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The LLVLC Show (Episode 503): HCG Diet Expert Dr. Lorraine Maita And ‘Fast-5’ Creator Dr. Bert Herring


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In Episode 503 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we start off the podcast with an eye-opening interview featuring Dr. Lorraine Maita who shares about her unique anti-aging secrets in a book entitled Vibrance For Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier. She has been a board certified internal medicine physician for over two decades and has closely studied the subject of aging and how to help her patients live longer. But she’s here today as a highly-qualified expert on the subject of the HCG diet and the accompanying low-carb lifestyle change that follows. She realizes this is quite a controversial subject in the field of bariatrics (in fact, there was almost an angry riot at one of the obesity conferences I attended earlier this year when a presentation was made about the HCG diet), but Dr. Maita hopes to explain why she believes it is a safe and effective way to shed the pounds. She makes a compelling case, but I’d love to know what YOU think about this idea for losing weight.

Listen to Dr. Lorraine Maita share about how to slow the effects of aging:

  • How she noticed that “one size didn’t fit all” with people’s health
  • Her “Vibrance For Life” web site, book and blog
  • The history of the HCG diet and how it all got started
  • Why we’re designed to go through times of “feast and famine”
  • How she doesn’t see HCG diet as a “weight loss cure”
  • Why HCG is not dangerous and is a natural substance in the body
  • Her response to the 500-calories-a-day aspect of the HCG diet
  • Why you have to be careful about where you source your HCG drops
  • Her aversion to the “homeopathic” versions of HCG
  • What it is about HCG that helps mobilize stored body fat
  • Who Dr. Simeons was and how he discovered the HCG protocol
  • What the HCG protocol looks like for people attempting to lose weight
  • Why it is important to add back in dietary fat after the HCG protocol
  • The “steak and apple” method for getting weight moving again when it stalls
  • What would happen if someone went beyond the 40 days of the HCG protocol
  • Why it is important for people to take a break from HCG
  • How to keep the food selections on HCG interesting and delicious
  • Why don’t more bariatric physicians embrace HCG for their patients
  • Whether there is any current research being conducted on HCG
  • If she encourages patients to try everything else before HCG
  • Tips she has for people who struggle with carrying around extra pounds
  • Why she’s no fan of the idea of snacking or consuming sugar
  • How weight training can help boost your resting metabolic rate

    In the second interview, I bring on a gentleman that several of my listeners told me about who is an expert in a fascinating technique for implementing intermittent fasting into your life. His name is Dr. Bert Herring and he is the creator of a concept called “Fast-5” which he outlines in his easy-to-read book The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle. The “Fast-5” concept is extremely simple: eat within a 5-hour window and then fast for the other 19 hours of the day. It’s an elementary idea and yet it has helped countless numbers of people burn stored body fat and get healthy by experiencing the benefits of daily fasting. Whether you’re a fan of intermittent fasting or not, you’ll find Dr. Herring a compelling spokesman for this somewhat controversial subject within the Paleo/low-carb community.

    Listen to Dr. Bert Herring talk about his concept of “Fast-5”:

  • How he got into the field of medicine to help others
  • Why he was disappointed that the medical field is more about making money
  • How putting on some extra weight while in the Marines led him to “Fast-5”
  • Why he says “Fast-5” is like a “blow torch” for burning stored body fat
  • How drinking non-caloric beverages during the fasting period is allowed
  • Why he promotes the window of 5PM-10PM for the 5-hour period to eat daily
  • What the purpose of the 19-hour fasting window is
  • Whether someone can change the 5-hour window to a different part of the day
  • How “Fast-5” controls mindless eating and lets the body make adjustments
  • What the “Fast-5” steps are and why they are so important
  • What food he allows to be consumed during the 5-hour window
  • He does not “forbid” any food but encourages a “lower-carb” lifestyle
  • How breakfast isn’t necessarily a morning meal, but anytime to “break fast”
  • What the biggest obstacle people have when starting out on “Fast-5”
  • Why “avoiding eating” is an important part of a weight loss plan
  • Whether there is an adjustment period that can help people start “Fast-5”
  • Who shouldn’t do the “Fast-5” method and why
  • What role ketone bodies play in the “Fast-5” concept
  • Why a 19-hour fasting window is so important to follow
  • The “calorie creeps” that can make “Fast-5” not as effective
  • How fruit juice for kids is nothing more than a “sugar bomb” that’s unhealthy
  • Whether getting irritable from fasting is psychological or physiological
  • How doing “Fast-5” makes people want to start to “de-clutter” their lives
  • What he thinks about the assertion that fasting burns muscle mass
  • Whether there is any benefit to exercising in a fasted state

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    We had two pretty controversial subjects in today’s show. What did you think about the promotion of the HCG diet by Dr. Lorraine Maita? How about Dr. Bert Herring’s “Fast-5” intermittent fasting plan? Spill the beans on your reaction to what you heard in the show notes section of Episode 503. Pick up a copy of Dr. Maita’s book Vibrance For Life and visit her web site HowToLiveYounger.com to learn more about her work. And be sure to get Dr. Herring’s book The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle as well as his accompanying Fast-5.com web site.

