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Potpourri Of Health Tests On Jimmy Moore In May 2015

I’m currently working with a functional medicine wellness site called Nourish Balance Thrive who are running a whole battery of various health tests on me to help me identify areas where I can improve through diet, supplements, fitness, and lifestyle shifts. I’ll be airing a very special one-hour episode of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast on Monday with Christopher Kelly analyzing the results of these tests. DON’T MISS IT!

Here are the results we’ll be looking at:

5-20-15 UPDATE: If you listened to my podcast with Christopher Kelly examining these test results, then you know he wanted to get a full iron panel and a full thyroid panel along with an hs-CRP. Here are the results of those tests:

And he asked me to write down three days worth of my menus:

  • Wow, so much info! Love seeing all of the numbers… looks like something is going on with your kidneys maybe (high BUN & electrolytes out of balance) – some protein breakdown issues as well? Those cortisol tests are so interesting too! Definitely some stuff going on there! That’s so interesting & awesome you can get all of these tests to figure it all out. Can’t wait to hear the podcast episode! :)

  • melancholyaeon

    Whoa! 2nd stage adrenal burnout, too few good lactobacillus, e coli, high glucose, high BUN! Jimmy, you have some stuff to fix! Get better soon!

  • rs711

    interesting results. certain of the cholesterol ranges make the picture look worse than it is. there’s so much data that, either way, I wouldn’t freak out or be elated. There’s certainly room for improvement; my guess would be: > seafood, > offal, better circadian entrainment & activity that’s professionally tailored to your situation. That’s a lot but if anyone can do it Jimmy, you can! :)

    Good luck & thanks again for your openness.

  • Evelyn Wong

    Given how people like Jimmy have shown the uselessness of such standard metrics like cholesterol, perhaps a lot of these tests are similarly unimportant, or at the very least, based on outdated science. How would a Paleolithic caveman’s blood values look? Perhaps the ranges on these tests are based on what is considered “normal”, but most normal people in today’s world are overweight and bordering on diabetes. Jimmy might be healthier than the rest of us who have “normal” values. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Jimmy, and you’ll be fine!!!

    • Sharon G.

      Couldn’t agree more. A lot of these tests are probably outdated and are of little value. I have a feeling a new book by Jimmy is in the works… BUN Clarity!!

  • Steve Cook

    As a Type 2, I’ve seen a strong correlation between change in my BG and change in my weight. I don’t know that this explains all of your weight regain, but it certainly explains some.

  • Evelyn Wong

    Jimmy, on page 173 of THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra, it says, “supplemental vitamin C… helps the body absorb iron better. If you have a problem with iron levels, keep your supplemental vitamin C to less than 100 mg a day.”

    I’m not sure if you are taking vitamin C, but if you are, perhaps it is affecting your iron levels. Just thought I should point this out. Good luck!