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The Agonizing 16-Year Pursuit Of A Baby To Call Our Own Is Over: We’re Pregnant!

For much of the past nearly sixteen years of marriage, seeing a picture of a baby like this one would have conjured up some very intense emotions inside of me and my dear wife Christine because we have long desired to have a baby to call our own. Seeing people all around us having children like it was nothing, enduring difficult days at church when mothers and fathers are celebrated on their special annual days, and just that empty longing to be the mommy and daddy to some precious little one made this time of long suffering that much more agonizing. Unless you’ve gone through the unique pain of trying, trying, and trying some more to have a baby only to be left continually frustrated (and childless) in the end, you have no idea what going through something like this feels like. It hurts…deeper than you can ever imagine.

We held off on having children for the first few years of our marriage that began on August 5, 1995 while I finished graduate school. When I dropped out with only a few courses left (I eventually went back and got my Master’s Degree in 2002), I worked at several retail and customer service type jobs before eventually landing some management and marketing-type positions. It was at this point when my income was able to support a family that we started trying in earnest. We did the whole ovulation cycle counting thing timing everything up perfectly for a long time. Each time we tried we thought through what we could have done differently–but nothing made a difference.

In 2007, we drove to Missouri to visit some friends of ours and one of them happened to be a reproductive endocrinologist. He agreed to take a look at us to see if he could help us get pregnant. We discovered Christine had endometriosis (which can inhibit the ability to get pregnant) and that the quality of my sperm was poor. There was some question about Christine’s egg quality and her age at the time (34) made that much more significant. After she healed from the endometriosis surgery, we decided to give a specialized version of in-vitro fertilization a try called IVF/ICSI. We had debated whether to do IVF or adoption and there was quite the feedback from my readers about it on both sides. Ultimately, we decided to give IVF/ICSI the old college try in December 2007. Christine endured lots of painful shots and more in our pursuit of a baby. After playing the waiting game to see if we got pregnant, the verdict came back just before Christmas that year: NOT PREGNANT!

Needless to say, we were devastated because we were virtually GUARANTEED to have a biological baby of our own the way it was marketed to us. The fact that it cost us $17,000 out of pocket didn’t help either since there was no baby to show for it. I often tell people that I lost my wife in 2008. She was alert and going through the motions of life, but she was emotionally and spiritually drained to the point that I couldn’t do anything to help her grieve this loss and move on. Despite this very dark time in our marriage, something pretty miraculous happened–we actually started growing closer as a couple. It’s amazing how the Lord used such a disappointing circumstance and created a positive in our lives from it. This helped us make a fateful decision when the opportunity arose in early 2011 for us to try one final time to get pregnant.

My wife’s sister Jennifer came into some money in 2010 and she had watched us try unsuccessfully to start a family since the day we said “I do” to each other. It pained her to see us going through this when she herself had the privilege to give birth to a beautiful little girl who is the pride and joy of her life. Jennifer so desperately wanted that for us too. So in January 2011, she called Christine and agreed to pay for us to go through fertility treatments again. Since we knew IVF was probably not a good option with my poor sperm quality and Christine’s poor egg quality, we started looking at other options. We came across the concept of embryo adoption where another man and woman donate their sperm and egg to be fertilized and frozen for use by couples like us who can’t get pregnant on our own. The cost of this was significantly less expensive than IVF, too–just $7500. It still wasn’t cheap, but it was manageable enough that Jennifer was willing to help us do this. Without her generous and loving heart, we never would have been able to try this.

After a few hits and misses trying to find the right match for who we adopt the embryo from (we get a few demographics about the donors in a profile page), we finally decided on one and started Christine on the shots beginning on March 31, 2011. We ran into a few snags along the way where Christine’s estrogen levels weren’t being suppressed enough on the Lupron, the emergence of an ovarian cyst that came out of nowhere, and other such stressful stuff that made this an “on again, off again” proposition. You can experience what all of that was like by watching our series of YouTube videos chronicling various days of our embryo adoption journey by clicking here. In fact, I provided a blog post update on this process a couple of weeks ago in case you missed it.

