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The LLVLC Show (Episode 475): Getting ‘Efficient Exercise’ From Personal Trainers Keith Norris And Skyler Tanner


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In Episode 475 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a super-sized yet fulfilling podcast to share with you that’ll fill your head up with some real news you can use to benefit your health. It’s a doubleheader episode today starting off with my half-hour discussion with Dreamfields President Mike Crowley about a February 2011 study published in Diabetes Care by low-carb diet researchers in Minnesota who found the blood sugar response to the popular “low-carb” Dreamfields pasta is nearly identical to the blood sugar response of those who consumed traditional white pasta. This startling revelation has rocked the low-carb community over the past few months and I wanted to give Dreamfields a chance to respond. Listen to Mike Crowley (along with my August 2009 podcast with him) tell his side of the story in this exclusive interview so you can decide for yourself whether Dreamfields pasta should be a part of your healthy low-carb lifestyle.

Then in today’s featured interview, we welcome the dynamic duo of Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner, two Austin, TX-based personal trainers who promote healthy Paleo nutrition to their clients at their Efficient Exercise training studios. These two men have a genuine passion for helping their clients attain the fitness and health results they are looking for and they share all about how they do that in today’s interview. They will be making a presentation at the upcoming Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA in August 2011 where I look forward to meeting them in person. And Keith grew up with former podcast interview guest Dr. Doug McGuff. Enjoy this engaging interview!

Listen to Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner talk about fitness:

  • Keith’s initial interest in fitness AND proper Paleo nutrition
  • How the busiest professionals can implement these principles
  • His “rambunctious” experience as an athletic kid inspired by Rocky
  • Why he “reads voraciously” to study the fitness field deeply
  • How wanting to dunk a basketball intrigued Skyler about fitness
  • His desire to bulk up in muscles in the gym at age 15
  • The training in the “super-slow” lifting method at the age of 17
  • How to get the general population more interested in fitness
  • What led Skyler and Keith to meet each other and join forces
  • How Keith “ditched the corporate world” to go full-time with fitness
  • Why the common approach to fitness considered “dogmatic”
  • How an n=1 approach is ideal for training people properly
  • Why they say “you can’t out-train a poor diet”
  • The role body fat plays in the kind of exercise that’s needed
  • How Austin, Texas is the fitness capital of the world
  • What the concept of Paleo should look like in modern society
  • Why picking the brains of like-minded people improves results
  • Whether there’s growth in good nutrition-minded personal training
  • Why they’re not purists when it comes to diet
  • A sneak peek of their lecture at The Ancestral Health Symposium
  • Why taking pharmaceutical drugs is like “putting Bondo on a dent!”
  • How bodybuilders did our culture a “great service” for healthy living
  • What to do for the apathetic exerciser who just wants to be “fit”
  • Why a “good” trainer so important for getting in shape
  • What are good questions to ask potential personal trainers
  • How a trainer’s blog is a pretty good “resume” for clients
  • Jimmy’s experience with a personal trainer a few years back
  • Why not everyone needs to eat following a workout
  • The reason why exercising in a fasted state is an important concept
  • How intermittent fasting (IF) is such an n=1 principle too
  • The reason why some people can have difficulty with IF
  • Why IF shouldn’t be forced but allowed to happen “naturally”
  • Why “listening to my body” is necessary with both diet and exercise
  • The “ebb and flow” of how you can feel in the day-to-day about exercising

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    How about what you heard from Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner regarding Paleo nutrition and fitness? Share about it in the show notes section of Episode 475. Check out Keith Norris’ “Theory To Practice” blog and Skyler Tanner’s blog to learn more about these men behind Efficient Exercise and be sure to check out their phenomenal YouTube videos. Coming up on Thursday, molecular biologist and researcher Dr. Art Ayers from the “Cooling Inflammation” blog will tell us more about his low-carbish Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle program. We’ll also hear from Danny Wyrwas at GetYourHealthTested.com to give you further background on why this fencing contractor became so interested in promoting better health through proper testing.

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