Remembering Kevin Moore

Paleo Magazine Continues Taking Advertising From Company Under FDA Scrutiny

When companies are attempting to do things the right way and are honest about the products or services they are offering to consumers, they deserve the privilege of advertising their goods to the public and being rewarded for bringing value to the marketplace. But when companies have been found by a major governmental agency […]

Jimmy Moore’s n=1 Experiments: Atkins Nutritionals Protein Shakes

Little did I know when I started my n=1 experiments in May 2011 that they would so quickly capture the intense attention of my readers and the manufacturers of the products I am testing. It all started with Dreamfields pasta which unfortunately tracked virtually identical blood sugar response as white pasta despite their claim […]

Jimmy Moore’s n=1 Experiments: Julian Bakery SmartCarb Breads

NOTE: Click here to see what happened to my blood sugar after re-testing the Julian Bakery SmartCarb breads when the owner of this company promoting their product as “low-carb” bread pitched a fit claiming my testing methodology created errors in the results.

After explaining the purpose and the process of my n=1 experiments […]