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FDA Investigation Finds ‘Significant Violations’ In Julian Bakery Paleo Bread

There’s an old saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” When it comes to a La Jolla, California-based bread company named Julian Bakery, which has been aggressively marketing products they claim are good for people in the low-carb and Paleo community to consume in recent years, […]

Keto Clarity Coming To Select Costco Locations

With just three more weeks until the momentous August 5, 2014 release of my latest book Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide To The Benefits Of A Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet (coming in hardback, Kindle e-book, and Audible audiobook), I just got word from my publisher Victory Belt Publishing that one of the major American book […]

Dreamfields Offers $7.9 Million Lawsuit Settlement Over Low-Carb Pasta Claims

The company that has been pushing their pasta product as being good for diabetics and people following low-carb diets for over a decade has settled a class action lawsuit filed on July 22, 2013 to the tune of $7.9 million this week, according to a report published on Law360. People in the low-carb community […]

77-Year Old Woman Rejects Taking Statin Drug After Reading Cholesterol Clarity

All I can say is I…LOVE…THIS testimony from a reader:

My 77-year old mother named Joan went to the local hospital recently to have her cholesterol numbers run and she asked me for a copy of your book Cholesterol Clarity that she had been seeing me reading lately. I have been preaching all this […]

ATLCX (Episode 40): Dr. William Graham | What Are ‘Normal’ Lab Values?


In Episode 40 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we speak to a family physician about what the labs you have run at your doctor’s office really mean in how they treat you as the patient. Have you ever gotten back […]

Christine’s 4-Week NK N=1 Experiment: First Week Of Readings And Menus

Although my official one-year n=1 experiment of “nutritional ketosis” came to an end last month, I have continued to monitor my blood sugar, blood ketones and weight to make sure all the hard work I’ve invested over the past year hasn’t been in vain. Some people have asked me why I stopped doing NK. […]