Well, after all the ups, downs, and in betweens of going through this rigorous yet emotional roller coaster ride yet again in 2011, today was “D-Day” for us as we found out whether all the shots, injections, strict instructions and everything else involved actually made a difference. Regardless of the outcome of the test, July 5, 2011 was going to be a turning point in the lives of Jimmy and Christine Moore. If it came back negative, then we would have to live knowing that perhaps we were never meant to have children. If it came back positive for being pregnant, then our lives would soon be turned upside down. As I’ve done throughout this experience (with Christine’s insistence and blessing, by the way), I chronicled it all on video for you to see what happened when the doctor’s office called to give us the news on Day 97 today:


Yep, we’re pregnant! YES!!! The overwhelming outpouring of love and support (and lots of tears!) on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube has been unbelievable and we are very grateful to all of our friends, family and people who have loved and prayed for us for years to have this happy moment. We know we’re not out of the woods yet but we’re expecting to have at least one (maybe multiples–be still my fluttering heart!) baby in the next nine months. I’m gonna be a daddy! WOW! That hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I know it will in due course. But right now I am just ecstatic with joy beyond belief and ready to take on the challenges of parenthood–at the ripe old age of 40 by the time the due date happens! I’m sure glad I’m livin’ la vida low-carb so I can keep up with the munchkin(s). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of YOU my readers who have supported me through the years as Christine and I have traveled this journey. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and look forward to sharing in this genuine miracle that has happened for us. We’ll let you know how everything is going through our continuing YouTube videos and postings on the social networking sites. God bless you guys! WE LOVE YOU!

  • I’m so happy I’m going to be a Canadian LCHF Auntie 😉 j/k. Moreover I am soooo ecstatic for you guys!!! Joy doesn’t seem to be a big enough word for this moment, does it?

    Love you guys!

  • Keri-Ann

    Jimmy (& Christine)…Looks like I’m one of the first comments! First off congratulations a million times. i’ve been a follower of your blog for a few years now and remember here and there you mentioning how you long to be a daddy. My husband and I have been trying for our own now for a year and 4 months…I totally get that that is no where near the 16 years you’ve had to endure – but as I’m sure you know, it’s still so hard month after month, when you’re hoping for that “BFP”. We have found out my husband has very poor swimmers and I have a blocked tube. We will be going through IVF with ICSI this year (thank god for insurance!). I already congratulated you guys on facebook but had to do so here, too, especially since this is so dear to my own heart. Your story above brought me to tears because I fully understand the emotions that do go along with wanting a baby so badly – seeing everyone around you get pregnant so easily and knowing how incredibly difficult it’s going to be for us. I know you don’t know me from Adam – but I’ve been praying daily for you two to get your “sticky bean” and just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you both that you are finally on your way to having the family you deserve.

    • Keri-Ann thank you! Hoping for the best for you too.

  • ValerieH

    Blessings to you both!

  • Lynn

    Tears filled my eyes watching the video and reading the blog. It took 4 yrs of trying to get pregnant with my son (and I got a daughter 3 yrs later), but I never had to go through all the things the two of you, especially Christine, have so willingly gone through. My sister went through the fertility treatments and she never was able to have one of her own. She has a stepson now but it still is not the same. There is a empty hole in your heart when you want a child and have problems having one. It seems everywhere you look there are people having babies and some of them don’t even want them. You see parents taking for granted that they have children, some seem to resent those children or ignore them or whatever. It can make you angry and hurt wondering why they are able to have children when they don’t want them but you can’t when you do want them. I am glad God has blessed the two of you with the opportunity to go this route and that it has worked. I pray for a safe and uneventful pregnancy and that in a little less than 9 months you will be holding a healthy baby of your own in your arms.

    • Lynn, we’re so excited to see this nightmare turn into the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams. I’ll never forget the pain that people feel who go through this.

  • Congrats to you both, my friends. You will be excellent parents!

  • Fantastic Jimmy!! So happy to hear. You guys are going to love being parents. 🙂

  • Michael

    I only know you guys as a fellow podcast listener of your show. But my congratulations are heartfelt and I hope nothing but the best for you in this wonderful new stage of your lives.

