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The LLVLC Show (Episode 474): Nashville Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse Rocks The Low-Carb Message


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In Episode 474 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” you are in for a real low-carb treat today as I welcome an outspoken and brash Nashville, TN-based neurosurgeon named Dr. Jack Kruse to the podcast to talk about his extraordinary weight loss and health turnaround thanks to low-carb living to the max! What you’ll quickly learn about Dr. Kruse when you hear him speak about his experience with carbohydrate-restriction is he doesn’t pull any punches and simply speaks his mind in a non-politcally-correct manner about what he thinks about a wide variety of subjects related to the nutritional component to a healthy lifestyle. After watching him share so passionately about low-carb on his Facebook page for the past year or so, I just knew I had to book this guy for my podcast. Hold on to your hats, folks, this one’s gonna be one thrilled-packed roller coaster ride!

Listen to Dr. Jack Kruse share his intense passion for low-carb living:

  • How intense pain in his right knee woke him up to the truth about health
  • His strange introduction to low-carb through leptin and insulin research
  • Why osteoporosis is one of the biggest problems he sees in his practice
  • The one-year training he received in nutrition and hormones
  • Why doctors need to understand about carbohydrate metabolism
  • His 140-pound low-carb weight loss success in just 11 months
  • How he “completely transformed his practice” treating patients with low-carb
  • Why you must change your thoughts to change your body
  • Why taking care of ourselves and our family is of highest priority
  • How to influence doctors with the message of low-carb living
  • What motivates physicians to start making changes in their practice
  • Why patients can be intimidated to tell doctors about low-carb nutrition
  • How patients should approach their doctor about nutritional health
  • Why it takes 10-15 years for research to be implemented into practice
  • The direct impact patients can have on their patients if they’ll simply share
  • His dream book idea on insulin/leptin resistance on bone health
  • Why obese people are starting to have more problems with osteoporosis
  • The astronomical rise in colon cancer over the past 100 years
  • Why all you need is a mirror to know if you have leptin resistance
  • Why he thinks many of my podcast guests get into too much detail
  • How he lost most of his weight WITHOUT the need for exercise
  • The morphing of his diet from Paleo to Mediterranean to low-carb
  • Why he will “cut out all the junk” in the diet of his patients
  • How he fixes leptin sensitivity first, then “flips the switch”
  • Why he’s somewhat hesitant about putting a book out there
  • His concern with people who tie a book to selling products
  • How Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Mat Lalonde and others are getting it right
  • The main “beef” he has with nutritional info on Dr. Mehmet Oz
  • Why he was mad at Gary Taubes for his performance on The Dr. Oz Show
  • Why the Standard American (grain-based) Diet is the real problem
  • The time and place for people to eat fruit (and NOT eat fruit)
  • What influences his thinking regarding the most recent leptin research
  • The answer to obesity is happening at the hypothalamic level
  • His desire to have Gary Taubes speak more about leptin in his work

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    • Low Carb Dave

      Great interview! Very fascinating! I look forward to his book! remember when I was losing weight and not exercising? It really upset a lot of people. I wish I had this neurosurgeon’s testimony to back me up! I didn’t even have Gary Taubes to back me up!. I realise that so many conclusions I had were correct! Great Great Interview!

    • I’ve also lost weight without exercising. My road was/is: no sugars/gluten flours/alcohol/yeast/milk products (candida diet + elemination diet), resticted fruits (max 250grams=1/2 pound per day) and as little as possible of food additives. In 6 months I went from 161 lbs to 130 lbs (I’m 5’6.5″), without hunger or exercise. And I eat “when I’m hungry until I’m full”.
      My diet is paelo inspired, but I take a little rice/potato and legumes. I try to incorporate saturated fat + omega 3, and to restrict omega 6. And to make food from ingredients, not from packages “with ingredients”.

      And I’ve got Hashimoto’s…

      I’m now a strong believer in Real Food – and natural non processed fats.

    • We can all change the world if we allow ourselves to think we can. We must engage people first by not showing them how much we know, but how much we care about them . Once people know our essence they will see the message for what it is. If I could change as a neurosurgeon in a dogmatic profession……..anyone can if you allow yourself to think in a different manner than your former self. I am committed to be the change I seek in my life in my friends and families life and the lives of my patients and colleagues. Collectively our sum exceeds our parts. We can no longer settle for C’s and D’s when our health requires straight A’s. What Jimmy started here we all must have a hand in finishing. Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of me with you. Come visit me at http://www.jackkruse.com to improve our longevity together

    • Steven

      Dr. Kruse,
      Its great to hear your thoughts and sense your passion for changing the Conventional “Wisdom”. It is sad that many of our docs just dont listen and don’t want to change, but with your advice, we will try. Thanks for sharing with us! Keep up the fight!


      • It will change Steven……..but we need to build it. And this is just the beginning. There are a few more physicians out there that are likeminded. My job is going to be to help patients find them……promote their thinking and help the good doctors become great doctors with the patients becoming our yogi’s. Medicine today is losing its prestige not because of the usually reasons. Its because what treatments we offer just don’t add up to to the results we expect. Look at obesity for example. How many times is a patient told to eat healthy and go exercise as the medical advice sought in a fifteen minute visit. Patients want to know the WHY, not the how or what. Why should we try to be healthy and not sick is what they really want from us. Instead we treat their sickness and disease. We spend no time telling them what really is healthy and what is not. What the USDA and most dietitians, nutritionists, and physicians believe is healthy clearly is false because if it was true we would not have record obesity or type two diabetes correct? That incongruity is why MEDICINE tower of BABEL has crumbled from the 1950’s. Another example…….cholesterol and heart disease. Total epic failure. Medicine has been advocating the low fat approach since the 1950’s and developed statins to lower our LDLs to lowest levels you can fathom. In 1999, when Framingham’s data was release in the HEJM, guess what it said? It said those with the lowest cholesterol levels died the soonest and those with the highest levels lived the longest! Do not believe it……go read it for yourself. Today the number one killer in america is heart disease still. We are country who is told to eat plants take statins and exercise all day and people have done it and the death rate still climbs? WHY? Maybe we went in the wrong direction with our interpretation of the data? This is why medicine is broken. We allow RCT to think for us instead of critically looking at data and thinking.

        We need to tell people WHY these incongruencies exist. And then teach them how and what to do to stay that way. If we do that……..they will surely come. And they will come in droves. Medicine needs a “new optic”……..and I will seek to become the prism that shines that light. It will take time but if enough of you……out there want it……..you will get it. And Washington DC is not going to give it to you. That I am quite sure of.

    • Marielize

      Dear Dr Kruse, (Hi Jimmy!)

      I really enjoyed the interview here in NZ. With your specific background I was hoping you can help me with an aspect on hormones.

      Being in my late fourties and possibly peri-menopousal I have been doing some reading on the subject of estrogen.

      I have been paleo eating for three+ years and have gotten rid of any previous ailments also never been sick since.
      No joint pain, stopping colds in there tracks, no more migraines, even little things like earwax build up and yeast infections dissapeared.

      No doubt I’m a convert for life!

      Back on topic – I read all these “great” things about soy, estrogen and HRT.
      Now THIS is what I don’t get.
      I also read that animal fat is estrogenic and therefor BAD for me. My saturated fat intake is high and so far I’m cruising through this time of my life. I am wondering if saturated fat is one of those things that actually helps hormonally. Do you know of any research on this topic?