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The LLVLC Show (Episode 506): UK Paleo Physician Dr. Sarah Myhill And ‘Shangri-La Diet’ Author Seth Roberts


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In Episode 506 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have two extraordinary interviews to share with you today starting off with an engaging physician from the UK named Dr. Sarah Myhill. She’s been a leading voice for a low-carb, Paleo-styled living in Great Britain appearing on television and other parts of the British media eschewing excessive carbohydrates, sugar, and gluten contained in the modern diet. She has poured herself into learning everything she could find about the health ailments her patients have been dealing with, including diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, food allergies and many more. As you listen to Dr. Myhill, you’ll quickly discover that she clearly understands the vital importance of carbohydrate-restriction and paying attention to what is happening in the gut as the wave of the future in treating patients for chronic diseases and obesity. I’m so glad to be able to share this treasure of an interview with you today!

Listen to Dr. Sarah Myhill explain how she educates patients about low-carb:

  • How she was trained conventionally in medical school in the early 1980’s
  • The education she received from her patients about the right way to eat
  • Her “rather slowly” learning and experimenting with low-carb nutrition
  • Why she believes the “Stone Age diet” is an optimal starting point for everyone
  • How low-carb is a “central” part of the future of treating health
  • Whether consuming starch is as unhealthy as sugar
  • The difference between upper and lower gut metabolism in the body
  • How a low-carb diet helps treat people with a fermenting gut
  • Why she believes in saving the carbohydrates for night (so you can sleep)
  • How carbs release GABA in the brain to help calm and comfort ourselves
  • The blood sugar/insulin/adrenaline connection to mood issues
  • What kind of carbs she allows her patients to consume at night
  • Why people who are metabolically damaged need to tighten up on the carbs
  • How nature never intended us to have a big meal at the end of the day
  • The food allergies/intolerance she has to deal with in her practice
  • The lack of science supporting current dietary recommendations
  • Why the food/pharmaceutical industries are perpetuating poor health
  • How food manufacturers don’t have to list ALL of the ingredients
  • Her observation that everything around us centers on “addiction”
  • The withdrawal symptoms that are completely normal eating low-carb
  • How feeling bad when starting low-carb is indicative of addiction
  • What’s going on with people who eat low-carb and don’t get better
  • The micronutrient deficiency that happens doing long-term low-carb
  • How people “poison themselves” when they start to lose weight
  • The spontaneous improvements in health experienced by her patients
  • Why a low-carb, low-fat diet is not optimal for a healthy diet
  • The purpose of balancing out omega-6 fats with omega-3 fats
  • Why coconut oil, lard and animal fats are healthy for the brain
  • How arterial disease has very little to do with dietary fat
  • Whether she senses a swell in cultural change towards low-carb

    Next up we hear from one of the most interesting podcast interview guests I’ve ever had on my show. His name is Seth Roberts, Professor of Psychology at Tsinghua University in Beijing and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. His work in self-experimentation has led to the discovery of the unconventional dietary principles that he outlines in his bestselling book The Shangri-La Diet: The No Hunger Eat Anything Weight-Loss Plan. I’m gonna warn you ahead of time before listening to this one–keep an open mind as you hear Seth describe some pretty off-the-wall-sounding stuff as it relates to nutrition and health. Much of it will seem counterintuitive until you understand the psychologic connection to implementing these sometimes strange (i.e. plugging your nose when you eat!) and unorthodox means for producing effective changes in body weight and health. This interview will blow your mind–listen if you dare!

    Listen to Seth Roberts discuss his unique approach to weight loss:

