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The LLVLC Show (Episode 1163): Jimmy Moore – Not Just Another F-Word: My Experiments With Fasting


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In Episode 1163 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have some awesome audio to share with you from a lecture given by our host and international bestselling author, blogger, and health podcaster Jimmy Moore today. Our host Jimmy Moore just returned from his incredible trip to Australia for the third time since 2012. While he was there, Jimmy shared 12 lectures in 14 days with lots of information about ketogenic diets, Paleo, and healthy living. But he also provided an exciting new lecture entitled “Not Just Another F-Word: My Experiences With Fasting” sharing all about his conversion from a fast foe into a bona fide fasting fanatic! Today’s lecture was recorded in Brisbane, Australia in September 2016 at the Low Carb Down Under event there. It details all of the N=1 experiments Jimmy has participated in that culminates in a series of longer fasts which he shares fully about in this talk you will hear on the podcast today. And don’t miss Jimmy’s brand new book with Dr. Jason Fung on this subject coming October 18, 2016 entitled The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting.

“The key to making intermittent fasting work for 18-24 hours between meals is going full-on ketogenic.” — Jimmy Moore



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NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

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What did you think about what Jimmy Moore had to share in his lecture about his experiments with fasting? Tell us your thoughts about it in the show notes section of Episode 1163. Pick up your own copy of Jimmy and Dr. Jason Fung’s new book The Complete Guide to Fasting. Coming up on Wednesday, my long-awaited interview with NIH researcher Dr. Kevin Hall regarding his study partially funded by NuSI that claims he insulin theory of obesity is bogus. You WON’T want to miss that!

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  • Martin

    Why is going ketogenic not enough? Why does one need fasting on top of it?

    And what benefits/results will fasting provide that a ketogenic diet will fail to deliver?

    Could it be that the only benefit of fasting is that for some people it will provide the only possible way to restrict calories?

    Some people will eat a LCHF meal and will be satiated for a long time, and the others will crave more and more of the fatty foods. Eventually they will heavily overeat… For them fasting might be the only way to restrict the caloric input. It will work but it’s just another hack.

    • LLVLCBlog

      Great question…and we address all of these in our book. In short, some people with insulin resistance see an added benefit to adding in fasting. THANKS for writing!

    • deb


      • deb

        Insulin levels do not get to baseline in the obese with keto. Any eating results in the obese having a hyper insulin response. Fasting is the only thing that reduces insulin levels in the obese. Obese react like normals do to IF but need 42hrs to reach fasted state instead of 24hrs. Ketones mean fat adapted and it is not a bad state to be in. But when I stop eating keto and fast for 5 days my ketones drop as I fast through day1-2 then skyrocket to a higher level by day 4. Keto is great but it is not fasting, especially in the obese and diabetic.

  • deb

    I have been fasting from 2-7 days this year, breaking each fast with a single very large keto meal, and have lost 70lbs. I am like you Jimmy, oversize and obese all my life, extremely insulin resistant and low carb high fat this last decade which lost me some weight but not all. Dr Fung’s Obesity videos are what did it for me. The increase in muscle mass in legs and arms is to be expected when you consider the increase in growth hormone after day 3/4. You should get the obesity videos on here Jimmy (maybe you have already?). Best of luck Jimmy. Are you going to ratchet your weight down now with these longer fasts? That is my plan. See how lean I can get. I pre-ordered your new book already so looking forward to it.

    • LLVLCBlog

      Weight is one consideration with these fasts, but the health gains are more valuable in my opinion.

