Remembering Kevin Moore

SIGN THE PETITION: Replace the Dietary Guidelines for Americans


An ambitious new “We The People” White House petition has been filed with the Obama administration requesting that the Dietary Guidelines be removed from government oversight (by the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services) to an independent group of experts to evaluate all the latest nutritional health […]

2010 Dietary Guidelines Committee Member Joanne Slavin: ‘There Is No Scientific Basis For The U.S. Dietary Guidelines’

When the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unleashed its long-awaited 2010 Dietary Guidelines on the American public on January 31, 2011, they were heralded that day as “a science-based roadmap” according to the USDA blog. This “science-based roadmap” has since morphed into the new high-grain, low-fat MyPlate introduced earlier this month that will […]

Having My Say At The USDA About The 2010 Dietary Guidelines To Be Released In December

Last week I embarked on quite an adventurous journey that took me away from my daily routine in my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina all the way to our nation’s capital in Washington, DC to stand before one of the most powerful government agencies overseeing nutritional public policy in the United States of America. […]