Remembering Kevin Moore

77-Year Old Woman Rejects Taking Statin Drug After Reading Cholesterol Clarity

All I can say is I…LOVE…THIS testimony from a reader:

My 77-year old mother named Joan went to the local hospital recently to have her cholesterol numbers run and she asked me for a copy of your book Cholesterol Clarity that she had been seeing me reading lately. I have been preaching all this […]

Jimmy Moore’s July 2010 Testimony Before The USDA Regarding The 2010 Dietary Guidelines

It was nearly one year ago that I decided to make my way to Washington, DC as a citizen health activist to testify before the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) about the 2010 Dietary Guidelines that were being formulated by a group of respected scientists and governmental bureaucrats about the best diet for […]

Having My Say At The USDA About The 2010 Dietary Guidelines To Be Released In December

Last week I embarked on quite an adventurous journey that took me away from my daily routine in my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina all the way to our nation’s capital in Washington, DC to stand before one of the most powerful government agencies overseeing nutritional public policy in the United States of America. […]

Nutrition & Metabolism Society Video: The Testimony Of Low-Carb Diabetes Legend Dr. Richard K. Bernstein

One of the coolest parts about getting to work in the low-carb industry interviewing the biggest names in the world of nutrition, fitness, and health is the privilege I get to rub elbows with some of the real superstars supporting the science and practicality behind livin’ la vida low-carb. I don’t like to name […]