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The LLVLC Show (Episode 1072): Dave Korsunsky Lets Patients Track Their Health At HeadsUpHealth.com


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In Episode 1072 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome health enthusiast and software developer Dave Korsunsky and a special appearance by chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Justin Marchegiani as our interview guests today. With the all the advancements in software and app technology now that computers and smartphones have become so pervasive into our daily lives, it’s now become possible for patients to begin tracking their own health markers at home to see their progress over time. For a ketogenic Paleo health enthusiast and software developer named Dave Korsunsky, he understood this desperate need and sought to fulfill it with a project that is now available for FREE to anyone who wants to try it at HeadsUpHealth.com (an app is under development set to release in a few months). I recently interviewed Dave in person on my Periscope channel when Dave was in South Carolina for business and it was a great conversation looking at this technology up close and personal (watch the full JimmyScopes episode below).

“One of the hardest parts of beginning keto for the first time was figuring out what my breakdown of the macronutrients was. You can track that information with software quite easily now.” — Dave Korsunsky


“Your triglycerides should never be more than two times as much as your HDL. If not, then you’re probably eating too many carbs.” — Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Listen in as Dave and I discuss how his own health concerns led him to create this, why the medical records aren’t generally widely available to patients, all the markers he wanted to keep track of and how his program does this, how the data can be input wirelessly or manually, whether the data from an Apple Watch can be integrated into the program, why he started with a website rather than an app, the graphs that are created using the data you input, how you can overlay the graphs to see trends, how the information from Quest Diagnostics gets input into this program automatically, how the Affordable Care Act enables patients to have access to their own medical health records, what the major roadblock is for patients actually using software like this, you can contact Dave directly at Dave@HeadsUpHealth.com, and when the mobile app will be available for use. After the Periscope interview with Dave, we headed back into the recording studio where Dave and I were joined by our mutual friend, chiropractor, and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Justin Marchegiani from JustinHealth.com to examine the clinical application of this new technology along with the key health markers ketogenic dieters should be tracking on their own personal health journeys.


NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

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NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship

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What did you think about what you heard from Dave Korsunsky about his new health tracking software and Dr. Justin Marchegiani on what ketogenic dieters should be tracking regularly? Sound off on it in the show notes section of Episode 1072. Check out this new FREE health tracking software for yourself at HeadsUpHealth.com. Coming up on Tuesday, we’ll have fat-loss specialist, podcaster, and New York Times bestselling author of The Wild Diet named Abel James sharing about his experience on ABC-TV’s reality weight loss show My Diet Is Better Than Yours. Finally on Wednesday, we’ll have a London, England-based personal trainer and health promoter Sam Feltham from SmashTheFat.com sharing about his new crowdsourcing nutritional health education campaign called Public Health Collaboration.

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