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The LLVLC Show (Episode 525): ‘Encore Week’ 2012 Interview With Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt


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We’re back in business again in 2012 with brand spankin’ new episodes of my top-rated low-carb health podcast that has exploded in popularity even more in the past year thanks to some wonderful word-of-mouth promotion from the hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic fans who make this show a regular part of their lives. And beginning next week we’ll be expanding the show to THREE days a week airing on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This week we’ve got a very special line-up of shows as part of an annual tradition I like to call “Encore Week” featuring new interviews with the best of the best interview guests from 2011 as voted on by my listeners. “Encore Week” 2012 will feature Paul Jaminet, Jenny Ruhl, Dr. William Davis and Dr. Jack Kruse later this week.

In Episode 525 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back our first “Encore Week” interview guest in the great Swedish LCHF physician named Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt who first appeared on my podcast in Episode 494 in September 2011. This prominent leader of the Scandinavian LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) movement that began in 2008 in Sweden is an enthusiastic representative of a literal low-carb revolution that’s taking place in his part of the world. I’m honored to call Andreas a friend and fellow fighter against the cultural corruption taking place regarding nutrition and health. Be encouraged by this strong defender of low-carb, high-fat diets!

Listen to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt during “Encore Week” 2012:

  • The busy 2011 that he had coming to America promoting LCHF
  • His celebration of the birth of his new baby girl in 2011
  • Low-carb has exploded in popularity in Sweden, Finland and Norway
  • The most popular searches on Google Sweden in 2011 was LCHF
  • The Colbert Report about the shortage of butter in Norway
  • Denmark is afraid of fat and even taxed saturated fat in 2011
  • What he thinks about taxing foods like sugar to curb consumption
  • Why he would be in favor of “a very high tax” on soda
  • The brand new DietDoctor.com English blog he created
  • How he revamped his Kostdoktorn.se Swedish blog
  • Why people have difficulty coming on and off a ketogenic diet
  • Any tips or tricks for women over 40 struggling with weight loss
  • Dr. Eenfeldt’s video interview of Dr. Mary Vernon on low-carb diets
  • Whether hormone replacement therapy would help manage weight
  • Why it is “far less common” for men over 40 needing testosterone
  • Why high testosterone levels in men can lead to prostate issues
  • What else besides diet and exercise people should do
  • The only supplements that he takes and recommends to patients
  • What level of Vitamin D he is aiming for with his patients
  • The concerns over soybean oil in Vitamin D supplements
  • Whether there is an upper limit on the total cholesterol number
  • Why total cholesterol “tells you little” about heart disease risk
  • How upset people get about their cholesterol numbers
  • Whether people will ever understand the truth about cholesterol
  • The few people who can benefit from taking statin drugs
  • Dr. Duane Graveline interview in Episode 308 on statin side effects
  • Why he is optimistic about the generic version of Lipitor coming
  • How someone can talk to their anti-low-carb doctor about LCHF
  • How a ketogenic diet impacts thyroid/adrenal dysfunction
  • What about the “theories” that low-carb leads to health decline
  • Whether he’s seen the pro-vegan Forks Over Knives film
  • Why he doesn’t think there’s much difference between vegan and LCHF
  • How he couldn’t imagine eating 30 bananas a day like Durianrider
  • What evidence-based references to combat the push for statin drugs
  • The database of key studies he keeps track of on his blog
  • Whether the metabolism slows down when you eat long-term low-carb
  • Why calories don’t need to be counted if you stick to food quality
  • Who needs to count calories (and is “dieting for masochists”)
  • How someone can eat LCHF when they have their gall bladder taken out
  • His excitement about the May 2012 Low-Carb Cruise
  • His new book, #AHS12, and possibly a new English version of his book

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    How did you like what you heard in this “Encore Week” 2012 interview with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 525. If you missed my September 2011 interview with Dr. Eenfeldt, then check it out in Episode 494. And don’t forget to bookmark his two low-carb health blogs: DietDoctor.com in English and Kostdoktorn.se in Swedish. Coming up in the rest of “Encore Week” 2012, we’ve got some amazing guests ready to roll for you:

    Episode 526–January 3, 2012: Paul Jaminet
    Episode 527–January 4, 2012: Jenny Ruhl
    Episode 528–January 5, 2012: Dr. William Davis
    Episode 529–January 6, 2012: Dr. Jack Kruse

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    • LE

      Thankyou for an interesting interview with Doktor Andreas. I have read his book “Matrevolutionen” and since ½ year back my health have improved very much since follow his guidelines. I sell food to the Norwegian, and I can se in the sales statistic how they increase they buy of butter and bacon…! It is also funny to go around and look in customers shop chart (trolleys) and notice those who now only fill them wiht egg, meat, bacon, butter, cocosoil etc. Myself 15 kg less since june. Thankyou Andreas for good advices and Jimmy for all good podcasts. 

      • Anonymous

        Congratulations Leif!