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The LLVLC Show (Episode 432): ‘Encore Week’ 2011 Interview With Dr. Kurt Harris


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We’re almost finished with “Encore Week” 2011 highlighting all of the best of the best podcast guests from 2010 as voted on by YOU the listeners. We’ve heard from Dr. Robert Lustig, Denise Minger and Chris Masterjohn already, but today we hear from a guest who’s been MIA for the past eight months and he’s here to explain his absence. In Episode 432 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back Dr. Kurt Harris from the “PaNu” blog whose last post was in July 2010 and so many people have been wondering what the heck happened to him and his blog. He’s here to share all about it and to answer so many of your insightful questions about nutrition and health. If you heard my January 2010 interview with Dr. Harris, then you already know you’re in for a real treat!

Listen to Dr. Kurt Harris share about his transitionary period into early retirement that has led to his absence from the blog, the growth of his blog that has happened since he stopped blogging months ago, his disdain for the “caveman” imagery promoting the Paleo diet and why taking Paleo too literally is foolish, how he helped me get off of diet soda and the results of coming off of them, the changes he has made in his list of the PaNu principles, why he thinks his principles should be changed more often and never set in stone, his disdain for keeping up with macronutrient ratios and calorie intake, why excess fructose, excess linoleic acid, and excess wheat are the worst perpetrators of bad health, whether someone with a broken metabolism can ever restore it to normal function again, the public example of Paleo on Richard Nikoley, what the physiological reason for a weight loss stall is, why most overweight people who think they have thyroid problems actually don’t, why measuring your body temperature to determine thyroid function is worthless, his response to Matt Stone and where he agrees with him about low-carb diets, the problem with diagnosing someone with a thyroid disorder, why he thinks candida is nonsensical, the hype of prebiotics and probiotics, his thoughts on inulin and whether is prevents or causes cancer (future blog post to come), what lab tests should be monitored for everyday health, why cholesterol testing is “worse than useless,” the lunacy of worrying about your HDL and LDL numbers, the positive effect of taking statins if you’ve already had a heart attack, why lipoprotein(a) isn’t all that important, what is most important when it comes to reading diet comparison studies, where he disagrees with the philosophy of Gary Taubes on insulin, his frustration with secondary and tertiary sources being cited rather than first-hand ones, why he’s veering away from a discussion blog to one that will eliminate comments, whether there is any benefit to carb-cycling, what he thinks about whey protein shakes, why he thinks “Paleo” in the context of his blog should be considered “old,” what kind of bacon he eats, which supplements should be taken when you can’t consume quality foods, why grain-fed beef is not necessarily bad for you, what supplements should be avoided, what oils are best and why he thinks olive oil is a “fad,” the secret to the success of the Mediterranean diet, whether you can start to become more sensitive to foods the longer you consume them, why monitoring every part of your health does more harm mentally than good, and whether he has a book about the PaNu concept forthcoming and what he’d prefer to write about instead. He’s been gone for a long time, but it was so good to have Dr. Kurt Harris back to his old self again!

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How about that Dr. Kurt Harris? Wasn’t it good to hear from him again…and to see he’s blogging for the first time in a long time? Tell me what you thought about what you heard in the show notes section of Episode 432. Visit his “PaNu” blog and listen to my January 2010 interview with Dr. Harris to hear the first and only time we’ve had to bleep a podcast interview guest for saying wordy dird! There’s just one more interview left for this “Encore Week” 2011 and it’s a goodie: Robb Wolf. This will end this special week of the best of the best from 2010 with a bang!

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  • Peter Silverman

    It’s interesting that none of these four guests are fiercely low carb: Kurt eats 20% carbs, Chris likes his beer and mashed potatoes, Denise likes her bananas, mangoes, and watermelon, and Robert likes his whole grains.

    • And thus the beauty of my show, Peter! You get to hear from people of all diet types and make up your mind for yourself. 🙂

  • Peter Silverman

    My own view is the most important carbs to eat are the Ginger Snaps from Trader Joe’s.

    • LOL! Well, if your body can tolerate them without long-term adverse effects, then GO FOR IT, Peter!

  • Thanks for asking Dr Harris my question Jimmy. I like how Dr Harris clearly separates the important aspects of a paleo approach, from the “quit worrying about it because it doesn’t matter” aspects. For example, you aren’t always eating grass fed meat, no big deal, just take a little fish oil.

    • My pleasure Josh! He is one of my most entertaining guests for his “f*** it” attitude. LOL!

  • PHK

    Dr. Harris is so unapologetic! wonderful.