthy food
  • How people are “very surprised” how easy it is to find good food at good prices
  • Why the most popular health food store Whole Foods just sells healthy “crap”
  • What Whole Foods does better than any other store (just one thing!)
  • Why it’s important to go to one store for one thing to stock up
  • Her work in the past twenty years in the natural health industry
  • She met Nora Gedgaudas through working in a health supplement store
  • Why it’s easy to eat cheap, but not so easy to eat cheap and healthy
  • How Nora “inspired” her to write this book to help others
  • Why it never dawned on her that people didn’t know how to shop smart
  • People don’t know how to shift their meals to good quality with less money
  • The “carbo-centric” message of a lot of “diet-on-a-budget” books
  • You’ll “pay a price down the road” in your medical bills eating high-carb
  • The “meal templates” she provides in her book to “plug in” whatever food you have
  • People are wasting a lot of money on getting spices that they don’t really need
  • Why she’s no fan of planning your meals ahead of time one month at a time
  • She consumes about two dozen eggs weekly and enjoys red cabbage frittata
  • You should make eggs the center of your low-budget diet for “versatility”
  • Why it’s hard to convince people who have been “brainwashed” about cholesterol
  • The “Tightwad Essentials” that people can do to eat healthy on a budget
  • How the calculator is one of the best tools for eating healthy
  • If something is 20 cents cheaper, that’s $73 per year savings
  • Her use of almond flour that she makes with raw almonds in a food processor
  • It is absurd to spend $14/pound for almond flour–so MAKE YOUR OWN!
  • Her homemade mayonnaise with coconut oil and olive oil
  • The “mindset” to have an overall worldview on managing your resources
  • Her story of using all of the red cabbage core and all after years of ditching it
  • Where do people who eat healthy low-carb Paleo waste money the most
  • Creating a relationship with your local farmer is the key to getting good meat
  • Why the cheaper cuts may take a little more time to prepare, but it’s worth it
  • The meat cutter at your local store can tell you when meats will get marked down
  • If you don’t ask, then you don’t get–so ask and you will get
  • How being a primal/Paleo/low-carb eater gives us “an advantage” in shopping
  • Where people should go to find the best quality foods at an affordable price
  • Why you shouldn’t “write off conventional grocery stores” for good food
  • The “local” food sold in supermarket chains nowadays
  • Looking for sales on nuts, organic eggs, coconut oil, and organic veggies
  • How to keep track of what foods should cost (or pay the price for it!)
  • The importance of “improvisation” when you find something on sale
  • Beware of the marketing traps that stores try to lure you into buying
  • The “downside” of shopping warehouse stores for people eating fresh foods
  • How idiotic it is for stores to charge double the price for nut butters vs. nuts
  • The seasoning packets that are overpriced and people are suckered into buying
  • Following directions, reading the recipe and “start easy” makes cooking a cinch
  • Why you shouldn’t be “intimidated” by cooking because everyone has to start
  • How eating out is not a good way to be frugal with your meal budget
  • What people can do to be a tightwad when eating at restaurants
  • The “mark-up” on restaurant beverages is the biggest budgetary scam on customers
  • Why she considers eating out in the “entertainment budget” and not for food
  • How choosing an appetizer is a good choice for your meal
  • The wasted money spent at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants
  • A slow cooker takes about as much time as it does to get through the drive-thru
  • How watching Food, Inc. inspired her to write this e-book
  • People’s lack of understanding of the unintended consequences of cheap fast food
  • Why choosing something “organic” isn’t necessarily a healthy option for people
  • How most people have more money to spend on quality foods than they think they do
  • Combining food and medical costs together is an eye-opening experience
  • The Raquel Welch-inspired front cover of the e-book

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    • Anonymous

      Exactly. That’s why I’m encouraged by this.

    • Tula

      Good grief! So anyone blogging about how what they eat has improved their health could be in danger of being attacked by dieticians gone wild? Since when does one have to be registered to give diet advice? There are hundreds of diet blogs, web sites, and books out there and I doubt all were done by “registered” people. This smacks of a witch hunt by a group who disagrees with the low-carb message.

      • Anonymous

        And I say BRING IT ON!