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The LLVLC Show (Episode 1089): Michael Graziano Says Hunger Isn’t About Blood Sugar But A State Of Mind


In Episode 1089 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have an intriguing chat with neuroscientist and author Michael Graziano as our guest today. Today we have an interview for you that goes a bit deeper into the psychology behind hunger and weight loss. What if it has little to nothing to do with blood sugar, insulin, or a gurgling in your stomach and is all in your head? This is the hypothesis of a Professor of Neuroscience at Princeton University in New Jersey named Michael Graziano who wrote a thought-provoking column for Aeon called The hunger mood that caught my attention. He concludes that losing weight and capturing control of hunger and cravings has little to do with anything except your state of mind, your mood, and that we’re all at least a little hungry all the time. Michael wrote a book in 2013 about his general thinking on this subject entitled Consciousness and the Social Brain. Although the book itself doesn’t specifically address hunger and weight loss, Michael and I dive deeply into this fascinating subject that might run counter to what you’ve always believed about how the body and brain works. This is one fascinating discussion you don’t want to miss!

“There’s this constant machinery churning in the background when you’re just a little bit hungry below the surface of awareness where you eat a little more. Hunger has this immense effect on how much we eat.” — Michael Graziano


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What did you think about what you heard from Michael Graziano and his theory that hunger is a state of mind? Give us your feedback about this in the show notes section of Episode 1089. Pick up your own copy of Consciousness and the Social Brain and connect with Michael at his Princeton neuroscience lab page. Coming up next week, we’ll have the founders of the annual Paleo f(x) conference Keith & Michelle Norris with us sharing about this year’s event coming in late May on Monday, a recent talk I gave in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, and the talk Dr. Ron Rosedale gave right after mine in Boulder on Wednesday. Should be a fun week of podcasts!

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