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The LLVLC Show (Episode 526): ‘Encore Week’ 2012 Interview With Paul Jaminet


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We’re having a blast being back in business again with a brand new year of outstanding health podcasts to share with you. And with the momentous start of the highly-anticipated “Encore Week” 2012 yesterday featuring brand new interviews with the best of the best guests from 2011 as voted on by my listeners, we are getting off on the right foot. We’ve already had an incredibly engaging conversation with Swedish LCHF physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt on Monday about the Scandinavian diet explosion happening right now and we look forward to sharing three more BIG interviews with you later this week with Jenny Ruhl, Dr. William Davis and Dr. Jack Kruse.

In Episode 526 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome back to this special “Encore Week” edition the man at the center of attention in the low-carb and Paleo communities in late 2011 about his concept of “safe starches” on a low-carb diet. His name is Paul Jaminet, co-author with his wife Shou-Ching on the book Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life (listen to my original March 2011 interview with Paul). The hullabaloo over “safe starches” all began with this October 2011 blog post I wrote about this topic asking prominent names in the low-carb and Paleo world to weigh in on something that seemed to run counter to the basic tenets of low-carb living. Pretty soon it turned into a full-fledged open debate of this idea with posts by prominent nutrition-minded physicians like Dr. Ron Rosedale, Dr. John Briffa and Dr. Joseph Mercola getting in on the conversation.

We continue the discussion with Jaminet about this in today’s interview and look forward to having an open debate on “safe starches” in a planned panel proposal at the Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS12) coming to Boston, Massachusetts in August 2012 featuring Jaminet, Dr. Rosedale, Dr. Cate Shanahan and Dr. Jack Kruse. I’m not sure we’ll come to a consensus on this issue, but it should be an intriguing subject of interest. But Jaminet’s message goes beyond “safe starches” and we delve deeper into his Perfect Health principles answering all sorts of interesting listener questions. Tune in to find out why he was considered one of the best podcast interview guests of 2011!

Listen to Paul Jaminet during “Encore Week” 2012:

  • He was “surprised” by the “safe starches” controversy
  • The “hostility” over those who oppose “safe starches”
  • Proposed “safe starches” panel proposed for #AHS12
  • Why he ate “too low-carb” in his first attempt at Paleo
  • How he sought to refine the Paleo diet to “optimize” it
  • His “work in progress” diet that’s “evidence-based”
  • Why up to 30% calories should come from carbohydrates
  • Avoiding grains and legumes are for herbivorous mammals
  • What he means by “toxicity” of “safe starches”
  • FB reader who tested starches with high blood sugar
  • Whether consuming protein can make enough glucose
  • “Starvation response” that comes from eating low-carb
  • The impaired cell functioning that happens on VLC diets
  • Why he thinks very low-carb diets are a new concept
  • Lack of studies of low-carb and Perfect Health Diet
  • How low-carb has reigned over all in published studies
  • Why he believes his diet qualifies as a “low-carb” diet
  • How to eat the most “balanced” low-carb diet
  • Who needs to eat a ketogenic 10% carbohydrate diet
  • The positive role of ketones vs. ketogenic diets
  • How to avoid the problems by eating carbs and protein
  • The role coconut oil and MCT oil plays in ketones
  • Why he recommends 50g carbs and 100g protein daily
  • Whether a diabetic should eat “safe starches” or not
  • Why he doesn’t have a specific plan for diabetics
  • Why a diabetic needs to eat more protein than carbs
  • Why your carbs need to be spread throughout the day
  • The blood sugar improvements from vinegar and cinnamon
  • How consuming carbs in the AM controls elevated glucose
  • How low-carb diet studies tend to include 20-40% carbs
  • Why he doesn’t believe diabetes is a disease of carb intolerance
  • How his goal is to “cure” diabetes, not just treat it
  • His definition of what a “very low-carb diet” is
  • How fructose is “handled in the body like a toxin”
  • Why fructose should be consumed with high-fat dairy
  • Why he doesn’t believe eating sugar is beneficial
  • Let’s play “Is it a safe starch or not?”
  • His thoughts on the use of nutritional yeast
  • Whether he would push high-dose oregano supplementation
  • Finding the right level of carbs for weight stability
  • Why it’s unrealistic for your weight not to fluctuate
  • Why “hunger” and “food cravings” are a bad sign
  • The alarm bells should sound if you gain 10 pounds
  • Reactive hypoglycemia after eating carbs is worrisome
  • Why you should nourish yourself fully on less calories
  • The coming companion cookbook coming in 2012
  • Exploring the theory of obesity revealed on his blog
  • His interest in chronic infections/disease connection
  • The exploration of all kinds of health improvements

