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'The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show' Podcast Schedule For The Rest Of 2010

It’s that time again as I’m coming to the end of my latest recording schedule for “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” as June comes to a close and now I’ve got some fresh, new interviews with some of the best guests yet for the remainder of 2010. It’s been a crazy couple of months amassing these amazing interview guests to appear on my podcast and I’m grateful to each of them for spending time with me sharing about the work they are doing on behalf of diet, fitness, and health. This is a strong line-up coming at you week after week in 2010 and we’d be grateful for your continued financial support for us through your donations if you are enjoying the show (just click on the “Donate” button on any of my web sites to contribute to keeping these interviews coming). Remember, you can listen and download the archived episodes at iTunes or at the official web site anytime.

Here are the upcoming podcast interviews you have to look forward to for the rest of 2010:

Episode 376–June 28, 2010–Maria Emmerich–MariaNutrition.com
Episode 377–July 1, 2010–JJ Virgin–Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy
Episode 378–July 5, 2010–Dr. Robert Lustig–“Sugar: The Bitter Truth”
Episode 379–July 8, 2010–John Durant–Hunter-Gatherer.com
Episode 380–July 12, 2010–Ruth Shamai–RuthsFoods.com
Episode 381–July 15, 2010–Hannah Sutter–Big Fat Lies
Episode 382–July 19, 2010–Dr. Datis Kharrazian–ThyroidBook.com
Episode 383–July 22, 2010–Janie Bowthorpe–StopTheThyroidMadness.com
Episode 384–July 26, 2010–Annette Presley–Find Your Weigh/Liberation Diet
Episode 385–July 29, 2010–Dr. Larry McCleary–Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly
Episode 386–August 2, 2010–Dr. Kaayla Daniel–NaughtyNutritionist.com
Episode 387–August 5, 2010–Jolene Park–HealthyDiscoveries.com
Episode 388–August 9, 2010–Geoff Bond–Deadly Harvest
Episode 389–August 12, 2010–Jackie Eberstein–ControlCarb.com
Episode 390–August 16, 2010–Ramiel Nagel–CureToothDecay.com
Episode 391–August 19, 2010–Ancestral Health Symposium–AncestryFoundation.org
Episode 392–August 23, 2010–Christina Adler–RedHeadLaw7.com
Episode 393–August 26, 2010–Steve Liberati–StevesClub.org
Episode 394–August 30, 2010–Deryl Williams–HyperlifeFitness.com
Episode 395–August 31, 2010–Charles Ciciarella–MassiveMeltdown.com
Episode 396–September 1, 2010–Caroline Jhingory–Stunning triple-digit weight loss success
Episode 397–September 2, 2010–Traci Marshall–Atkins weight loss success story
Episode 398–September 3, 2010–Jerome Biggars–Watch Me Lose 300 Pounds
Episode 399–September 6, 2010–Nell Stephenson–Nutrition & Fitness Expert
Episode 400–September 9, 2010–SPECIAL 400TH EPISODE CELEBRATION!
Episode 401–September 13, 2010–Gary Taubes–Why We Get Fat
Episode 402–September 16, 2010–Mark Schatzker–Steak
Episode 403–September 20, 2010–Dr. Neal Barnard–PCRM Founder/President
Episode 404–September 23, 2010–Rebecca Latham–LowCarbBetterHealth.blogspot.com
Episode 405–September 27, 2010–Pam Schoenfeld–Low-Carb Nutritionist
Episode 406–September 30, 2010–Josh Trent–WellnessForce.com
Episode 407–October 4, 2010–Michael Ruscio–IntegrativeHC.com
Episode 408–October 7, 2010–Dr. John Briffa–Waist Disposal
Episode 409–October 11, 2010–Evelyn Parham–Raw foods vegan
Episode 410–October 14, 2010–Dr. Stephen Wanger–IBSTreatmentCenter.com
Episode 411–October 18, 2010–Sally Pacholok–Could It Be B12?
Episode 412–October 21, 2010–SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST!
Episode 413–October 25, 2010–Melissa McEwen–HuntGatherLove.com
Episode 414–October 28, 2010–Dr. Donald Miller–Low-carb cardiac surgery professor
Episode 415–November 1, 2010–Stephanie Small–ThreeSistersNutrition.com
Episode 416–November 4, 2010–Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum–EndFatigue.com
Episode 417–November 8, 2010–Jennifer Eloff–Splendid Low-Carbing
Episode 418–November 11, 2010–Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton–Rebecca4Fitness.com
Episode 419–November 15, 2010–Mat Lalonde–Harvard research chemist/Paleo advocate
Episode 420–November 18, 2010–SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST!
Episode 421–November 22, 2010–Dr. Michael Dansinger–2005 JAMA diet comparison study
Episode 422–November 29, 2010–Michelle Gaulin/Jack Taylor–Naturally Ageless
Episode 423–December 2, 2010–Deborah Williamson–FarmerGirls.net
Episode 424–December 6, 2010–Charlie & Diane Levine–YourMeatTooth.com
Episode 425–December 9, 2010–Dr. Raj Nijhawan–Myths of the Modern Medical Miracle
Episode 426–December 13, 2010–Bonnie Matheson–Ahead of the Curve
Episode 427–December 16, 2010–Regina Wilshire–Weight of the Evidence low-carb blogger
Episode 428–December 20, 2010–SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST!
NO PODCAST THE WEEK OF NEW YEARS–December 27 and December 30, 2010
Episode 429–January 3, 2011–BEST OF 2010 ENCORE WEEK INTERVIEW #1
Episode 430–January 4, 2011–BEST OF 2010 ENCORE WEEK INTERVIEW #2
Episode 431–January 5, 2011–BEST OF 2010 ENCORE WEEK INTERVIEW #3
Episode 432–January 6, 2011–BEST OF 2010 ENCORE WEEK INTERVIEW #4
Episode 433–January 7, 2011–BEST OF 2010 ENCORE WEEK INTERVIEW #5
Episode 434–January 10, 2011–Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt–Matrevolutionen