    • Michael, you’re a part of the LLVLC family and I’m grateful for your well wishes. 🙂

  • Kathy Barns

    I know you don’t know me but I am a big fan of your blog and podcasts and books. I am just so thrilled for you and Christine. What a blessing from the Lord! I will be praying for a safe, uneventful pregnancy for y’all. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

    • Kathy, you’re a part of the LLVLC family too. Thanks for sharing in this with us.

  • Lisa Marshall

    So happy for you both. We will continue the prayers for the pregnancy and birth. What an exciting time! God Bless.

    • It’s gonna be needed but we just crossed an important part.

  • This is touching and wonderful news. I’ve put a note on my computer to pray for you, Christine and the Munchin(s). Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

    • We definitely appreciate continued prayers through this process. Thank you!

  • My heartfelt congratulations to the three of you!

    • Could be even more Katarina. We’ll know soon.

      • OK, I’ll extend my congratulations to you, Christine and the untold number of upcoming babies, LOL.

  • Debbie B in MD

    Jimmy, this is fantastic news!!!! I haven’t heard of friends expecting in a while. I heard of two yesterday and wondered who would be the third. I am so excited that it is you and your wife. I will be praying for a strong, healthy pregnancy for Christine, the baby and you! Again, Congratulations.

  • Elenor

    Oh Jimmie and Christine!! A BOATLOAD of congratulations!! Fantastic!!

  • How wonderful, Jimmy! I am new to your blog and to the low carb lifestyle but I am super excited for you and will pray that everything continues to go well!

    • Kori, I’m happy to have you along for the journey.

  • Yay!!

  • Jennifer

    Oh, that’s so great! Congratulations! Wonderful news! 🙂

  • Congratulations on getting pregnant. I know that you have spent a terrific amount of money and energy getting to this point, but as a parent (mine is grown and married), I have to warn you that you have not yet gotten to the hard part.

    I hope that the pregnancy goes without complications. Even though this is a high-risk pregnancy, you have a lot going for you. For starters, you know a lot more about nutrition that 90% of the so-called “professionals” in that field.

    Oh, and that also means that we will probably be missing Christine on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise… The cruise age cut-off is somewhere between 6 and 9 months, IIRC. And as important as the LCC is, there are things that are more important. Like making sure your young child(ren) get(s) the proper start in life, both nutritionally and emotionally.

    • THANKS Howard. We’re already making plans for the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise. THANKS for your encouraging input.

  • Chelsea

    CONGRATULATIONS JIMMY AND CHRISTINE!!! Woo hoo!!! What amazing examples you have been through all of this…it gives us all so much hope and faith!!

    • THANKS Chelsea. Hopefully this is an example of never giving up on a dream.

  • Liz

    Congratulations! How exciting! Wish you two all of the best

  • YAY!!!! I did my happy dance for you guys. I’m soooooo excited!! AH! I can’t wait to see the baby! (Or rather – BABIES!!) You two deserve all the happiness in the universe. Lots of love and hugs!!

    • We’ll have to take them on a world tour when they get here. LOL! THANKS so much Holly.

  • shutchings


  • Leo

    That’s really great to hear! Best wishes and congrats to the both of You.


  • Sonya

    Super excited for you two wonderful people!! What great parents you’ll be!

  • Mary

    Oh my gosh! What wonderous news, Jimmy & Christine! -I had a lump in my throt watching Christine share your exciting news…Congratulations a million times over. I will continue to pray that all goes very, very well and that you will soon be sharing your beautiful spirits with a little angel who can’t wait to share theirs with your own!

    There’s nothing like children and you both know this deeply. When I look into my own children’s eyes (I have 4, ages 15, 14, 12, 10), I know what amazing Gifts I have been blessed with. Someone once said to me, “They are the only Treasures you can take to Heaven”-and they said this before I was married and had any. I took that comment into my heart, knowing how profound it was…and to this day, this line brings me great joy and comfort, because they are my Peter and my world.

    May the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate gently protect the fruit of your womb, Christine.

