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30 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For March 2014

In what has become one of my favorite monthly posts, I’m happy to present to you 30 new Paleo, low-carb and health blogs that I’ve come across lately. So many of you have written to me saying I inspired you to finally get off the sidelines and take the plunge by sharing your enthusiasm [...]

39 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For February 2014

More and more people are getting in on the fun online that is blogging. I’ve been doing it since April 2005 and have long been a fan and supporter of others who want to talk about Paleo, primal, low-carb, real food, healthy living from their perspective. I’ve tried to make myself available as a [...]

32 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For January 2014

2014 has arrived! Another new year has come and with that comes even more opportunities to spread the positive and life-changing message of Paleo, low-carb, ancestral, primal, real food-based healthy eating to the masses. I am so happy to see such enthusiasm and excitement about nutritional health from a wide variety of voices that [...]

28 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For December 2013

It’s travel time for me and Christine again and we’ll be headed to my high school hometown of Bolivar, Tennessee to see my dad and family there at Christmas for the first time in about 6 years. We have family that lives in three different directions, so there’s no going “on the way” to [...]

46 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For November 2013

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving next week and Christine and I will be traveling down to Pensacola, Florida to visit my mom and sister for the holiday. On our way down there from our home in Spartanburg, South Carolina, we’ll be stopping in Duluth, Georgia (Atlanta area) on Saturday afternoon for a Q&A session [...]

38 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs For October 2013

It’s hard to believe we are in October now as we wind down the final three months of 2013. There’s a cool breeze in the air as the seasons change and I always appreciate how refreshing it is to get outside to enjoy the Fall. Yes, many families are back in the “busy”ness of [...]