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The LLVLC Show (Episode 486): Jenny Ruhl Shares The Low-Carb Diabetes Strategy Through ‘Blood Sugar 101’


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In Episode 486 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we were supposed to have noted raw vegan enthusiast Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone from “30 Bananas A Day.” But through a series of scheduling conflicts while he has been in Thailand (11AM Eastern time is 10PM where he was) and a hilarious background noise problem at a local Internet cafe when we tried to record (you can listen to how that conversation went at the beginning of today’s show), it just didn’t get recorded in time for today’s show. I am still working with Harley to make this happen and we WILL get him on the podcast soon to discuss his nutritional perspective very soon. But not to fear because I had a fantastic backup interview in place ready to go for you featuring one of the world’s most foremost experts on the subject of diabetes, blood sugar, and how low-carb nutrition is the most effective way to dealing with out of control glucose issues. Her name is Jenny Ruhl from “Blood Sugar 101” and she is the author of the #1 bestselling book on Type 2 diabetes at Amazon.com called Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes. If you’ve wondered about how carbohydrate restriction is the key to improving diabetes and other blood sugar disorders, then you need to listen to this incredible chat I had with a lady who really knows her stuff!

Listen to Jenny Ruhl explain all the ins and outs of blood sugar control:

  • Her 5.5 A1c level thanks to using a low-carb diet
  • Her “very abnormal” glucose tolerance test at 108 pounds
  • The gestational diabetes during her pregnancy that led to weight gain
  • How her doctors continually denied that she had diabetes
  • The response that happened to her when she took prednisone
  • Her exposure to Dr. Richard Bernstein’s low-carb principles
  • Why she had to strictly follow the Bernstein approach
  • How simply losing weight only made her diabetes get worse
  • The statements Dr. Bernstein makes that she disagrees with
  • Her voracious reading and researching into diabetes
  • How she “burnt out” on eating under 60g carbs daily
  • The drug Prandin that helps with her version of diabetes
  • Why she is a big supporter of Metformin for weight control
  • Her background in history and statistics that helped her with research
  • The problem with the methodology of many medical studies
  • Her engineering/humanities approach to looking at diabetes
  • The birth of her “Blood Sugar 101” web site in 2005
  • Why she keeps the information on her site simplistic
  • Why “the basics is all anyone really needs to know”
  • Why there’s really “no such thing as Type 2 diabetes”
  • Why some people see their blood sugars go up eating fat
  • Why it’s more important to test than what you eat
  • How insulin resistance goes way up when blood sugar goes over 180
  • How people first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have lost 80% of their beta cells
  • The blood sugar connection to people who get heart attacks
  • The limitations of the A1c test for individuals
  • The “How To Lower Your Blood Sugar” page on her web site
  • Why cholesterol is pretty much irrelevant with cholesterol
  • How using a glucometer from Wal-mart is adequate for testing
  • Why glucose will give you a “false low” in your blood sugar
  • Why she doesn’t really focus on the subject of insulin
  • How using insulin can be an effective tool for controlling blood sugars
  • The “stall out” that happens to people who eat low-carb
  • What happens to someone with a blood sugar abnormality who does a “carb up”
  • Why a low-carber needs to carb up for a few days before a GTT
  • How hunger is simply a “symptom that your blood sugar is moving fast”
  • How much weight you will gain when you carb up after eating low-carb
  • Why people who need to consume less and less carbs have shot beta cells
  • The 100g carbohydrates that she consumes daily now
  • Why nothing is ever totally “off limits” when it comes to food
  • How eating very low-carb “started wearing” on her over time
  • The purpose of watching her calories in her 60’s
  • Why she purposely has a doughnut every now and then
  • How insulin does not make you fat as long as you keep blood sugar down
  • The mistaken notion that taking drugs makes you a “failure”
  • What Metformin does to help make weight loss easier
  • The varying brands of Metformin and why glucophage is best
  • Her historical romance novel-writing career
  • Why there’s more to her life than talking about diabetes

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    What did you think about what you heard from Jenny Ruhl today? She had a lot to share, so tell us what struck you the most in the show notes section of Episode 486. Pick up your own copy of Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes, visit her fabulous BloodSugar101.com web site, and her accompanying blog called “Diabetes Update.”

    Coming up next week, we’re locked and loaded with so many inspiring interviews to share. On Monday, we’ve got a doubleheader featuring two good buddies of mine featuring Hank Garner from “My Low-Carb Journey” and Steve Cooksey from “Diabetes Warrior.” Then on Thursday, we’ll share two more interesting interviews with you. First up will be a quick chat with a supplement expert named Kurtis Frank from a wiki-styled web site for learning quality scientific information about supplements called Examine.com. Then in the main interview, we’ll hear from a low-carb psycho-nutritional consultant named Darlene Kvist from “Nutritional Weight & Wellness” who is a champion of using carbohydrate-restriction for treating obesity and disease. She is also the host of a fabulous radio show you can listen to on iTunes called “Dishing Up Nutrition” (I’ll be a guest on her show coming up on July 16, 2011). Dar is a fabulous advocate for healthy low-carb living! I’m gonna go ahead and tell you now, we will be taking a week off with the podcast the week of July 18th, but will return with a new episode on July 25, 2011. THANKS so much for supporting the podcast making it one of the most listened-to Health shows on iTunes.

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    • Haggus

      You really rolled out the red carpet with that “backup interview” billing.

      • Jenny did an outstanding job!

        • Haggus

          I couldn’t agree more! What I thought was odd is that you described it in that particular way. Either way, it was good to finally hear her voice after reading a lot of her sage like work.

