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The Ketogenic Cookbook Now Officially Available In All U.S. Costco Stores

I’ve got some big news to share with you today that fulfills a dream I’ve had for as long as I’ve been an author with a major publisher. Ever since I first started writing books with Victory Belt​ Publishing in 2013, I’ve wanted to have a book available in ALL the Costco​ stores in America. I got close last year when I got into Costco Canada stores, but now my international bestselling 2015 book with the amazing low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic recipe goddess Maria Emmerich​ called The Ketogenic Cookbook is in every single Costco store across the nation starting today, July 12, 2016. I was so excited about this momentous occasion that I had to pull out my iPhone to document the experience on Periscope shortly after my local Costco in Spartanburg, South Carolina opened this morning:


If you haven’t already gotten your copy or if you wanna get another copy to give to a friend or family member you want to get interested in this way of eating, then this is the perfect opportunity to pop into your local Costco and get one. As you can see from the video above, there are PLENTY of copies available as the featured title from Victory Belt at Costco over the next month. Yes, it’s a limited time it will be in the stores unless it sells so well that they decide to extend it longer than mid-August. If you want it, then go get it sooner than later.

To say I’m excited about this rare opportunity to be in the largest American seller of books in stores is an understatement. And it’s even possible this greater availability of the book to consumers will give it just enough of a boost to help reach another dream–hitting the New York Times bestsellers list. I was so close with this book and my 2014 bestseller Keto Clarity, so what a perfect chance for this to happen now. With your help, that dream can become fulfilled too.

THANK YOU guys so much for your support of my work. You are some of the most amazing supporters anyone could ever ask for and I’m grateful for each and every one of you. If you go into Costco sometime today, this week, or the next few weeks, then head on over to the book section and take a selfie with the stack of books. Send it to me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net or post on social media and tag me (I’m livinlowcarbman on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). You guys rock!

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