  • What the connection is between psychology and diet
  • His n=1 observations looking at various stimuli on his acne
  • How hitting 200 pounds on the scale forced him to turn to diet
  • The frustration he experienced not getting to the weight he wanted
  • How he discovered adding flavorless items to his diet to control hunger
  • How he dropped 30 pounds pretty quickly after drinking sugar water
  • Why he doesn’t necessarily believe this is the best way to lose weight
  • Why he believes Dr. Robert Lustig needs to be more open to his ideas
  • Whether there is any research conducted on the Shangri-La Diet
  • What his meals looked like following his “sugar water” regimen
  • Why people tend to get more hungry after consuming traditional sugar water
  • What is in sugary soda that is making it more addictive than the sugar
  • The powerful impact of the smell contained in food and beverages
  • How our brain remembers high-calorie foods from the smell it contains
  • Why people tend to enjoy sugary soda after consuming it for a while
  • The “nose clip” method he uses that switches fattening foods to slimming ones
  • What he believes is the “biggest flaw” in The Shangri-La Diet
  • His shift from drinking sugar water to drinking liquid fat (butter is best)
  • Why he enjoys eating roast beef and butter with a nose clip on
  • The other enjoyable parts of consuming food that go beyond the smell
  • What he would change about The Shangri-La Diet if he wrote in now
  • The healthy fats he believes should be a part of your healthy lifestyle
  • Why it’s not as simple as adding in more saturated fat
  • How his brain started measurably working better by eating butter
  • The impact of food smells on the brain compared to physiology
  • How we tend to gain weight when there are a lot of food smells around
  • The equivalent of a Coke a day worth of sugar water will decrease hunger
  • How a nose-clipped consumption of butter should work just as well
  • What his experience with fish oil has been using his principles
  • Why self-experimentation is the “wave of the future” for science
  • Why modern traditional science has let us down
  • How his low-carb/Paleo plan reconciles with The Shangri-La Diet

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    What were your impressions of the “Stone Age diet” promoted by Dr. Sarah Myhill? And are you convinced by the experimental nutritional ideas espoused by Seth Roberts? Tell us what you thought about these interviews in the show notes section of Episode 506. Check out Dr. Myhill’s Wikipedia-styled web site to access her vast wealth of information about low-carb nutrition. And pick up a copy of Seth’s The Shangri-La Diet and visit his popular Seth’s blog and accompanying forum. Coming up on Monday we’ll hear from veteran health writer Martin Zucker who will be here to discuss an interesting concept known as “earthing” as outlined in the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? We’ll also have registered Physician Assistant Karen Paris who currently works with former interview guest Dr. Fred Pescatore and spent two decades working with the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins in his complementary medicine practice in New York City. Then on Thursday we’ll have Paleo fitness trainer Jason Seib with us who is a frequent guest blogger at Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo” blog. Plus, don’t you dare miss my conversation with a famous professional opera singer named Othalie Graham who struggled with morbid obesity in the ultra-competitive opera industry and turned to livin’ la vida low-carb to help her slim down and find her “voice” again. It’ll be an inspiring week of low-carb podcasting to look forward to next week!

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    • Birdie

      Love Seth! He’s been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time. Thanks for inviting him on your show! Great show!

      • Anonymous

        He was awesome!

    • smgj

      I’m very happy with the interview with Dr Myhill, but around 25 minutes I think there is an error. Does she REALLY want to say that people on a lowcarb diet tend to be micro nutrient deficent? It seems to me as she goes on that it refers to a high carb diet?

      • Anonymous

        I can write to her and ask for sure. But that is one point she made…low-carbers need to make sure they are feeding themselves all the micronutrients in their diet.

        • smgj

          Maybe that’s because we are deficient from a long time high-carbing and the change demands more micronutrients? I’ll be very interested in her explanation of this.  
          Anyway – as always it was a great podcast. (Ad I really appreciate your ability to let the other person fully finish their explanation.)

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for listening.

      • Lisa C.

        Most of the podcast
        listeners are probably buying from farmers markets, grass-fed meat producers, eating
        lots of veggies, organ meats, clo, etc.  This is one well-informed bunch of eaters!  However, most of the casual
        low-carbers I encounter are consuming whatever is convenient – slim jims, vending machine peanuts,  restaurant/deli meats and processed cheeses.   What veggies they will eat are drenched in seed oils.

        I find what Jimmy says is true – no one seems to actually READ
        Atkins.  They just think they know how to
        do low-carb.  That’s certainly how I was starting out!   Perhaps
        Dr. Myhill was referring to these folks?

        • Anonymous

          Lisa, I’m sure. But these are the people who blame low-carb when it “fails” them and wonder why the clean-eating low-carbers succeed.

        • Anonymous

          Carbs and fat combined…that’s not a healthy combination.

    • jethro bodine

      Great interview Jimmy! Seth provides one approach to lower your body fat set point. I’ve tried it and it works. Another approach, which I’ve also tried and it worked for me was to increase exercise. in my case logging at least 18,000 steps on my pedometer everyday also led to Seth’s system effects. Combine both and watch fat vanish.