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The LLVLC Show (Episode 435): Pam Killeen Explains About ‘Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic’


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In Episode 435 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from nutrition researcher Pam Killeen who has authored a fantastic new book entitled Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic which chronicles all of the common sense answers to what she claims is “our #1 health problem.” Listen to Pam Killeen talk about how she set out to see if modern society is more addicted now more than ever before, how she overcame a variety of health complications (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities) in her own life to become interested in studying nutrition to help others, how discovering the importance of consuming animal foods improved her health immediately, why sugar seems to get a free pass when it comes to addictions, how the combination of sugar and caffeine is ruining the health of the Western world, why sugar can be a gateway to other addictions, why consuming meat can never be an addiction as Dr. Neal Barnard claims, why a plant-based diet is being pushed on us (and it’s not about our health!), why we started choosing wheat over meat, how to turn around the tide of a high-carb diet being marketed as healthy, how her raw food vegan experience helped her have a better perspective and appreciation for animal foods, the vegans who have been liberated as a result of her work, what the worst part of a vegan diet is, why the rise in fertility clinics is a sign of the low-fat lie, how food manufacturers deceive the public into thinking they are eating healthy, how to scientifically and historically know if a diet is healthy or not, why good science needs to be married with common sense, why cheap food only leads to expensive health care, whether you can get addiction to consuming saturated fat, the importance of getting enough Vitamin D, what things people can do to lessen the impact of succumbing to addictions, why it’s important to stop doing aerobic exercise when you first try to heal from an addiction (taking it easy on your adrenal glands), whether there is something that is making us more prone to developing addictions in modern times compared with in the past, the serious problem with prescription drug addiction, the addiction of kids who play violent video games, whether the Internet can become an addiction, and whether there is anything being done to prevent addiction. What an eye-opening interview that is a must-listen for anyone who thinks they aren’t addicted to anything!

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What did you think about what Pam Killeen shared about addiction in today’s interview? Sound off about it in the show notes section of Episode 435. Pick up your own copy of her book Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic and check out Pam Killeen’s official web site to keep up with the great work she is doing. Coming up Monday, we’ll hear from an enthusiastic anti-low-carb blogger who calls herself CarbSane to talk about why she thinks bestselling author Gary Taubes is a fraud and that the low-carb diet is not the whole story. Take a listen for yourself and decide whether she has a point or not. Then on Thursday, we’ll have a low-carb psychiatrist named Dr. Ann Childers here to discuss the mental health problems that are associated with consuming excessive carbohydrates and how low-carb helps to cure these issues. It’ll be quite a week of low-carb podcasting served up with a side of asparagus just for you!

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  • Vinay Gopinath


    I am around 10 Kgs overweight. I am from India and i am a Vegitarian. In almost all Indian foods, carbohydrates are in greater proportion as the staple vegitarian food is Rice and wheat. Aitkin’s diet suits majorly for Non-vegitarians. Can you please suggest me any Indian vegitarian food to follow this diet.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Vinay G

    • Stick with vegetarian sources or protein and non-starchy veggies and you should be fine. Also, check out The New Atkins For A New You book which has a vegetarian Atkins diet you can follow.