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The LLVLC Show (Episode 417): Splendid Low-Carbing In The Kitchen With Jennifer Eloff


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In Episode 417 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome Jennifer Eloff from the “Splendid Low-Carbing” blog who has penned a series of low-carb cookbooks using Splenda as the sweetener, including the bestselling Splendid Low-Carbing: A Complete Guide For Low-Carb Living. You’re gonna love Jennifer because she is such a delightful part of the low-carb community and we’re very appreciative of all that she has done to spread the low-carb message around the world. Listen to Jennifer talk about her journey to South Africa that is reminiscent of “Pandora” like in the movie Avatar, her former love for sugary desserts and beverages until her husband developed reactive hypoglycemia, how she found Splenda while living in Canada where it was released eight years prior to approval in the United States and felt inspired to write a cookbook using it in recipes, how she neglected to remove the white flour from her original cookbooks when she was following the nutritional guidelines in Canada and got the approval of the Splenda company (they dropped their endorsement when she switched to low-carb), how the Atkins diet changed her philosophy on diet and health, the bestselling success of her Splendid Low-Carbing book, the details about her new book coming in 2011, her son’s book detailing the story of her family, why she chooses to use Splenda in her recipes when there’s controversy about it as a sweetener, why there has been scaremongering about Splenda ever since it was approved as a sweetener in the U.S., why manufacturers use maltodextrin as a bulking agent and why low-carbers need to be careful about consuming it, how combining sucralose with erythritol mimics the taste of sugar, what she thinks about using stevia and the problems she has with it (Type 1 diabetics can get hypoglycemia using it), what her ultimate contribution to the low-carb community is, and the bake mixes she enjoys using in her recipes.

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How did you like what you heard from Jennifer Eloff? Share your response to it in the show notes section of Episode 417. Visit Jennifer’s blog and pick up your own copy of her entire series of low-carb cookbooks. Coming up on Thursday, nutrition and fitness expert Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton will share her diet and fitness philosophy about how to attain optimal health.

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  • Andy

    I always like your podcasts but this one was less interesting because of her obviously canned answers.

    • THANKS for the feedback, Andy! I think Jennifer was nervous, so I’ll cut her some slack for that. :) I’ve been told my show is intimidating to some people who come on. But I always work hard to relax my guests.

  • Roberta

    I loved this interview! Jennifer has spent so many years helping people with her ground-breaking recipes, and though we often get to see those recipes and her pictures in her blog or on forums etc. we have never been able to put a voice to them. Thanks Jimmy for a really enjoyable chatty ground-breaking interview!! You got the scoop. Andy, considering that Jennifer has 18 years of history doing such innovative things, and with obvious success, it is perfectly natural for Jimmy to get her to talk about her history, both professionally and personally, and yes, that history is canned, so what? It’s not like she can go back and change all of that to come up with something shocking out of the blue, so I’m really not sure what you would expect. She knows it well, Jimmy knows only some of it, and we listeners knew much less. Now we know a lot about her, her past, her books, her successes and even her plans for the future. I took away some really useful information from this interview. Considering that Jimmy was interviewing by far the largest and longest running consumer of Splenda on earth, the obvious question to ask was, did it hurt her family? Her answers on that were logical, comprehensive and very reassuring – especially in the face of so much nonsense on that subject by people with very little practical life-experience in that regard. On a personal level, how did she get started? Her answer on that was inspiring, now even I can dream of writing a cookbook. Where does she live? Totally fascinating information! I can see why her son wrote the novels he did, which by the way has had me riveted to my seat in front of my computer. Why did she switch from writing conventional diabetic (ADA guidelines) cookbooks? Her answer was predictable only for us avid low carbers, and very informative and thought provoking for any diabetic.

    I’m so glad you did this interview Jimmy. We do need to lift up all the people who work so hard in the low carb community, so that they stand shoulder to shoulder united against all our misguided and misinformed opposition. You do a wonderful job of that Jimmy, keep it up.

  • Jan B.

    I enoyed this interview, not only was Jennifer very informative on the subject of Splenda, low carbing and diabetics but it was very interesting to hear background information on her and her family. It was a great interview all around and I wish Jennifer much success in the future.