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Richard Nikoley Frees His Inner Paleo Animal

I have been a BIG FAN of the writings and work of Paleo health blogger Richard Nikoley from the insanely-popular “Free The Animal” blog for several years and consider him a great friend and champion of what healthy living is really all about. His no-holds-barred style is in-your-face and unapologetic as he seeks to help others find the health and weight changes that have eluded them for years. Sure, he can be a bit rough around the edges for some people with his colorful, expressive language. But it’s indicative of a sincere passion that runs deep and wide at the root of everything Nikoley shares with the Paleo community through his thought-provoking posts. With the highly-interactive e-book Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet, he is taking the best of everything he has personally learned through this journey and wrapping it up in a convenient package designed to arm virtually anyone who desires weight loss and vastly improved health to make it happen for themselves. There are so many clickable links to a treasure trove of information included in this e-book that you’ll spend months trying to go through them all!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Paleo/primal/ancestral lifestyle has taken off like gangbusters in recent years and for good reason. People like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Art DeVany and many others who are cited throughout the pages of this e-book have brought some much-needed exposure to a common-sense approach to eating the way we were biologically intended to. And guess what? It ain’t all the highly-processed industrialized carbage that passes for “food” these days in American households. For those who are still mired in the dietary delusion that nourishing meals come in a box, Nikoley arms these people with some easy-to-implement ways to step up their food quality without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. As someone who has been through this transition personally, Nikoley bestows great wisdom on a subject that warrants your uninterrupted attention. I’ve been there myself and have up-and-down whiplash from nodding in agreement with much of what is contained in this e-book.

You’ll learn why the diet that most people eat in modern-day society is wrong on so many levels. Most disturbing is that even the nutritional concepts that are promoted as “healthy” and considered the holy grail of what to eat for optimal health (low-fat, low-calorie, heavy on whole grains and mysteriously meatless) are bassackwards from what people really need to be consuming. The historical perspective about agriculture and how the special interests protecting it don’t give a rip about your health is most definitely worth the price of this book alone! And, of course, what would a book by Richard Nikoley be without a rant or two about the insanity of choosing to become a vegan or vegetarian? That one’s a CAN’T MISS chapter for sure! Classic Nikoley.

As expected, there’s plenty of nutritional myth-busting strewn throughout this e-book, including anti-conventional wisdom bombs like saturated fat is healthy, high cholesterol may not be such a big deal, and so much more that will rock your world and turn everything you thought you knew about health clear on its head. I love Nikoley’s concept of listening attentively to your own body and responding accordingly. If you eat something and you have a negative response, then that’s your body trying to tell you not to eat that anymore or to make appropriate adjustments to your consumption of it. Whether it’s the scale or your cholesterol test results, it’s always better to hear precisely what your body is saying rather than relying on what a machine or traditionally-trained physician is telling you about your health. It may be difficult for some people to swallow the truth that their doctor knows very little about nutrition and are more apt to prescribe risky prescription medications that most likely won’t get to the root of the problem. Times have changed and the Internet has armed patients with more knowledge about alternative health than ever before in the history of man. Nikoley is on the front lines of this paradigm shift.

Practicality is a central theme you find early and often throughout this e-book. From disease prevention to proper supplementation as well as knowing precisely what a real foods-based Paleo diet actually looks like, Nikoley doesn’t leave you hanging wondering what you need to do to be in the best possible solution to find the success you desire on your newfound Paleo lifestyle. Full details on making that all-important transition from the Standard American Diet or even a so-called “healthy” diet are included for your convenience so you never feel left all alone to do this on your own. It’s not really about low-carb, low-fat, or anything that typically dominates conversations about diet. Zeroing in on food quality and cleaning up your menus with the most nourishing, delicious foods that are right for you (and that will differ from person to person) is the crystal clear message Nikoley is promoting in this e-book. And even long-time Paleo dieters may learn a thing or two about how they can freshen up and tweak their own plan to make it even better. Perhaps the implementation of some intermittent fasting (IF) which warrants an entire chapter could be the missing element in maximizing your results. Experimenting and seeing how a variety of strategies could work for you is something Nikoley would encourage as a way to use the information contained in this e-book.

And with all the talk about diet, let’s not forget about exercise which also plays a role within the “evolutionary” concept at the heart of Paleo living. Nikoley says you only need to devote an hour weekly to find the results you are looking for. And guess what “Biggest Loser” fans–it ain’t hours and hours of cardio exercise! He’s brutally honest about the lack of changes that people who walk on a treadmill generally see in their body composition and this e-book reveals the unique kind of exercise that will deliver the fat loss and body composition changes most people are desperate for. And if weight loss is your goal, Nikoley shows you some simple concepts about what you can do to make that happen (and get healthier and fit in the process!). While the title of the book insinuates that this is a “diet” book, what you’ll quickly realize is that this is more about optimizing your opportunities to be as biologically healthy as you can possibly be. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for (or should be)?

What would a Richard Nikoley book be without some of his trademark Paleo-friendly recipes? Yeah baby, these mouthwatering dishes that have become some of my favorite posts on the “Free The Animal” blog show up in this e-book to tantalize your taste buds with satisfyingly succulent dishes that will rock your universe–and they’re anything but boring for those of you who are wondering! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll undoubtedly find something to tickle your fancy on those days you choose to nourish your body (and that won’t necessarily be everyday with Nikoley’s recommendation to purposely fast and eat at sporadic times to keep the body from getting too used to any one routine). Finally, if you need some inspiration from others who have been there, done that about why you should begin this journey, then there are ample numbers of uplifting weight and health success stories to encourage you to make this happen for yourself. There’s no time like the present to apply these principles from the past to give you the future you’ve always dreamed of!

Need one more more really good reason to get this e-book? Gee, how about the fact that the price point is just a measly $3.99? Are you freakin’ kidding me?! This e-book is EASILY worth $30 for the high-quality information it contains–so it is so well worth the price of that Egg McMuffin and coffee you were gonna buy from Mickey D’s but really don’t need anyway. Yep, I said it and now it’s up to you to make this happen! GET THIS BOOK and glean the invaluable lessons about making Paleo your own personal “life way” as Nikoley so aptly puts it. Your future self is waiting for you to get with the program and is cheering you on to just do it. The first step in your journey to stunning health change can begin with this book and the only thing that can stop you from succeeding is yourself. NOW GO FOR IT!

DISCLAIMER: The author provided a complimentary review copy of this e-book to me and I have not been paid to write this review.

  • Wx1537

    Jimmy, great review by you of a great book. I’m a little worried that you know the prices of things on the mc d’s menu though 😉

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Actually, that’s what the costs were back in 2003 when I ate there a LOT. Don’t have a clue what those cost now…except to say that this e-book is a lot healthier and economical. Thanks for your comments!

  • Jimmy:

    Thanks for this, and for all your support of my efforts, including our podcast in April of 2010. Can’t wait for our upcoming podcast in March.

    • Anonymous

      You know it man!