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The LLVLC Show (Episode 496): Brent Pottenger And Aaron Blaisdell Talk #AHS11 #AHS12, Attorney Rachel Mac Gets Fit


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In Episode 496 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the co-founders of the Ancestral Health Symposium that took place in Los Angeles last month attracting 600+ Paleo/low-carb enthusiasts from around the world. They are Brent Pottenger and Aaron Blaisdell who were on the podcast about a year ago talking about this event. Listen in as we recollect on this historic #AHS 11 gathering on the campus of UCLA in early August and look forward previewing #AHS12 coming to Harvard University in August 2012! Whether you went to #AHS11 or not, you’ll enjoy hearing the story behind the birth of what is sure to be a must-attend annual event.

Listen to Brent Pottenger and Aaron Blaisdell talk AHS:

  • Why they decided to create the Ancestral Health Symposium
  • The influence of the Paleo blogosphere in making this happen
  • How Brent and Aaron met each other to create #AHS11
  • How quickly the guest lecturer list came together
  • The surprising social networking that happened at #AHS11
  • The proposed organized structure they’ll use for #AHS12
  • The surprising “spirit” of the human experience
  • How the blogosphere blew up after #AHS11 about this
  • The lack of social time together at #AHS11
  • #AHS12 will take place at Harvard University in August 2012
  • The videos and slides from #AHS11 is on their web site
  • The international aspect of #AHS11
  • Why they chose to move to Harvard for #AHS12
  • How they are planning to keep this event sustainable
  • The seating capacity for #AHS12 at Harvard
  • The “mixed bag” of having parallel speaking structure
  • Why they added an extra day to the #AHS12 event
  • How the volunteers were “self-organized” at #AHS11
  • The formalization of the volunteers for #AHS12
  • Why there’ll be a call for volunteers/speakers at #AHS12
  • The various interpretations of ancestral eating
  • How #AHS11 pushed Christine to try Paleo
  • How #AHS11 helped bring everyone into the fold
  • The dust-up between Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet
  • The “conversation” that was started at #AHS11

    Next up we have a fitness model named Rachel Mac who has quite the story to share about how changing her diet and fitness habits literally transformed her life forever. As a young corporate attorney with a vigorous work schedule, Rachel Mac probably had less time to invest in something like exercise than anybody else you know. But she fit it into her life and the results made all that hard work so worth it. Today she is using her story to encourage and inspire others to do what they can to change their life, too. Our friends at the QuestBar company have done an amazing three-part blog series about “The Rachel Mac Transformation” here, here and here. Now you can hear directly from this incredible woman with a stunning story to tell.

    Listen to Rachel Mac discuss her awesome transformation:

  • Why she doesn’t see herself as a “fitness person”
  • How she was never athletic in gym class growing up
  • How hitting 155 pounds in law school was a turning point
  • The impact of cutting carbs in her diet
  • Her 35-pound weight loss in six months
  • When she decided to start adding muscle to her body
  • Why she added more protein and fat while cutting carbs
  • Why it’s virtually impossible for women to “bulk up”
  • Why women think they have to do hours of cardio weekly
  • When you have more muscle, it’s easier to maintain weight
  • How she dropped her body fat from 24% to 18% in 8 weeks
  • Why she said farewell to traditional cardio
  • How weight lifting “burns through” calories well
  • Her “out of your mind” decision to enter a bodybuilding contest
  • The “huge” role hormones play in getting the body you want
  • Why she decided to compete at the Arnold Classic event
  • What the competition experience has taught her
  • Why she says she will probably never compete again
  • The fixation on bad foods that happens after competition
  • The “unhealthy swing” that takes place when it is over
  • How she discovered Paleo/primal living afterwards
  • How she finds time to squeeze fitness into her legal career
  • The ease of incorporating low-carb into your life
  • Why she feels full eating fat/protein, but hungry eating fruit
  • What attracted her to Mark Sisson‘s Primal Blueprint
  • The flexibility of finding what works for her
  • Why she is staunch on “no grains” in her diet
  • How unhealthy gluten is despite not necessarily “feeling it”
  • What her typical low-carb meal plan looks like
  • How she became the official spokesperson for Quest Bars

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    How did you like what you heard about #AHS11 and #AHS12 from Brent Pottenger and Aaron Blaisdell? And how about the awe-inspiring body transformation story of Rachel Mac? Sound off about it in the show notes section of Episode 496. Visit the Ancestral Health Symposium web site to access all the videos and slides from #AHS11 and to learn more about #AHS12 set to take place at Harvard University on August 9-11, 2012. And keep up with fitness model Rachel Mac on Facebook to see what’s she’s up to.

    Next week we keep the health podcasting ball rolling at full speed. On Monday, we welcome Chicago, IL-based registered dietitian and sports nutrition consultant Jenny Westerkamp to discuss the proper nutrition for professional athletes. We’ll also have returning podcast guest Dr. Bruce Fife (listen to my previous interview with him in Episode 305) to talk about his brand new book entitled Stop Alzheimer’s Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders. Then on Thursday, we’ll hear from a man named John Theobald and “The Flexi Diet” that he says is a healthy vegetarian version of a low-carb lifestyle. We’ll also have a low-carb veterinarian from Rochester, Minnesota named Dr. Travis Einertson to discuss his use of the “Catkins” diet on his feline patients with obesity and diabetes with great success! It’s another jam-packed week for you to enjoy next week!

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