    Coming up on Thursday, we’ll hear from KC Craichy who wrote a book entitled The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need. He’ll share what he believes are the nutritional concepts that lead to optimal health. Then we’ll also share a fantastic interview with nutrition-minded chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lazarus who overcame some traumatic physical challenges to help others find natural solutions to their health.

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    • Vicki Keller

      Not sure if my GX tablet (technology) got me posted so I’m sorry if this is a repeat.  I am a successful HCG advocate.  I have lost 80 pounds with the help of HCG.  HCG is very effective.  Pounds just melted off of me and I tried nearly EVERYTHING to lose weight.  It had been a 10 year try and I can’t believe I kept trying.  HCG worked with nothing else did.  The problem I did have was not being able to keep the weight off when adding starches and sugars back in which was extremely frustrating, until finding a Tom Naughton’s you-tube video “Fat Fiasco” which led me to Gary Taubes, Drs. Eades and you; ultimately a low carb lifestyle.  Without HCG ,even at less than 30 grams of carbs a day, I am not particularly efficient and losing fat/weight.  There may be something broken metobolically, I’m not sure.  Even with the help of bioidentical hormones including thyroid hormone, it is difficult.  But, with HCG and eating a very satisfying low carb diet, I am extremely successful at keeping my weight off completely and my figure fabulous.  So Excited! 

      But, I need to emphasize that if I had not discovered the truth about essential healthy Fats, starches and sugars creating insulin which locks fat in, I would be right back to 233 pounds.  I am now 154 pounds at 5’10” with muscle tone and look eel great.  People can’t believe the transformation.  My blog is http://www.health-seeker.blogspot.com or http://www.VickiKeller.com which tells my story and shows clips about the journey to what Nutrient-Dense food really is, and maybe more importantly, what it is not.  The government guidelines did not work for me except to make me tired, hungry, broken-down metabolically, and frustrated.  I worked out hard with a trainer, logged my food in and kept my calories below what I was burning without success.  Calories-in, Calories-out did not work for me. HCG did as long as I eat a healthy low-carb diet to maintain.  Vicki

      • Anonymous

        That’s cool! Vicki, congratulations!

    • fritz cloninger

      Haven’t listened yet, but just wanna say I tried fast five for year and a half or so… went from 195 to 185 almost right away, but it gradually crept back up to 195 and stayed there. I was always getting really hungry in mid afternoon, so I eventually shifted to eating “breakfast”  around noon-ish or a bit later and dinner in the evening.  Been doing that for a loooong time. No special benefits that I can tell, weight wise, but since I’m not hungry in the am, there’s no point in eating.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting Fritz.

    • I tried HCG last July.  It worked in that I lost about 20-25 pounds in 30 days, but I didn’t like it. I went to a real MD and got the prescription HCG.  For one, my hunger never went away.  Just 30 days of gnawing hunger, thinking about food all day, every day.  And secondly, the diet got REAL old.  It’s 500 calories – 2 meals each consisting of a 3 oz portion of lean meat and one apple along with some brocolli or other such veg.  It was getting really hard to eat that stuff after awhile.  One day while picking up a rotisserie chicken for my husband, man, I just wanted to peel all the skin off the whole chicken and eat it all myself (which is so unlike me!)  I only tried it for some quick weight loss before vacation, so I never intended on really staying super low carb during vacation. I got to my goal for the vacation though and was happy about that.  I was going to try it again a few months ago, but after being on 2 weeks, I just didn’t want to do it anymore.  It works, but I’d rather lose weight slower while actually eating!!  (low carb of course)

    • Anonymous

      I just wanted to thank you for having on Dr. Herring.  My husband’s now doing Fast-5 and having success.  I have been phasing into it, and today will be my first day of limiting food to the 5-10 p.m. window.  

      I’m excited about trying this, because I think it will solve several problems for me at once, if I stick to it.  I will lose weight.  It will help me do better with preparing a sit-down meal with my children at supper.  There will be many less decisions to make re food intake.  It will cure my bad habit of eating out alone during the day.  I’m not tempted to do that in the evenings.  So I’ll be saving a ton of money, plus eating with my kids.I also like the challenge of it-seeing it as a long term experiment that I’m conducting, which will provide health benefits to me.  Plus it will be fascinating to me to overcome the obstacles of dealing with eating at times that others want me to eat.  Plus help me with self-discipline.  Plus I’m keeping a journal of the experiment.

      Thanks again!

      • Anonymous

        It’s an interesting experience! You should blog about it (with your journal thoughts) and/or share how this goes for you. 🙂