Remembering Kevin Moore

WARNING: Atkins Nutritionals Distorting What A Low-Carb Diet Is About

People often assume that since I was very successful at losing weight and getting healthy by following the Atkins diet over a decade ago that I would now be a strong proponent of the products being marketed by the Atkins Nutritionals company to would-be low-carb dieters. But, alas, I am not and for good […]

Julian Bakery Customer Tests Low-Carb Bread Claims, Requests They ‘Immediately Cease Sales’

One of the things that frustrates me more than anything else in the low-carb community is all of the food products that are marketed to consumers as “low-carb” and don’t even come close. Without a crystal clear public definition of what that term actually means (although researchers have already brought great clarity to it), […]

LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 82): HealthWise Bakery Zero Net Carb Bagels Review

HealthWise Bakery makes some truly delicious zero net carb bagels

While it can be a lot more difficult to find good quality foods to add to your healthy low-carb lifestyle, I’m always on the lookout for new ones you may not have heard about before. In recent weeks I’ve been sharing with you about […]

Have You Tried The Easy And Innovative New ‘Carb Tracker’ Application For The iPhone And iPod Touch?

Dr. Brian Young’s “Carb Tracker” app from Healthy U Technologies

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a very nice gentleman named Dr. Brian Young, a periodontist who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, who wanted to tell me about a brand new iPhone/iPod Touch application he developed that he thought would be of […]

Oh Yeah! Protein Wafer Bars More Like Oh No!

If you like the “low-carb” Oh Yeah! bars, then you MUST read this!

One of the things you hear me repeat over and over again within the context of livin’ la vida low-carb is to be sure you are reading the nutrition labels on everything you buy carefully. I know there are some food […]

Trading Barbs About The Impact Of ‘Net Carbs’

Finally, we have a topic that my fellow Atkins weight loss success story Kent Altena and I actually disagree about. I’m not saying he’s wrong or I’m right necessarily about this subject, but it is quite controversial among many active low-carbers. It’s the issue of “net carbs.”

Most people only vaguely understand what that phrase […]