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The LLVLC Show (Episode 531): Sean Croxton Takes Us Over To ‘The Dark Side Of Fat Loss’


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At the beginning of every new year, tens of millions of Americans begin again on a newfound journey to shed the pounds by making it their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. The weight loss/fitness industry is booming with business every January with television ads, new gizmos and diet programs to help you take the weight off and doing everything possible to capitalize on the desperation of a nation that just keeps getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker every single day. And predictably, almost like clockwork, many of these same people who start scrambling to find ways to shed the pounds, get fitter and make their health the best it can be start to lose that rip-roaring enthusiasm when they don’t necessarily see the immediate success they had longed for. Their once-unshakable excitement begins to wane a bit and that gung-ho attitude of getting serious about weight loss and obtaining good health is quickly replaced by a nonchalant trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru for a Big Mac, large fries and a Coke. This scenario seems to repeat itself year after year after year. What the heck is going on here? What is the disconnect between what seems to be a genuine, deep desire to do the right things to make weight loss and better nutrition happen and then actually doing it? That’s exactly what today’s podcast guest explores in his exciting new e-book called The Dark Side Of Fat Loss: Lessons From The Underground that I can’t wait for you to check out!

In Episode 531 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the show for the first time since he first appeared in Episode 260 in June 2009. It’s my good buddy, fellow health blogger/podcaster and all-around great guy Sean Croxton from “Underground Wellness.” This exuberant voice for sharing alternative health principles to the masses has been out there doing his thing for many years starting with his wildly-popular YouTube video channel where I first found him so long ago. He has since gone on to become one of the hottest health podcasters on iTunes with his amazing show that you should be listening to called “Underground Wellness Online Radio,” featuring some of the top guests in health, fitness and nutrition where they regularly drop mad “truth bombs” as Sean would put it. The result of conducting all of these amazing interviews over the past few years was the perfect opportunity for Sean to pull out some key nuggets worth sharing with others in an e-book (and possibly soon a paper version of the book, too) he calls The Dark Side Of Fat Loss: Lessons From The Underground. Listen in to today’s interview as we talk about what it takes to make fat loss really happen…straight from the “dark side.”

Listen to Sean Croxton explain more about what makes “fat loss” happen:

  • What’s been happening in the years since he was last on the show
  • Why he has backed away from promoting the metabolic typing diet
  • His term JERF (just eat real food) that he started using
  • What he means by the “dark side” in the title of his book
  • He wanted to call it The Dark Side Of Just Getting Healthy
  • Why he thinks the calorie myth is still embraced by our culture
  • “The body will regulate itself” if you eat the right foods
  • How he responds to those who bring up the thermodynamics argument
  • Why the human body isn’t a “closed system” like a “Bunsen burner”
  • The absurdity of the 3500-calorie expenditure weight loss mathematics
  • His $1000 challenge to anyone who can prove the calorie theory
  • The leptin connection of why calories in, calories out doesn’t work
  • How average, everyday people have no idea what the hormones are
  • Sean’s YouTube video Leptin: Fat Loss for Smart People!
  • Why people need to know about more hormones that just insulin
  • We’ve become overly concerned with carbohydrate in hormone regulation
  • Why some people are so “metabolically deranged” they still have issues
  • How sex hormones and gut health can negatively impact fat loss
  • How we educate people on embracing saturated fat as healthy
  • The “common sense” approach that’s more effective than touting studies
  • The butter shortage happening in the Scandinavian countries right now
  • How seriously people used to take their butter as a “fertility food”
  • Who he thinks is the “greatest nutritionist who ever lived”
  • The “relatable” ability of people like Robb Wolf who spread the message
  • How many medical practitioners are starting to get the Paleo message
  • Why he doesn’t really want to peg himself as “a Paleo guy”
  • How Europeans are used to shopping for food every few days
  • The improvements to the local economy because of farmer’s markets
  • The “routine-based” grocery shopping that most Americans engage in
  • His #JERF30 diet concept to get started off on the right foot
  • Why we should “be more cognizant of how we feel after eating food”
  • The importance of finding the diet that works for you
  • His 90-10 rule during #JERF30 assuming you will “make mistakes”
  • The most frequently-asked-question that he gets from people
  • Why there’s no excuse for your diet to be “boring”
  • The Jessica Biel video about gorging on carbohydrates
  • The detrimental role that stress plays on cortisol leading to issues
  • Why you “have to create the space” for eating and living healthy
  • We spend so much time making a living when we neglect making a life
  • Helping people who work nonstop who are damaging themselves
  • His Alicia Keys fix for getting through all of his e-mails
  • How sleep deprivation has made us a “5-Hour Energy nation”
  • The annoying blue light from his Magic Jack that kept him up at night
  • Why gut bacteria is so vitally important to the subject of fat loss
  • How yeast/candida can run amok if your gut bacteria is out of whack
  • The easiest and best way you can find out if you are constipated
  • Why the typical “detoxifying the body” methods are unnecessary
  • Paying attention to what’s in our environment impacting health
  • His desire for a natural deodorant that actually works
  • The exploration of using QR codes in a paperback version of the book
  • The “Final Destination” chapter at the end that gets you to “DO IT”
  • Importance of making your values and goals match up
  • Why your pursuit of health is gonna take a lot of work to accomplish
  • How you shouldn’t take this so seriously that you become “weird”
  • The criticisms from people who complain about him making money
  • The money it takes to continue to spread the word to help people
  • The Underground Workout Manual companion book with the e-book
  • The videos of how to do all of the exercises in the 12-week program


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    • Sherry

      “Yoooooooooo, what’s up y’all!”

      I just found Sean on BlogTalkRadio a few weeks ago and especially love his interviews with T.S. Wiley. Looking forward to hearing him as the interviewee! Thanks Jimmy!

      • Anonymous

        ENJOY Sherry! I interviewed T.S. Wiley on my podcast a few years back. :)

    • Anonymous

      We got your comment! :)