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The LLVLC Show (Episode 476): Dr. Art Ayers And His Anti-Inflammatory High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet


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In Episode 476 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a couple of fantastic interviews to share with you from people who are passionate about healthy living. First off, we’ll speak with Danny Wyrwas from the web site you’ve heard us talk about on the podcast for the past few months called GetYourHealthTested.com. Tune in to hear why this fencing contractor in Montana became so fascinated and intrigued by human health that he wanted to start spending every moment of his free time examining ways to help other people improve upon their personal health. I think you’ll sense the very real passion Danny’s voice as he articulates why he’s so excited about working with Metametrix to make these wonderful tests available to the general public.

In today’s featured interview, we are pleased to welcome someone that a whole lot of my listeners have been asking me to get on my podcast for a very long time. His name is Dr. Art Ayers and he is a Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biologist. Sounds fascinating right? Seriously, this guy really knows all the ins and outs of how the body responds at the microscopic level and blogs about it at his popular “Cooling Inflammation” blog. Everyday we are learning more and more about the negative impact chronic inflammation has on our bodies and how making slight changes in our diet and exercise routine can bring about big changes to significantly reduce this inflammation. Dr. Ayers has outlined his own Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle program right there on his blog and we discuss it today’s interview. Get ready to get educated deeply in the inner workings of the importance of gut bacteria and why it is a lot more critical to your health than you may even realize.

Listen to Dr. Art Ayers share his unique perspective on a healthy diet:

  • The “long story” of how he got interested in biology
  • Why his arduous research life led him to a less stressful teaching career
  • How he came across carbohydrates and inflammation as part of the disease picture
  • Why more people don’t know about what inflammation is
  • Why diet change is the “big fix for health care” that is sorely needed
  • The “big issue” of agribusiness pushing vegetable oils over saturated fats
  • How carbohydrate consumption exacerbates inflammation
  • The benign role of saturated fat in inflammation (why it’s the “safest” food to eat)
  • What are the “safe” saturated fats people should be consuming
  • His recommended foods to consume on his Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Why fish oil is a better source of omega-3 fats as flax oil
  • The “general purpose” aspects of his Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Why Vitamin D is a critical part of improving health
  • How Vitamin D produced in the skin can be compromised
  • Why chronic inflammation can prevent Vitamin D from being properly absorbed
  • His examination of the relationship between inflammation and most diseases
  • Why fish and a “good steak” are a fantastic meal to combat inflammation
  • Why antioxidants in plants are unimportant, but the other phytonutrients they have are
  • How we “underestimate” the importance of cultivating gut flora
  • Whether there’s a distinction between eating grass-fed vs. grain-fed meats
  • Why cows have to take antibiotics after they consume a grain-based diet
  • How antibiotics are a kind of “surgery” that leads to other side effects
  • What people can do to balance the bacteria in their gut
  • How the bacteria in milk controls the development of the immune system in babies
  • The negative implications of using formula over breast milk on infants
  • How to “easily cure and eliminate” lactose and pretty much any food intolerance
  • Why our super-clean hygiene habits are actually making us sicker, not healthier
  • Why you don’t want to have sterile surfaces and bacteria-free environments
  • How more people don’t become sick from a food-borne pathogen
  • The two easy tests that will determine how balanced your gut flora is
  • Why people so readily believe that “clean is better”
  • The “fecal transplants” that have taken place between obese and lean people
  • How replacing fecal matter mixed in a blender (EWWW!) can cure disease
  • The preventative aspect of keep healthcare costs controlled
  • His dream of seeing a collaboration of bloggers examine the President’s diet daily
  • The concern with the starch/sugar in the American diet impacting gut flora
  • Why he states the practice of “medicine is very far from being scientific”

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    What did you think about what you heard from Dr. Art Ayers? Tell us your reaction to the concepts he shared in the show notes section of Episode 476. Visit Dr. Art Ayers’ outstanding “Cooling Inflammation” blog to learn more about the high-fat, low-carb Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle program we discussed in today’s interview. Coming up next week, we’ll have two more extremely interesting guests to share with you. On Monday, we hear from Ned Kock from the “Health Correlator” blog who explains the relationship between causation and correlation in scientific studies. Then on Thursday, we’ll have evolutionary biologist Michael Rose who has co-written a textbook pointing to a more Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer nutritional approach to aging called Does Aging Stop?. You’ll absolutely LOVE this one for sure!