      • deb

        I told myself that, maintaining my obesity for a decade on low carb and then keto! Nothing shifted the weight. Sure I felt OK and my pre-diabetes was under control. Eat the fat and all that is healthy for obese. Then like a miracle (thanks Dr Fung!) I saw those graphs of insulin levels dropping over fasting and I realised as long as I ate once a day I was keeping my insulin levels too high, because I was obese and insulin resistant my whole life and too tall and a very big person since childhood. So I, like you, am a classic case of insulin resistance, where insulin levels going too high after food and staying there for way to long, even when not eating carbs. There was just not enough time in a day for insulin levels to drop in me, this is the same for all obese and worse for those who have been insulin resistant for longer. I checked some of Dr Fung’s references and there are graphs showing this drop in insulin levels in the obese. Butter Bob Briggs has also mentioned them. It needs like 42hrs+ after eating for insulin levels to drop in the obese and there is a further drop when fasting for 4 days. Any time spent longer than 4 days fasting will keep insulin levels low but they will never get as low as in a normal person, even fasting for 1 month. So it is more important in my opinion to stop insulin levels getting high again than it is to do single longer fasts for 20 days+. Going back eating once or twice a day (even keto) after fasting puts the water weight straight back on, especially if you do not restrict and eat to satiety (I do not believe in calorie restriction, I did all the low fat diets and they just made me fatter in the long run). High insulin=water weight among other things. So you can see a giant woosh of water gain if eating a big meal. Just don’t eat so often and give the insulin chance to lower and the water chance to disipate. The way I solved it to lose 70lbs since Feb 2016 and be the lowest weight now I have bee in my adult life (obese and large size all my life and is my mother) is to eat one large multi course keto meal every 2-7 days, no snacks. None. I started on bone broth but just didn’t fancy it after a few weeks on this protocol. It takes 42hrs for insulin to drop after eating so if you never eat sooner than 48hrs you are in theory reaching the fasted state and spending time with slightly lowered insulin levels which makes the fat available (energised!) and reverses your insulin resistance over time, just as Dr Fung argues in his book. The weight loss has been incredible. I am now average size (although obviously still very tall and large build) and over time seem to be getting leaner, not much more weight lost but my new jeans are getting loose. I set my mother on this plan. She eats one large keto meal every 2-3 days. She was diabetic, on insulin. Now she has mostly normal blood sugars (sometimes in the morning after she ate she is in the pre-diabetic range) and is no longer on any medication after 3 months of eating this way. She has also been obese all her life and the weight is dropping too. But more important is her diabetes health and that is improving. Check out Fed or Fasted vid by Butter Bob Briggs. He is right. But we con ourselves thinking we are fasted after 24hrs. We aren’t. The obese aren’t. Check the graphs. 42hrs+ and an obese person has finally made it into the fasted state with insulin back below baseline. Check it. Do it. You will lose body fat. Chart your insulin levels, see what I mean. You have helped so many people and are in such a better place than you were. I have followed you years. I went keto when you went keto. But this insulin dropping over time is the missing piece of the puzzle. I cannot believe after all these years I have finally lost significant amounts of weight. My knees shrunk. My neck shrunk. I am normal size. Really weird. Eat every 48hrs at least. Just give time for the insulin levels to lower. We react like normals doing IF, it just takes longer to reach the fasted state. Love you Jimmy. I pray you can get those insulin graphs and see what I mean. Blessings, Deb. x

  • Aristotle

    Awesome…. Hi Jimmy, Will you please recommend a low carb komboucha? Thanks 🙂

    • LLVLCBlog

      Find the ones with the lowest sugar or make your own. Definitely under 10g sugar on the label is best.

      • Aristotle

        Of course you pointed me to the 2 gram sugar a couple of years ago and that stuff is delicious. Does the body not recognize all of that sugar? Does it affect blood sugar and ketosis? If so may I ask why even bother with komboutcha? Thank you….

        • LLVLCBlog

          Kombucha is a different beast with the sugar…some of it is being consumed by the bacteria. Test your BG and ketones to see. I have with no issues. Kombucha has AMAZING health benefits to your gut. If you don’t want those benefits, then don’t drink it. 🙂

          • Aristotle

            Thanks… I may do a little N of 1 with that and also alpaca urine 🙂
            Best regards…

          • Aristotle

            Thanks Jimmy. I am going to give it a good try. Hope you have a happy holidays.

      • deb

        Do you make your own Jimmy? We make our own kefir from water kefir grains we bought on ebay. 2 litre plastic pop bottle, 20g of sugar top up with water and 2 lemons and a lime and depending on the temperature it is completely dry (no sugar taste) and fizzy in a few days. Can sweeten after with stevia but I got the taste now so don’t tend to bother.

  • Sharon

    In the past when I fasted, I would lose lots of hair. I would like to do some fasting again but my hair has all grown in and nice and long again. Is there anything I can do do prevent the hair loss?

    • LLVLCBlog

      Hair loss has many reasons. Ask your doctor about it. Could be some supplements or minimal nutrition can help.

      • Sharon

        I don’t have a doctor. My husband had a dozen of them who all said he’d be dead in two weeks and that was 5 years ago. So I brought him home and with minerals, juicing and raw milk, he slowly got better. My hair is good except when I fast, it comes out so I was looking for ideas. Are you saying that it is not a common thing for fasters to lose hair? I thought maybe it was from lack of protein or ? Anyway, I’ll read up on it and see what I can find. Thanks again!

        • deb

          Good luck with it. Shorter water fasts 1-7 days should not result in hair loss because growth hormone surges, especially after day 3. I found my nails grow quickly if I fast for 5 days. Haven’t noticed a difference with my hair.

          • Sharon

            Thanks, deb! That’s what I was hoping to learn. Coincidentally, I was just reading about the HGH this morning as it pertains to fasting. Excellent.

      • Sharon

        Ah, I found a medical name for it: Telogen Effluvium. Reported to be common with water fasts that go longer than 2 weeks.

    • deb

      For my mother it was the opposite… T2 diabetic with sky high insulin and she was losing her hair. She started fasting for 48hrs and over months her hair has got thicker.