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The LLVLC Show (Episode 482): Popular ‘Everyday Paleo’ Blogger, Podcaster And Author Sarah Fragoso


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In Episode 482 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” what a delight it is to welcome an amazing mom named Sarah Fragoso from “Everyday Paleo” who has certainly made her mark in the Paleolithic world over the past year or so. After a remarkable turnaround in her weight and physical fitness after feeling depressed following her pregnancy a few years back, Sarah has now taken her story to the masses through a fantastic blog, podcast and a brand new book called Everyday Paleo with a foreword by Paleo guru Robb Wolf. She actually now works with Robb at his Norcal Strength and Conditioning gym in Chico, California and is another fabulous champion for Paleo living in the mainstream media. You’ll quickly see why she’s a remarkable champion for Paleo who will make waves in the health and nutrition world for many years to come.

Listen to Sarah Fragoso share how Paleo completely changed her life forever:

  • Her relationship with Chrissy Gower who co-hosts her podcast with her
  • How she discovered Paleo after having her third child in 2008
  • Her mom’s death in 2005 that led to a decline in her physical health
  • The chance encounter she had with Robb Wolf at a Relay For Life event
  • The demeanor change that happened in her as a result of Paleo
  • What her diet was like prior to discovering the Paleo diet
  • Why she had a difficult time knowing fat is actually good for you
  • The carb cravings and withdrawals that led her to holding an empty cereal bowl
  • How she isn’t so purist about being Paleo that she obsesses over it
  • Why people will probably not want to go off plan that often
  • What led her to wanting to make her living as a Paleo fitness trainer
  • The family focus of her “Everyday Paleo” concept
  • Why the Paleo diet is the perfect nutritional approach for kids
  • How she thought she was doing “the best thing for” her children before Paleo
  • Why she created her infectuous “Everyday Paleo” podcast
  • Her co-host Chrissy has raised her child on a Paleo lifestyle
  • The success story of her podcast producer Dain Sandoval
  • What foods she believes are the staples of a good Paleo diet
  • How getting “as many freakin’ spices” is essential to preventing boredom
  • The 4-week “cooking marathon” where she made 100 Paleo recipes for the book
  • How she explains and gives permission to consuming dietary fat to her clients
  • What you can do to get started teaching your “kiddos” to eat well
  • Why cooking has become a lost art in modern-day society
  • The vital importance of getting adequate sleep on weight and health
  • Why some people are repulsed by eggs
  • Why she included vegetable and salad recipes in her book
  • The Paleo desserts section (GASP!) in her book
  • The simple format of how she outlines the recipes in the book
  • The 30-day sample menus/shopping list she includes in the back of her book
  • Why she’s not a big fan of the traditional cardio classes for women
  • Myths surrounding weight training for women and why they’re poor excuses
  • What her ultimate goal was when she wrote this book

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    • Lesley

      what a fab can-do attitude she has. I enjoyed the discussion too about how important it is to weight train, esp. for chicks. It’s virtually impossible to bulk up like a female bodybuilder without copious amounts of crazy steroids, and she’s right that it’s cool to look sexy & be strong. I work out regularly with weights, and people are floored at how freakishly strong I am given that I’m such a petite person. I guess I’m the opposite of Mark Sisson in that I want to BE freakishly strong just not look like I am. :)

    • Lawrence Louis


      First, as I commented on your LLVLC Show page, I absolutely loved the interview you did with Sarah Fragoso. On the subject of Paleo diets, Fox News, being the corporate sponsored morons they are, did a short TV segment ridiculing the Paleo diet on June 25th. Their very unscientific caricature of the Paleo diet was so erroneous that I could spend hours highlighting how asinine the whole thing was. I already left a post on Robb Wolf’s website about it, but could you get in touch with Robb and inform him directly? With the mountains of emails he gets, he might miss mine, given that I am not a high profile personality, but I know he will see yours. Here is the link to the video I am referring to:


      This level of stupidity and misinformation has to be combated.

      • I’m sure it wasn’t just Fox News…I’ve seen this nonsense everywhere.

        • Lawrence Louis


          I agree Fox News is certainly not alone in their misconceptions about Paleo and low carb diets. But in this case, it is Fox News that is reporting this nonsense. I know U.S. News and World Reports also ranked the Paleo Diet the lowest on their list of popular diets, even lower than the Atkins diet, which usually gets the brunt of criticisms from the mainstream know nothings. However, what angered me about this Fox News segment was how idiotic the criticisms were. I mean you have two supposedly educated doctors talk about humans living CONCURRENTLY with dinosaurs!? Then you have one doctor posit that prehistoric man lived mostly NOT on animal protein and fat, but MOSTLY on nuts, berries, and gather plants. Early man wouldn’t have made it this far if their diet mostly consisted of just nuts, berries, and plants.

          The mainstream media does a lot of slanted reporting against low carb and Paleo diets, and understandably so, since they get a lot of corporate sponsorship whose interests would be hurt by the science that backs up both low carb and Paleo diets. But the level of inanity this video segment displays is just flabbergasting.

          • True. They were indeed idiots and even mispronounced what the diet is called. DORKS! :)

          • I don’t mind living on nuts, berries and plants (OK, yes I do) but could you imagine paleo people living on that in ice age Europe? I live past 60o North, and if I imagine what there’s to live on here that’s BOTH plant based and wasn’t brought in by neolithic farmers or later, I virtually starve.

    • Stephanie O.

      Thank you for having Sarah on your show! She has such great energy, what a great spokesperson for this way of life.
      I have been over to her site and watched on video (How to make paleo mayo) and she is so great with her kids too! Those are some happy and healthy kids.
      As always, thank you Jimmy for all that you do.


      • THANKS Stephanie! Sarah’s an easy interview because she really knows her stuff. :)