Remembering Kevin Moore

Jimmy Moore’s Guest Podcast Schedule – Week Of March 4, 2013

What a week this is going to be! After a few more days of banging out some fantastic interviews for my cholesterol book, including with Chris Masterjohn, Dr. John Briffa and Gary Taubes with Dr. Robert Lustig, Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser coming up soon, I’ll be hopping on a plane bright and early […]

‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 132: Doug Kaufmann Says Fungus Responsible For Declining Health

Could this man have the answer to your weight and health problems?

When you think about obesity and health problems, generally the first place most physicians look at for dealing with these problems is a drug therapy. But what if the antibiotics that you consume are killing off the good bacteria inside of your body […]