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The LLVLC Show (Episode 490): Evolutionary Psychiatry With Dr. Emily Deans And Cate Munroe’s Nutrition Kitchen


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In Episode 490 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are so pleased to welcome an incredible Boston, Massachusetts-based psychiatrist named Dr. Emily Deans from “Evolutionary Psychiatry” who uses Paleolithic nutritional principles to help her patients find the help they need with their mental and chronic physical ailments. She’s published a book in 2007 called Feeling Better: A 6-Week Mind-Body Program to Ease Your Chronic Symptoms and most recently was brought on as a contributing writer for Psychology Today. Dr. Deans is one of the leading voices of reason regarding health online, especially with her active Twitter feed where she regularly passes along valuable information for people who care about their health. I’m privileged to have her with us here today for an interview.

Listen to Dr. Emily Deans talk about “Evolutionary Psychiatry”:

  • How vanity led her to finding a nutrition approach to lose weight
  • The influence of Gary Taubes and John Durant on turning her to Paleo
  • Why she says there are pieces of the Atkins diet that don’t work
  • The reservations she has about a strict vegan diet on mental health
  • How she was able to lose weight and improve health with low-carb Paleo
  • Why she read Good Calories Bad Calories after watching Stephen Colbert
  • How the low-fat, plant-based diet has never really been proven by science
  • Why she feels the tide has been turning over the past year against low-fat diets
  • Why psychiatrists tend to be more open to Paleo/low-carb than other medical fields
  • How mental illness has increased since our diet changed to low-fat
  • The four elements of a healthy diet for brain health (think Paleo!)
  • How the mitochondria function better on ketones than “high-octane” glucose
  • What the biggest culprit is in poor mental health
  • Why consuming “fat-rich foods” are usually the most nutritious
  • A typical day in the life of her “moderate-carb Paleo” diet
  • Why white rice and white potatoes are included in her diet now
  • Why she doesn’t count calories as part of her nutritional plan
  • Her new writing gig with Dr. Kurt Harris on Psychology Today
  • The unintended consequences of lowering cholesterol numbers too much
  • Why she believes psychiatry is the “woo woo bastard stepchild of medicine”
  • The many great like-minded friends she’s met by being connected online
  • Her family members who still deny the dietary connection to their diabetes
  • How she got the writing gig at Psychology Today

    In today’s second interview, we hear from primal nutrition and cooking instructor named Cate Munroe from “Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen.” She is living proof that primal living isn’t just for the guys, but that the girls can do it too and look good (sexy even!) consuming a sugar-free, low-carb, meat and veggie-based lifestyle. Cate is a delightful advocate for this healthy way of eating and is doing her part to promote the principles that make it an optimal diet plan for just about anyone and everyone. Enjoy this sweetheart lady as she exudes a love and passion for low-carb primal nutrition.

    Listen to Cate Munroe talk about the primal principles she lives:

  • How she discovered the primal path after having a lifelong love for food
  • The various health ailments she dealt with growing up
  • Her golf scholarship that paid for college where she gained 20-30 pounds
  • How she tee-totally bought into the low-fat diet
  • Her fateful journey to the UK which developed her love for cooking
  • Why people overseas have a much deeper connection to where their food comes from
  • Her meeting with Don Matesz in Arizona that inspired her to primal living
  • Her dog’s bad “farting problem” from eating a poor diet
  • Her current project of making a “video cookbook” on her web site
  • Why following the principles of Jillian Michaels is pure folly
  • Why people should stop depriving themselves and start nourishing their body
  • How cutting carbs on a 3,000-calorie daily diet made it hard to keep on weight
  • Why she doesn’t worry about counting calories or weighing herself
  • Her “pretty primal” philosophy regarding a healthy diet
  • Why she’s for adding cheese for flavor to get people to eat more veggies
  • A typical day in the life of her personal primal menus
  • Why she enjoys eating twice a day and uses intermittent fasting
  • How she plays golf better in a fasted state vs. a fed state
  • How she gets her clients interested in understanding nutrition better
  • Her primal cavewoman photo shoot to inspire others
  • The stereotype that women have to eat a dainty low-fat, low-calorie diet
  • Her golf handicap when she was competing in college

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    How did you like what you heard from Dr. Emily Deans and Cate Munroe? Tell us what you enjoyed the most from what you heard from them in the show notes section of Episode 490. Check out Dr. Deans’ “Evolutionary Psychiatry” blog as well as her brand new Psychology Today column. And don’t miss “Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen” web site for lots of primal nutrition and recipes for your healthy low-carb lifestyle!


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    • Dr. Deans is an intellectual powerhouse. Keep your eyes on her; she’s a visionary.


      • Emily Deans

        Wow! That’s a very nice thing to say Steve! Thanks :). I don’t know that I am a “powerhouse” – but I dislike the way the field of psychiatry is organized, intellectually, into psychology vs. biology and all those silly DSMIV lists – so I’m creating my own organization in a way that makes sense to me, using brain physiology – out comes Evolutionary Psychiatry!