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    • Ok, just a few corrections that will go a long way in clearing up the misinformation surrounding the Omega 6 inflammation issue. I have been informally studying lipid science for a few years and am very familiar with the research and the major players in the field.

      As we learned in your interview with Brian Peskin Episode 316 from 12-29-09, the problem with commercially processed O-6 grocery store oils also used in ALL processed, fast, junk & snack “foods” of the Standard American Diet is that it is ADULTERATED, non functional, biologically dead and is actually a toxic TRANS configured molecule, as in trans fat. The majority of people discussing this issue FAIL to make that distinction clear, and should be saying “adulterated TRANS Omega-6.”

      TRANS O-6 does cause inflammation because it’s toxic, it inhibits the oxidative phosphorylation process the cells use to create energy because they block oxygen flow into the cell, and in 1931 Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for proving the prime cause of cancer is a mere 35% reduction of oxygen to the cell which causes the cell to irreversibly switch to glycolysis, the fermentation of sugars from carbs. Trans fats are deadly & must be avoided, and carbs feed cancers & systemic fungus the sugars they need survive & grow. http://goo.gl/Ds0cG

      On the other hand, CIS configured omega 6 Linoleic Acid found in organic, cold pressed evening primrose, sunflower & safflower oils & grass fed animal proteins is ANTI-inflammatory & is a much needed Essential Fatty Acid as it is the base, or substrate lipid the body uses to create the it’s most powerful anti-inflammatory agent, PGE-1 prostaglandin. http://goo.gl/Gdwyl

      Also, the eicosapentaenoic & docosahexaenoic acids that are the active ingredients in fish oil are not an EFA, but are actually an omega-3 DERIVATIVE. The body can make EPA & DHA *IF* you’re taking the omega 3 parent oil, but since the body has very little physiological demand for EPA & DHA the body’s conversion rate is naturally very low in both males & females, at around 2 to 5 percent. http://goo.gl/QP8vu

      There ARE certain diseases that block the body from making the already low conversion rate derivative forms EPA & DHA, such as diabetes, alcholism, etc. and these people can benefit from taking the derivative form. For the rest of us however the answer is not to take massive amounts of fish oil derivatives that constitute a pharmacological overdose that can lead to depression, bruising & excessive bleeding from excessive blood thinning, etc. Not good. http://goo.gl/bjd3a

      As even Dr. Graveline said in Episode 308, good organic omega 6 linoleic acid has a much greater physiological demand in the body and is MORE important than omega 3, for example there is no omega 3 in your skin.

      One minor technical point, lipids are classified as being short, medium or long chain molecules, the word prefix eicosa- is Greek for “twenty”, so the eicosanoids EPA & DHA are actually long chain molecules. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eicosanoid

      If you want to resolve your inflammation issues, first avoid refined sugar & sugars from carbs and supplement your diet with at least 2 grams of O-6 evening primrose, sunflower or safflower oils along with 1 gram O-3 flax oil.

      Thanks for yet another great podcast, it’s almost unbelievable how much value you’re adding to the world.

    • Peter Silverman

      Hey Jimmy, can I borrow your blender?

    • PHK

      i really enjoy it.

    • ValerieH

      This is really fascinating. I have heard of the GAPS diet for healing the gut. It seems to be something in alternative health but not really mainstream for allopathic medicine.

      Here’s where I heard of fecal transplants, using an enema http://freakonomicsradio.com/the-power-of-poop.html

    • PHK

      i wonder why fecal transplant is not used often.

      apart from the gross factor, it’s much safer, beats than most other procedures people have to go through for obesity, IBS, etc.

      • It’s probably ignorance…people would much rather have a pill that masks their condition than to do something that would actually fix the problem.