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Julian Bakery Customer Tests Low-Carb Bread Claims, Requests They ‘Immediately Cease Sales’

One of the things that frustrates me more than anything else in the low-carb community is all of the food products that are marketed to consumers as “low-carb” and don’t even come close. Without a crystal clear public definition of what that term actually means (although researchers have already brought great clarity to it), […]

Low-Carb News & Health Headlines For February 2011

One of the pleasures of doing my job of blogging and podcasting about the healthy low-carb lifestyle is my constant daily exposure to all the health media that exists today. Just type in “health” in a Google search and you’ll find over 1.5 billion results in less than a second. “Diet” gives you another […]

The LLVLC Show (Episode 429): ‘Encore Week’ 2011 Interview With Dr. Robert Lustig

1-9-10 UPDATE: This post has been updated with the correct links to listen to the podcast on our brand new server. I apologize for the slow downloads the past week…everything seems to be working well now. THANK YOU!

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Consuming Cereal As A ‘Low-Carb’ Means Of Battling Diabetes? This Is A Joke, Right?

What do Post cereals have to do with low-carb diets and diabetes?

Because my blog regularly addresses important health and nutrition issues related to a wide variety of subjects on such a regular basis, my e-mail box is filled with information from public relations companies galore all trying to get their message out there. […]

Fabulous Forum Question About Fiber: If It’s Not Digested, Then Why Count The Calories Or Carbs In It?

Do fiber calories and carbs from foods like broccoli count?

If you are looking for support and encouragement in your healthy low-carb lifestyle, then you could not do much better than to join in on the conversation with all the wonderful members over at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum. The people who […]

‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 234: Is Dr. Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet Low-Carb?

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has been helping people lose weight for 30 years

There are a lot of gimmicks people use to try to lose weight. From taking diet pills to buying expensive exercise equipment, it seems everyone is attracted to weight loss plans that are outside the conventional wisdom of eat less and […]