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The LLVLC Show (Episode 520): Jeff O’Connell’s ‘Sugar Nation’ And ‘Animal Pharm’ Blogger Dr. B G


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In Episode 520 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a fascinating interview guest I first heard about from low-carb researchers/practitioners Dr. Jay Wortman and Dr. Eric Westman at an obesity conference in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this year. It’s the editor-in-chief at Bodybuilding.com named Jeff O’Connell and he has written an incredibly-researched book on a vitally important subject entitled Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It. He does a thorough job of exposing America’s love affair with sugar and how excessive carbohydrates are unnecessarily spiking blood sugar and insulin levels leading to obesity and diabetes. While the obsession and focus of the so-called health “experts” has been on the role dietary fat plays on health, O’Connell came to the realization that our health could stand to benefit from embracing a healthy low-carb lifestyle. This is DEFINITELY a book you will want to have in your low-carb library!

Listen to Jeff O’Connell reveal why America is a Sugar Nation:

  • How he got involved in the fitness industry as a writer
  • His family history of diabetes that led him to research sugar
  • Why you need to do both diet and exercise for optimal health
  • The importance of removing the “toxins” of sugar from the body
  • The pre-diabetes he dealt with as a 6’6″ and very thin body frame
  • Why diabetes continues to get worse despite more information on it
  • How dietary fat has been demonized while sugar gets a free pass
  • What he suggests to help people beat their addiction to sugar
  • Reactive hypoglycemia that Dr. Keith Berkowitz diagnosed him with
  • Whether the metabolically-obese thin people are the “new frontier”
  • How Dr. Mary Vernon calls him a “fat person in a thin person’s body”
  • Who he spoke with in researching this book who “made sense” to him
  • What we can do to not make America a “sugar nation”
  • Why he believes the Dietary Guidelines need to be radically changed
  • The need for nutrition to be a bigger focus in medical education
  • What a typical day in the life of his diet looks like
  • Why carbohydrates should be treated as a food allergy of sorts
  • The research he has done on the Paleolithic diet
  • What kind of exercise is ideal for optimal health and fitness
  • Why he thinks everyone should be lifting weights
  • What exercise does to keep blood sugar under control
  • What can be done to educate doctors on low-carb nutrition
  • Why people are so confused about blood sugar and insulin issues
  • How he wrote the book as a basic textbook to teach readers
  • His genetic propensity and “lousy” diet that led to blood sugar issues
  • Why he doesn’t believe anyone is genetically destined for Type 2 diabetes
  • How the low-carb practitioners/researchers are being ignored
  • The low-fat diet being the “default” has been self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Testing of his blood sugar after eating an Atkins bar
  • His encouragement for people dealing with sugar/carb addiction
  • How he had MORE energy eating low-carb rather than less
  • The test results he shared about his health in the Epilogue

    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

    Today’s second interview is with a really fun blogger who goes by the name Dr. B G (aka Grace) from the “Animal Pharm” blog. This pharmacologist/jane-of-all-trades is one fireball of a guest who has so many awesome things to say on the subject of diet, health and the low-carb/Paleo lifestyle. Many of you have asked to hear from her and now she’s here sharing as only she can. She does a ton of name-dropping–see if you can hear all the low-carb/Paleo luminaries she mentions during our conversation. ENJOY!

    Listen to Dr. B G share her unique perspective on health:

  • The infectiousness of her e-mail writing style
  • Her decision to go to pharmacy school “by default”
  • Her work in a plant biology lab that showed she hated research
  • The love/hate relationship she has with the USDA
  • The one-year residency she did working in geriatrics
  • The certified diabetes education that she pursued
  • Her hesitancy to start blogging with so many great bloggers
  • Her contributions to the PaleoHacks.com web site
  • The “chronic cardio” she believes is right for her
  • The slow rate of weight loss she experienced (50 pounds in 5 years)
  • How Keith Norris has a “Zen-like charm” about him
  • What her experience was like at the Ancestral Health Symposium
  • The important message of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt in Sweden
  • How Aaron Blaisdell and Brent Pottenger are changing the world
  • Recollections of past interviews with Gary Taubes
  • The positive contributions Taubes has made to the low-carb cause
  • How the Dietary Guidelines are making Americans sicker
  • The autoimmune issues she and her siblings dealt with growing up
  • How even some grass-fed beef can taste a little “off”
  • The “scary” nature of finding real food in China
  • Whether America would have been successful without carbs
  • Her take on the “safe starches” debate that’s happening right now
  • The great admiration she has for Dr. Robert Su
  • How there are plenty of Asians who get “sick” eating white rice
  • How she “completely burned out my adrenals” on intermittent fasting
  • Why some people have issues that make it more difficult to get healthy
  • The high-carb adrenal resets that need to have for many people
  • Why you have to have balance with all of your hormones
  • Her weight gain from heavy metal toxicity
  • What the future of her “Animal Pharm” concept is
  • The book she is writing with her sister on gut health with recipes
  • Why she wants to open up a gluten-free cafe to teach cooking
  • Her desire for us to outsource the Low-Carb Cruise to China

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    What did you think about Jeff O’Connell’s incredible new book Sugar Nation? How about the quirky yet ever-so-informative Dr. B G (aka Grace)? Give us your thoughts in the show notes section of Episode 520. Pick up your very own copy of Jeff’s Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It where he makes the case for a sugar-free, low-carb nutritional change and visit his JeffOConnell.net to keep up with the work he is doing. And bookmark Grace’s “Animal Pharm” blog to visit early and often–her writing is a hoot and you might just learn something in the process. Coming up on Thursday, we head to New Zealand for Paleo and Zone nutrition expert Julianne Taylor who has so much to share about the role diet plays on health and how she’s making a positive contribution in her home country. I look forward to sharing Julianne with you later this week.

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