  • Venkat

    Hi Jimmy,

    I was looking for Dr Stephan Guyenet’s podcast. You had mentioned his podcast for Mar 23rd or 25th 2010. But I do not remember seeing his podcast. Did I miss it by any chance?

    Thanks for all your work Jimmy.



    • It’s on my previous podcast schedule, but it’s set for next Thursday Venkat! 🙂

  • Lynda

    My goodness you will be busy!! So much to listen to – thanks for bringing us all of these amazing interviews.

  • You constantly impress me with your willingness to engage people with ideas that are infuriating. I will be interested to hear what Neal Bernard has to say. I listened to as much of his talk as I could stand on a PBS program yesterday. Oh yeah, animal products are the problem making people diabetic and unhealthy, sure! He kept talking about high levels of intramyocellular fat in diabetics, and I kept thinking, duh, what about endurance athletes? they have high levels of intramyocellular fat too, but they are not insulin resistant or diabetic. Association does not equal causation, but he didn’t seem bright enough to get that.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Epic list. Going to be an awesome rest of the year. Cheers.

    • THANKS Zach! Been working my tail off to bring an eclectic group of interview guests to you guys. ENJOY!

  • Venkat

    Ah!. I got it. I went and checked your previous podcast schedule and found that you have mentioned “SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST”….

    Sorry for breaking the suspense…. Thanks for your outstanding work Jimmy.



  • Faith Walker

    woo hoo! GARY TAUBES IN SEPTEMBER!!! I already have his new book on my amazon.com wish list. I notice in the amazon description he’ll be giving us a low carb diet that is easy to follow. Jimmy, please get the scoop on his eating plan. Right now I’m doing great on South Beach, but I’m interested in what Gary has to say about actual eating!

    GREAT WEBSITE JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Faith, I’ve already interviewed Gary and it was an amazing chat! You’re gonna enjoy! 🙂

  • Epic indeed. Looking forward to it, as always. Your interviews with these people are one of my favorite features on the internet.

  • pjnoir

    nice list of quests. Can’t wait for John Durant- he should be very interesting. Taubes, of course and Dr. John Briffa will be highlights of the year. I had a chance to read an advance copy of Mark Schatzker’s –Steak. It is a great book and his interview should be interesting. Unfortunately Dr. Donald Miller, leaves me out in the cold.

    • Hopefully lots of great surprises in store for the rest of 2010.