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The LLVLC Show (Episode 1129): John Moody Protecting Real Food Rights Of Farmers And Consumers


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In Episode 1129 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to have farmer, author, speaker, and Executive Director at the nonprofit consumer and farmer’s rights organization called the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund John Moody as our guest today. The food freedom movement has gained some major momentum in recent years as the war on farmers and consumer access to real food has intensified. That’s where non-profit food advocacy groups like Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund have been so critical in educating, supporting, and defending the right to real food access for all. John Moody, a Louisville, Kentucky-based farmer, author, speaker, and Executive Director for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, has been an enthusiastic supporter of real food since it helped him restore his failing health due to allergies, constant ailments, duodenal ulcers, and dental decay. It was that journey has led him to become active in helping product the rights of people to get the real food they need to heal, too.

“The FDA has said in writing that there is no fundamental right to what you feed your children or to choose the foods you access. It just kills me that we have these government agencies who are so bold in asserting their absolute control over the minutia of everybody’s lives. I hope to give them a good run for their money on that.” — John Moody

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund was launched on July 4, 2007 and is a non-profit organization recognized under the Internal Revenue Code as a Section 501(c)(4) organization. This group was created to protect the rights of farmers and consumers to engage in direct commerce; it protects the rights of farmers to sell the products of the farm and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice. They are a true grassroots organization and receive no government funding and little or no corporate funding. The primary source of revenue is from the membership fees collected, donations and grants. Become a member of the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund by CLICKING HERE.

Listen in as John and I have an in-depth conversation about why the FDA thinks that we have no fundamental right to choose the food we can eat, why small farmers face such needless regulations, the government’s all-out war on small farms, and more! Whether you are already on board with the real food message or not, we can and should rally around organizations like the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund who are standing on the frontline of the battle over what we feed our families and ourselves.


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NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

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What did you think about what you heard from John Moody about his organization helping farmers and consumers maintain access to real food? Share your thoughts about it in the show notes section of Episode 1129. Connect with John and join the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund at FarmToConsumer.org. Coming up on Tuesday, we’ll have a former MMA fighter and ketogenic athlete named Kyle Kingsbury sharing his journey to healthy nutrition. Finally on Wednesday, we have a very special treat for you as actress and health advocate Suzanne Somers will be here sharing concepts from her latest book TOX-SICK.

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