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The LLVLC Show (Episode 528): ‘Encore Week’ 2012 Interview With Dr. William Davis


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What a week it has been so far celebrating the best podcast guests of 2011 here on “Encore Week” 2012! We’ve already heard from Swedish LCHF physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Perfect Health Diet author Paul Jaminet and “Blood Sugar 101” creator Jenny Ruhl with Dr. Jack Kruse still to come tomorrow. In Episode 528 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back Wisconsin cardiologist Dr. William Davis who penned the seminal book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health in 2011 exposing the problems with modern-day wheat that is leading to a whole host of health and weight problems.

When he was on the show in Episode 495 in September 2011, he shared lots of historical information about how wheat has undergone a radical transformation in the past 50 years that makes it an incredibly different food than it was in the day of our grandparents. He continues that education in his “Encore Week” 2012 interview and answers all kinds of questions from my listeners about wheat, statins, cholesterol, heart health, and more! He even addresses some of his critics of his Wheat Belly book in the Paleo/low-carb blogosphere like Melissa McEwen and Dr. Emily Deans. It’s always good to speak with someone of the caliber and credentials as Dr. Davis and I’m pleased to bring him back to you as one of your favorite guests of 2011 here on “Encore Week” 2012.

Listen to Dr. William Davis during “Encore Week” 2012:

  • How Wheat Belly has far exceeded his expectations
  • The “huge, huge problem” that wheat poses on people’s health
  • Success stories people have shared about eliminating wheat
  • What is so compelling about his message that resonates
  • Wheat was not changed by genetic modification–it was worse
  • How weight loss is only the beginning–health effects better
  • Listener success story who has lost 145 pounds removing wheat
  • Calories really aren’t all that important
  • The “inadvertent” change to the gliadin protein in wheat
  • How savvy food scientists started putting wheat in everything
  • Why something that is “less bad for you” doesn’t make it good
  • Why wheat is worse for your weight and health than sugar
  • His goal to have Wheat Belly get people to “question”
  • How the low-carb diet can become “booby trapped” by grains
  • Whether there is a CD-ROM and paperback version of the book
  • The updates to be included in the September 2012 version
  • His publisher’s desire to make a Wheat Belly cookbook
  • The recipes he made for his family during the holidays
  • How flexible it is to cook with ground up almonds
  • Supplements or drugs that can help with wheat cravings
  • The withdrawal symptoms from giving up wheat
  • His upcoming appearance on “Ask The Low-Carb Experts”
  • What evidence-based references he has for not taking statins
  • The “sloppy” thinking of “high cholesterol” that exists
  • Why lipoprotein particle testing is superior to cholesterol
  • His preference for the NMR Lipoprofile test
  • The only people who need to be taking a statin drug
  • His one and only patient who had a heart attack in 2011
  • Dr. Tom Ballard’s “Lipitor Paradox” Xtranormal video
  • “Side effects” of statins that shift away from cholesterol
  • How third-party funding would improve nutrition research
  • The “bonus” that doctors get for money-making procedures
  • Why he doesn’t allow drug reps in his office anymore
  • Whether the Apo E4 gene should be tested before going low-carb
  • Major reasons why a high-fat, low-carb diet may not work
  • If a high heart scan score should make people cut their fat
  • Whether saturated fat contributes to coronary plaque or not
  • How the health blogging community will speed along acceptance
  • Why his need for doing heart procedures became obsolete
  • The best way to get sick is to eat wheat-based hospital food
  • Why the body removes and adds calcium indiscriminately
  • The reason he takes all of his female patients off of calcium
  • If less heart calcium actually means lower levels of plaque
  • Jimmy’s wife Christine getting her heart scan done in 2011
  • Increasing Vitamin D blood levels raises calcium absorption
  • A concerned reader over her cholesterol levels and thickening
  • We’ve been “lulled” into taking statins to improve cholesterol
  • Why the VAP cholesterol test has flaws compared to NMR
  • Whether conjugated linoleic acid aids in weight loss
  • Why he’s a “big, big fan” of improving diet before supplements
  • What new projects he has in store for 2012
  • He will be a featured speaker on the May 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

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    • I don’t think you meant the YouTube link to read “Christine’s wife getting her heart scan done in 2011”

      • Anonymous

        Can you tell I was in a hurry posting these show notes, Beth? LOL! I’ll fix it now. THANK YOU!

    • Kelly Mahoney

      Dr. Davis,

      I have two questions that I’m curious about:

      1) Did I correctly understand that you recommend to your patients to reduce their intake of calcium to reduce their heart disease risk? This sounds similar to the argument to reduce serum cholesterol, another plaque component, to reduce the heart disease risk.

      2) Speaking of cholesterol, I think I understand the theory that the quantity of small LDL particles are correlated to heart disease risk more than large LDL particles, but if total cholesterol is meaningless, then how does one come to terms with the large volume of peer-reviewed articles  showing a correlation between total cholesterol and heart disease? Surely, they all didn’t fudge the data as you described Ancel Keys. And, Ancel Keys’ unfudged data (22 countries) is still pretty convincing that serum cholesterol is a predictor of heart disease.

      Thank you in advance for your feedback,
      Kelly Mahoney