          • It was supposed to be Harley Johnstone and Jenny was the backup plan in place if that one couldn’t run. There was no hidden meaning to it. 😉

    • What happened to your interview with Harley Johnstone?

      • I explained at the beginning of the podcast. Please listen. 😉

    • Peter Silverman

      I think Jenny Ruhl is right that while for most people losing weight and keeping it off via low carb is hard, lowering blood sugars through low carb is easy.

      • And in the end, isn’t blood sugar control much more important?

    • LLVLC Avenger

      Hey Jimmy. Comment and a suggestion… First, let me just say way to go(!) for your recent good news. And PLEASE keep up the invaluable work you do for the betterment of SO many people. You truly are an Information Age superhero (and that’s putting it mildly)… OK, now for my (humble) suggestion, and it concerns this blogger of whom you are probably aware – CarbSane. At any rate, I feel the time has come for some kind of public repudiation ala Charles Washington… This woman is simply out of control, undercutting the very foundations of that which you and your MANY readers value. She needs her wings clipped, in other words. Alright, rant over. And I really wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t even post this comment – just had to get it off my chest. The sheer injustice of someone you GAVE a platform to in the first place (i.e., the podcast interview) then turning around and betraying the ideals of LLVLC – well, that just kinda sticks in my throat. Thank you again for all you do.

      • I don’t need to waste my time on those who have proven they have nothing positive to contribute. I have better things to do with my valuable time. Thanks!

    • LLVLC Avenger

      That’s exactly why you’re held in such esteem and have built up so much good will, Jimmy…

    • Harold Aardsma

      Loved hearing Jenny’s voice after reading her for the last year and a half when I was diagnosed as a T2. She’s one of my heros.

      • I was happy to have her too Harold. Amazing woman! She was nervous too. :)

    • Shane Kennedy

      I agree with Peter. Taking nothing away from the great Bob Atkins, it’s too bad, really, that ‘low carb’ was presented early on as a weight loss plan and little else. It’s really a holistic (and I mean that in the REAL sense of the word – not the way the New Agers have hijacked the concept) approach to living. When one’s overall health improves, everything naturally becomes easier, up to and including losing weight. Shedding pounds becomes, in effect, a side benefit of living the way we were meant to live. (This is why LC was ‘paleo’ even before there was a paleo). Yeah, it’s NOT easy – even LLVLC – and yes, it does becomes even less easy over time. But this fact is not an indictment of the principle itself – rather, it’s a reflection of just how much we have to collectively UN-learn as a culture. Of course, as a community we may disagree on particulars (and that’s healthy), but I think we all know what needs to be done. I for one have my eyes on the prize – and I make it a point to spend my valuable time with others who think likewise. Thank you, Jimmy, for being one such person on the web.

      • Shane, that means so much to me. THANK YOU!

    • Lesley

      I had no idea about the different versions of insulin malfunction all lumped together as “type 2” diabetes. very, very interesting – esp. the stuff about people’s beta cells burning out, after which they can be diagnosed with T2 but diet/exercise can still not entirely ameliorate their condition. thankyou as usual for a great interview (and i agree with LLVLC about that low-carb menace – unlike Willy Loman, attention shouldn’t be paid)

    • I really enjoyed Jenny’s perspective on the show. I will now use blood glucose monitoring 1 and 2 hours post meal… I think this is a very valuable tool as a clinician.

      I personally feel Jenny’s health issue is unique and the majority of the population problems with blood sugar are coming from an insulin resistance issue at the core. It seems like Jenny is more like a type 1 diabetic with out the auto-immune reaction inducing it. (This is why she responded so well to insulin).

      I have received great results using herbs like gymnema, cinnamon, bitter-melon and nutrients like b vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, chromium and vanadium. In some studies gymnema has actually been shown to increase beta cell function of the pancreas. I would love to know her take on these natural alternatives besides just metformin.

      I notice Jenny mentioned she couldn’t handle carbs below 60 grams, I wonder how her fat in-take was. If my fat intake isn’t high enough, it’s very difficult to sustain low carb.

      I disagree with her take on portion control in regards to calories. I think Gary Taubes has made this point very well in his new book. When people cut calories the largest percentage that usually gets cut is from the carbs. So its not necessarily the low calories, its more than likely the carbs being decreased.

      Great interview, I think Jenny needs to update herself on how these cutting edge supplements can really aid in the blood sugar control along with the low carb diet.

      • I hear ya, Justin. We’ve all got to work on finding what works for us.

        • Thanks for the great guests on the show, really enjoying it!

          • Trying to keep them coming, eclectic, and always interesting! :)

    • Jamie Hayes

      This was a terrific show with a high quality guest. I went straight to her site and bought her book. Jimmy, thanks for bringing great info to us.

      • Thanks for being such a faithful listener. :)

    • tam

      Having a blood glucose meter handy is insanely useful if you’re overweight. Don’t forget to wash your hands, and have an alcohol wipe probably.

      • I’ll be doing a video soon on how I clean my hands between readings.

    • Nina

      Great show and well worth listening again.

      Jimmy why did the 2 of you wait so long for this? You’ve done her a great service, as she makes a big impact bringing the main bits of her site together in one audio clip. As a result of this interview, I’ve finally mastered the pesky glucometer and am testing everything. Many thanks.


    • Great Interview Jimmy! This answered a question I’ve always had… when I have some carbs (after being off them for some time) I can literally feel them going to fat (around my middle) almost immediately after the meal. Jenny had the answer!