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    How did you like what you heard in this “Encore Week” 2012 interview with Paul Jaminet? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 526. Pick up a copy of Paul’s book Perfect Health Diet and bookmark his companion blog to continue learning more about what he shared in today’s interview. Coming up over the next few days of “Encore Week” 2012, we’ve got some some rockin’ guests for you, including:

    Episode 527–January 4, 2012: Jenny Ruhl
    Episode 528–January 5, 2012: Dr. William Davis
    Episode 529–January 6, 2012: Dr. Jack Kruse

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    • Jimmy,
      I thought this was a VERY GOOD interview!  Both of you handled the “safe starches” issue very nicely.  And I  think what he’s saying is not as radical as it sounds at first to us LCHFers. 
      One of the things he said over and over is that 50 grams of carbs is generally ideal.  Sounds like a lot for many of us who keep net carbs to 20 or 30.  But from what he was saying (and maybe he will confirm this?), he was talking about 50 grams TOTAL carbs.  I eat 20 to 30 grams of NET carbs a day, that’s around 50 total.  So his recommendation wasn’t off base.  And what he was saying is that it’s OK to include some of those things he calls “safe starches” (because they don’t have toxins like the phytic acid in grains) as part of those allowable carb grams.  That’s not how it looks on the graphic on his website, but that’s what he was saying on the podcast, unless I heard him wrong. 
      I know some people avoid starches altogether, but I’m not sure I agree that those so-called “safe” starches (like sweet potato, winter squash, maybe even some rice) are as bad for me as grains and legumes.  I’m starting to have small servings of starches (half of a very small sweet potato or some winter squash) and doing blood glucose checks to see if there is any negative impact, so far my highest peak has only been 109.  I don’t feel bad from eating them, either.  They necessarily have to be very small servings because they are carb dense and I don’t want to use all my carbs just to have a potato. 
      Another point he made is something I’m going to explore more.  He recommends a total of 600 calories from protein AND carbs.  This comes out to about 100 grams of protein.    I’ve got the right amount of carbs, but I never quite get enough protein (according to my BMI I should have about 120 grams a day).  And I’m not losing weight.  So I’m going to try to bump up the protein and see if his theory plays out for me.  Maybe, as he says, my body is stressed by not having enough protein.  Since I need to bump it up anyway, nothing to lose (except weight LOL) by trying. 

      Anyway, I think it was one of the best LLVLC podcasts yet.  You did a good job interviewing him and not just throwing softballs the entire time.  Good job!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for listening!

    • Jimbo

      What were his thoughts on using Nutritional Yeast?  I was not able to hear the entire podcast.  Many in the Paleo community are anti but a few are pro nutritional yeast.

      • Anonymous

        He had a varied answer…take a listen when you can.

    • Dr. Gee


      i really enjoy the interview.

      • Anonymous

        THANKS for listening, Gee.

    • Nina

      What a great interview.  Thank you Jimmy for your respectful approach, giving him time to collect his thoughts and put forward his ideas.  Great work.

      He gave a lot of food for thought on how the body adjusts and processes different foods.  This is one I’ll listen to several times to capture the nuggets.


      • Anonymous

        Thanks Nina!

    • Terry

      Loved the interview Jimmy! Do you have a link to oregano oil & parasite study that featured in one of the questions?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Terry! No, the study was cited by one of my listeners in their question. You can probably Google it.