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The LLVLC Show (Episode 450): Paleo Nutrition Counseling In ‘Balanced Bites’ From Diane Sanfilippo


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Paleo is making a big splash this week during my special “Paleo Extravaganza Week.” In fact, just last night there was a feature story on ABC’s “Nightline” on the Paleo movement with people like Robb Wolf and Art De Vany sharing what it means to implement the Paleo lifestyle change nutritionally and physically. WAY COOL exposure for this subset of low-carb living that I sense will only continue to grow and grow in the years to come. Earlier this week we already heard from Paleo triathlete Mark Pomery and Paleo diet researcher and bestselling author Dr. Loren Cordain and later this week we’ll have interviews with 70-something Paleo legend Art De Vany and Paleo fungus expert Monica Hughes. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from these top Paleolithic experts this week!

In Episode 450 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a delightful and articulate Paleo nutrition coach named Diane Sanfilippo from “Balanced Bites” who shares her own personal journey down the Paleolithic path which she is now passing along to her clients who stand to benefit in their own health eating this way. I’m so happy to have somebody like Diane out there to give people practical advice and wisdom living Paleo/low-carb in the real world. As you listen to her in today’s interview you’ll quickly discover why people are drawn to the incredible work she is doing.

Listen to Diane Sanfilippo discuss why she’s so passionate about Paleo:

  • How working with a personal trainer got her into eating fat
  • The “undiagnosed hypoglycemia” that she lived with for years
  • Robb Wolf’s influence on her nutritional thinking
  • Why a “healthier” whole foods diet tends to be lower in carbohydrates
  • The lunacy of how people respond to putting labels on a menu plan
  • Why she doesn’t hold a purist attitude about food except for gluten
  • How she’s overcome her addiction to sugar
  • Her 21 Day Sugar Detox e-book
  • Why preparation for hunger is a key to being successful
  • Her Practical Paleo Guide e-book
  • The education she’s received and is passing along to her clients and readers
  • Where she came up with the name “Balanced Bites” for her blog
  • What she does with stress to help her clients improve their health
  • How stress can undo all the best dietary changes you make

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    • I’d quibble a bit with your characterization of paleo as a “subset of low-carb living.” It’s very likely to be lower carb than the standard American diet, but since most paleo diets incorporate fruits and veggies (including starchy ones), it isn’t necessarily a low-carb diet.

      • I suppose it depends who you talk to. Most Paleo peeps I know are indeed low-carb. Diane thinks so.

        • Here’s one who isn’t: Melissa McEwen. I’ve made the argument that there are variants of paleo in the same way there are in vegetarianism. Perhaps carb intake is one of those; dairy intake clearly is.

          • Yes, I know. I interviewed Melissa previously. That’s why I acknowledged there are different camps on this.

            • Ah, I misread your original reply … thought you were implying it was unusual. And since you interviewed Kurt Harris, you know that he thinks that macronutrient ratio is far less important than avoiding what he calls the neolithic agents of disease (excess fructose, wheat, and excess linoleic acid/omega 6).

              • It’s cool. Harris, McEwen, Richard Nikoley and others all eat higher-carb Paleo.

    • PHK

      she sounds very balanced & level headed lady. i really like what she said about the choices & stress. thanks.

      • I really love the work Diane is doing! 🙂