    With much love and kindness sent your way from Nova Scotia, Canada…

    Mary & Peter
    Caleb (15), Noah (14), Luke (12), Tabitha (10)

  • Mary

    A few typos went into that one-LOL! -I meant to say “throat” and later down, that the kids are Peter and my world…but I think you may have figured this out. :)) Hugs!!

  • Congratulations Jimmy and Christine! You guys must be so happy that all of these years of trying different things finally paid off!! You’ll love fatherhood!!


  • Peggy Holloway

    Congratulations! I’m sure this will be a healthy LC pregnancy and baby like Dr. Jay Wortman’s! I look forward to many stories about the little one.

  • Maureen G.

    Wow, I am so very happy for the both of you. You will make fantastic parents and you deserve the best! I will keep you all in my prayers for this wonderful journey! I can’t see your videos (low connections where I live and can’t at work), but I’m so glad that I was able to read all of this on your site! Halelujah for you both! and YIPPEEEEE!!!!!

    Best Regards –


    • Hope you can watch the videos sometime, Maureen. 😀

  • Deborah

    OMG! Congratulations! Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, job!

  • Kristine

    Congrats!!!! What a blessing!!! i was 41 and dh was 48 w/our last one…so you are quite young in my book!!! Enjoy this precious time!!! praying for you both!!!

  • Tula

    Congratulations! As someone who is childless and no longer able to conceive, I can totally sympathize with your longings. I had never heard of embryo adoptions, but what a wonderful idea! I wish you both the best and hope you have a healthy and happy low-carb-livin’ baby!

  • Michelle from Durham

    Congratulations Jimmy! I am soooo happy for you and Christine. I saw the video yesterday and was in tears myself for you guys.

    Please, please document the journey for us on your blog. I want to see Christine’s belly get big! 🙂


  • Chris

    Everything about what you do and who you are is an inspiration – a virtual case study in never giving up. Congratulations to both you and Christine. Two people never deserved it more… 🙂

    • Thanks Chris. It has been quite the journey.

  • WAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! Oh, I am so happy for you! Jumping up and down and OVERJOYED!

    I have been praying for you and I’m so very glad that your (and my) prayers have been answered.

    Please make sure Christine takes her fermented cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil from Green Pastures. I wish I had taken these when I was pregnant. If I’m fortunate enough to get pregnant again this year, I will take them daily! Fingers crossed!


    Hugs, ya’ll!

    Ann Marie

  • AshleyRoz

    Congrats! Babies are such a blessing. I’m so happy for you.

  • winni

    WOW! Congrats! I’ve been listening to your podcast for years now and am a big fan. Having suffered through pregnancy loss I know the feeling of wanting it so badly and still being denied. Happily I’m now expecting our first in December. Again, I am so happy for you two and I wish your wife a healthy and comfortable (at least as comfy as possible) pregnancy. Can’t wait to find out how many babies! And what an amazing sister your wife has!

    • Winni, congrats to you. And, yes, Jenn is very special.

  • Jenni

    Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for both of you.

    • Jenni, we are pretty relieved and thrilled.

  • Congratulations, Jimmy! I was praying for you. So happy for you and Christine!

  • Sooooo very extremely happy for you both. I had four miscarriages during the first 16 months of marriage. (It was finally figured out that my progesterone levels drop drastically down so I am unable to maintain a pregnancy.) Then last September, thanks to your show, and Atkin’s and Paleolithic eating, I feel like I have changed my body to produce better hormones and feel like I am ready to give it a go again at nearly 37 years old. All praises go to God and here’s hoping that all of His blessings rain on you and Christine for a happy pregnancy.

  • Aww hey congratulations to you both!

  • Wonderful news good luck and health to the pair of you. You’ve had my wife in tears this morning, tears of joy for people she will probably never meet. Keep bringing hope and the message never give up.

    Eddie and Janet

    • Thanks guys! We hope our story encourages others.

  • Cindy

    When I saw the title of your post I just read and watched the video and cried in shock . I am so happy for you two , what a blessing . Congratulations 🙂

    • We’re still a bit shocked by it too Cindy. But it’s happening. 🙂

  • Spring

    How wonderful and exciting for you both! May God continue to bless you, your wife and your little bundle of love!!!

