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The LLVLC Show (Episode 456): Gary Taubes Rebuts Dr. Oz, Ben Hewitt Says Real Food Saved A Vermont Town


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In Episode 456 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have another exciting double-header of podcasts to share with you today. Kicking off the show, we’ll have New York Times bestselling author Gary Taubes whose latest book Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It garnered him an appearance on the nationally-syndicated daytime television show The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, March 7, 2011. If you watched the program, then you know low-carb living and Gary were not put in a very positive light. So I wanted to give Gary a chance to spill the beans on the real deal of what happened behind-the-scenes of this appearance in an exclusive interview on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” If you watched that show and had questions about why Gary said or didn’t say something you wished he had, then you need to listen to this interview!

Listen to my exclusive post-Oz Show interview to hear Gary Taubes share:

  • How he got the appearance on The Dr. Oz Show radio and TV program
  • The positive experience of his appearance on Dr. Oz’ radio show
  • His concern that they would try to make him look like Dr. Atkins redux
  • The absurdity of the “24-hour low-carb diet” that Dr. Oz went on
  • Why he refused to take the cholesterol test on the air
  • What The Dr. Oz Show producers were doing with the cholesterol test
  • His cholesterol numbers when he had them run around 2005
  • How he explained about LDL particle size, but they edited that out of the show
  • The concerns he has with a single measurement of LDL cholesterol
  • How he felt the producers set him up on the show

    (You can watch my interview with Gary Taubes that includes images from the television show on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

    In the main interview today, we hear from Ben Hewitt who has written a fantastically inspiring book about real, local food living called The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food detailing the transformation of a Northern Vermont town thanks to the infusion of the local food movement. If you want to see the financial power of how local food can improve a community, then you have got to hear what Ben has to say!

    Listen to Ben Hewitt share about the unique role local food played in Harwick, VT:

  • Why he got interested in local food and Hardwick
  • The influence of Michael Pollan and Food, Inc.
  • The history of the economy of Hardwick and how it all changed
  • His solar-powered home as a commitment to the cause
  • Why it’s so important local food should be made available and affordable
  • The circular agriculture that happens in a local food system
  • The wastefulness of food in America
  • Why someone shouldn’t eat a banana if they’re not native to their local area
  • His blueberry crop on his farm
  • Whether he would change anything about his sustainability model
  • What his young sons think about local farming
  • Why he doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter page
  • How and why they eat like a “caveman” as a family
  • Why he thinks the low-fat, high-carb diet is a “travesty” in America
  • The influence of The Weston A. Price Foundation and real food leaders

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    How’d you like what you heard from Gary Taubes responding to his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show and Ben Hewitt sharing about the local food movement where he lives in Northern Vermont? Tell us your opinions in the show notes section of Episode 456. Watch Gary Taubes on The Dr. Oz Show on March 7, 2011, watch the interview with clips from the TV show at YouTube in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, pick up a copy of Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It, and visit the official web site for Gary Taubes. And if you liked Ben Hewitt, then you’ll want to get your own copy of The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food. Next week we’ll have triathlete and nutrition/fitness podcaster Ben Greenfield on Monday followed by low-carb researcher and exercise science professor Dr. Richard Wood on Thursday.

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    • “What we tend to forget… is that the world is full of overweight and obese people who have been eating exactly as [Dr. Oz] describes. And to those people when they hear that they’re not fat [because], it’s not a question of willpower, it’s not a question of the fact that they’re not exercising enough, it’s not that they can’t merely eat a hundred calories a day less than what they’re being told, but that this is a problem with their fat tissue, they respond.”

      You are talking to all of us (isn’t the internet a beautiful thing?) and myself for one was pissed when I read Good Calories, Bad Calories. That’s probably an understatement. My dad was a Marine, and he taught me that whatever I do in life, that I never lie. You can imagine how I feel about lying. It never really occurred to me that researchers would lie about their results, or that doctors might ignore results to the detriment (and even lives) of their patients. I guess I imagined that other people would catch them in their lies, but that didn’t really happen until you did.

      I also want to thank you, above and beyond the whole GCBC thing and the fact that I’ve lost a lot of weight. In your last interview with Jimmy, you mentioned that you eat coconut butter for anxiety. My husband has had issues with anxiety for a long time, and we bought him coconut butter to eat from a health food store, and his general mood has improved greatly. I also started eating about a tablespoon of devon cream butter a day (I don’t like coconut, and the butter has as much saturated fat as the coconut butter), and everyone tells me that I seem much happier. Anecdotal I know, but if researchers can use epidemiological studies to “prove” correlations, I can use anecdotes. 😀

    • I would say: It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Gary was framed, but also made some terrible mistakes. Next time it will go better.

      • I’m curious Hans: what were the “terrible mistakes” that Gary made?

        • I find Gary mentioned quite some “terrible” mistakes himself during your show and I’m sure he will not make these mistakes again. The most “terrible” mistake was perhaps that Gary was so eager to get (his cause) this kind of exposure that he tolerated too much and gave (without knowing the end product) the end control to the editors of the show. Furthermore I find that (without struggle) the accent of the low carb diet came too much on processed meats like sausages and bacon. Based on this, Dr. Oz could make a valid point by emphasizing that these processed meats are not healthy. Understand me well Jimmy, I’m not going back on Gary, but your favorite team can also loose a match occasionally. I’m sure this will only make Gary stronger.

          • I don’t think Gary “tolerated” anything…his answers where he explained stuff were all cut short. Had he challenged Oz even more, that would have been edited out as well. As Gary said, it was an unlevel playing field and he did what he could to get the message across. Interest and curiosity in low-carb has INCREASED because of this appearance…my blog is still getting a LOT of new people coming to it because of that appearance. And now we have an opportunity to educate people more on the REAL benefits of low-carb. That to me is a VERY good thing.

            • OK Jimmy, of course I love it when a lot of new people are coming to your blog and learn. On the other hand, due to the way it went, this television performance did not bring the results (like book sales) within “The land of Oz” Gary had hoped (and worked) for.

              • Maybe not as many book sales, but there was still an increase. That’s a net positive result IMHO. 🙂

    • Brenda

      I saw the Dr. Oz show (thanks to your post by the way, cause we don’t watch American TV in Switzerland ;)) and of course, I agree with your post Jimmy.
      That day the show made a simple non scientific caricature of the low carb diet.
      As we know, eating low carb is not reduced to pork skin, meat and cheese all day long…

      Gary Taubes was brave enough, the gentleman knows what he knows. Wow.

      Hopefully Gary’s theory ringed the bell on some people’s heads despite Dr.Oz position (He said he is THE doctor, not Gary, so…who’s right?. Whatever.).

      So thanks again for this new interview, I am sure some people who watched the TV show that day got curious about the low carb diet and want to learn more, if they google they will find the truth on this blog 🙂

      • And they are finding my blog, Brenda! Dr. Oz may have wanted it to be a negative, but the net result I believe will be a HUGE positive.