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The LLVLC Show (Episode 472): Dr. David Stewart Shares What Holistic Low-Carb Medicine Looks Like


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In Episode 472 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are thrilled to present an interview with a Virginia-based physician named Dr. David Stewart from Loudoun Holistic Health Partners to discuss how low-carbohydrate nutrition can be the basis for treating patients with a wide variety of health and weight problems in a natural, drug-free way–and many times much more effectively than the best pills the pharmaceutical industry could ever dream of concocting! After practicing medicine in the traditional sense early in his medical career, Dr. Stewart quickly discovered his patients weren’t getting better and that he needed to take a different approach. That’s what led him to holistic medicine and low-carb diets which have now become the centerpiece of the practice he and his wife Dr. Anne Stewart use with their patients today. In today’s interview, you’ll discover what drives this medical professional to do what’s in the best interest of his patients, not in lining his pockets with money. Be encouraged that low-carb doctors do indeed exist!

Listen to Dr. David Stewart share more about holistic low-carb medicine:

  • How holistic medicine changed his personal health for the better
  • His low-fat, high-carb diet that was pushed on him by his doctors
  • The carbon monoxide poisoning he had to diagnose on himself
  • How finding the low-carb lifestyle was “an eye-opening experience”
  • His early days of being a traditional medical doctor pushing pills
  • The initial skepticism he had about low-carb nutrition before using it
  • Why teaching patients about food is the best thing a doctor could do
  • What the “most viciously-defended dogma of the 21st Century” is
  • The dubious marketing tactics used by statin drug companies
  • How the pharmaceutical companies are adding ingredients to their drugs
  • Why he decided to write his book The Promise Diet
  • What made him a “sugar addict” when he was a kid without parental guidance
  • The “promise” he made to his wife and kids to not eat sugar and starch for six months
  • Who inspires him the most in his low-carb lifestyle recommendations
  • How Gary Taubes is “changing minds” in the medical profession
  • Why proper low-carb nutrition can help with fertility/women’s health
  • The nonsense that “whole grains are good for you” (political-economic recommendation)
  • Why our body doesn’t have an answer to many of the new “foods” we consume
  • His disappointment in President Obama failing to take food policy seriously
  • The coming bankruptcy in the health insurance industry
  • Why “scratching and clawing” in the low-carb community will make a difference
  • The “power of sugar addiction” that makes it so difficult to go low-carb
  • What the biggest obstacles are to low-carb acceptance
  • The reaction he gets from patients recommending butter, lard and coconut oil
  • Why “taking fat away from women is like taking water away from fish”
  • Why “you cannot eat nutritiously eating out” vs. eating at home
  • How people have become so conditioned to take a pill for everything
  • Why people don’t have a drug-deficiency, but a nutrient-deficiency
  • The drugs that do play a positive role in his patient’s lives
  • How hormone replacement has “revolutionized” medicine
  • How to get physicians to look at nutritional answers rather than drugs

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    • It’s wonderful to see doctors becoming involved in holistic health! We have been into holistic health for years, even the dog is holistic..I can’t wait to hear the show..
      Have a great weekend!

    • What an enlightened physician! I loved his comments on how addictive sugar actually is (people usually think I’m some sort of Low Carb Conspiracy Theorist when I go on & on about the evil that is sugar) plus how it’s virtually impossible to eat nutritionally if you don’t learn to cook. What a fascinating interview – thanks!

    • Where can one get the book, The Promise Diet? I found a web site by that name which appears to have nothing to do with Dr. Stewart. I can’t find such a book on Amazon.com

      • Visit his web site at the link above to find his book. Thanks Brian!