Remembering Kevin Moore

5 Health Markers That Matter More Than Total Cholesterol And LDL-C

Check out my latest CarbSmart column entitled “5 Health Markers That Matter More Than Total Cholesterol And LDL-C” for a glimpse inside some of the content I share in my new book Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? with coauthor Dr. Eric Westman and featuring 29 of the world’s foremost authorities […]

My Nutritional Ketosis Success: Is It The Calories Or The Ketones?

Since I’ve seen such great success in both my weight and health as a result of starting my n=1 experiment of nutritional ketosis in May 2012, some people in the blogosphere are now claiming that the 60+ pound weight loss and improvements in my health markers has had very little to do with ketone production […]

My Low-Carb Mistakes And How Nutritional Ketosis Fixed Them

Last month I joined the amazing group of contributing writers at the all-new and improved CarbSmart free online low-carb magazine. If you’re not already reading the regular columns about low-carb, diabetes and Paleo nutrition that are being posted there by luminaries such as Dana Carpender, Vanessa Romero, Amy Dungan, Hank Garner, Caitlin Weeks, Andrew DiMino […]

My Debut CarbSmart.com Column On Nutritional Ketosis

CLICK HERE or the image above to read the full column

Low-Carb Conversations Podcast (Episode 8): Andrew DiMino And CJ Low Carb Confront Whole Foods Pushing Veganism


It’s time yet again for our brand new fast-paced, half-hour podcast featuring average, ordinary people like you and me sharing about the tremendous positive impact healthy low-carb living has made in their lives. We call this new show “Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & […]

6-Year Blogiversary Giveaway Contest Prize Package Post #3

The celebration of the birth of my blog has been incredible this year as it has been every year since I started it back in April 2005. So many enthusiastic fans of healthy low-carb living have been entering my 6-Year Blogiversary Giveaway Contest for a chance to win so many awesome prizes donated by people […]