  • Wonderful, wonderful news !!! Wishing you all the best. I can sympathize- we were infertile for 10 years, and our miracle happened rather spontaneously after changing our diet to a much lower carb way of eating. May the pregnancy be happy and healthy, and may you soon revel in the bliss of late night feedings, diaper changes and all of the wonderful things that infertility denies a couple from experiencing. There is nothing in life sweeter than having to get up for a 2 am feeding after trying for so very long.

  • Maxx

    Congrats! You’re life’s about to change, buddy, trust me 🙂

  • Krista Leicht

    Congratulations, I am absolutely thrilled for the THREE of you. You will make fantastic parents. Knowing how costly parenting is, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to make a donation to help you with the financial end of things. Could you set up a spot on your site where those of us who are wishing to, could contribute a bit to help with all the costs that you have been and will be facing? I will be praying for you!

    • Krista, thank you! It could be even more…we’ll find out in a few weeks. Your generosity is so much appreciated. I have a donation button at the top of all my web sites. Thanks so much!

  • Katie

    Congratulations! I have been thinking positive thoughts for you and your wife ever since you shared your story. I wish you all the best!

  • Jay Wortman MD

    Hey Jimmy,
    I am so glad to hear the great news for you and Christine. You will soon find out just how fulfilling and important it is to have children and you will soon not be able to imagine what childless life was like. As you know from our experience, a low-carb pregnancy produced a healthy thriving child. I wish you all the best in your similar endeavour.

    • You’ve inspired us Dr. Jay. We’re doing this as a low-carb pregnancy. I’ll be in touch. 🙂

  • Leah

    Huge congrats!!! So happy for your guys. Love your blog and your pursuit of low carb health. Thanks for the advances you are making in this area and informing the public.

    All the best to you and Christine. I’ll keep you guys in prayer.


  • Lucy

    Jimmy, You’re a daddy now! (And Christine is a mommy 🙂 ) No ‘gonna be’s” about it anymore.


  • Oh Jimmy and Christine, so happy I didn’t miss this post! I’m so busy lately that I may have missed out on the blessing of reading it and watching the video. Ian and I are over the moon with joy for you guys. It was very touching to watch the video especially since I watched an earlier one as well where Christine was so cut up about the cyst and I was so saddened by that story. Just such a lovely outcome and I will be praying that everything goes well with this pregnancy. You faced a big challenge in life and we all have them, just different ones, but you kept your faith and overcame. So happy you grew closer to each other during the tough times. Also, have to say Christine sounds like she has the most incredible and most unselfish sister in the world. What a blessing and what a sister-in-law from heaven you have! So unusual.

    Blessings to you both.

  • Jessica

    As an avid reader of your blog and also someone who had to deal with infertility, I can’t tell you how happy this video made me. I’ve had that call and experienced the shock and overwhelming joy that comes with it. My prayers are with you, your wife and your little bean. Much sticky dust to you and may Christine’s HCG numbers keep climbing! Congrats and a happy & healthy 9 months!!!

  • Brenda

    BIG congrats for you and Christine, this is just so great news! 🙂 I also joined the prayers and the miracle happened, thanks God for the love!
    Best best wishes :***

  • Jill

    THRILLED for you and the beautiful and glowing and barfing Christine!

  • Megan

    Hey there,
    E-mail me because I would love to talk to y’all on the show Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly. This is a great story!!!

    • Thanks so much Megan! Will email you right now. 🙂

  • Kelly D.

    Congratulations Jimmy & Christine! I am so happy for both of you. Keeping you both in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a bouncing bundle of joy.

  • Donna

    Jimmy and Christine,

    I’ve often thought about what great parents you guys would be. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations.

  • Congratulations!!! So thrilled for you!!!

    • Kelly, it’s been a LONG time coming. We are so excited.

  • September

    Congratulations, Jimmy and Christine! We’re so happy for you (and your little low-carbling!).

  • Dora

    Jimmy and Christine, I am so happy for you both. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience. You will both be great parents! And thank you for sharing this tender moment for us all. 🙂

    • Oh, we can’t wait for the munchkins, Dora. 😀