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Two More Fantastic Low-Carb Health Stories To Encourage You

You know what they always say…the proof is in the pudding. Well, that is, the sugar-free, no artificial additives, low-carb pudding. It’s truly amazing how many of us are discovering high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb nutrition on our own despite the fact it is not pushed by our doctors, most mainstream medical researchers, nutritionists or […]

The Top 10 List Of The Very Best Low-Carb Stories Of 2008

The best of the best low-carb stories of the year that was 2008

As the end of another year draws near and a new one looms on the horizon later this week, it has become a tradition to look back on the year that was for any memorable moments that will still be felt […]

More Incredible Feel Good Success Stories About Healthy Low-Carb Living

Wanna be a low-carb success? Read about other successes!

Success always begets success begets success.

Just in case you haven’t noticed it before, I like to encourage people. It’s always been in my nature to pass on positive thoughts to those who need an uplifting word to get them through a difficult time. I’m a […]

Food Network Casting ‘Amazing Stories’ Surrounding Food For A New Show

Here’s your chance to be in a new Food Network series

Ever since we got cable back in our household about a year ago, my wife Christine has gone through phases of watching one particular channel at a time. At first, it was her favorite cable channel of all-time, the Sci-Fi Channel, and she got […]