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Popular Portuguese Low-Carb Paleo Blogger Blacklisted By Facebook

When you share a message on the Internet that runs counter to what many believe is the right thing, then it should not be surprising that you will become a target of those who disagree with the information you provide. And when it comes to nutrition and health-related stuff, the enemies of the low-carb and Paleo message are lurking about seeking their next prey. And this time they struck hard at a Portuguese language Low-Carb Paleo blogger in Brazil named Dr. Jose Carlos Souto, MD. He was apparently the victim of a vicious online attack campaign last week that has now gotten him blacklisted and blocked by Facebook as a “malicious” and “spam” page.

As someone who has personally known Dr. Souto’s work for many years, this is a laughable claim as he has brought the healthy low-carb, Paleo message to Portuguese readers with nothing but solid, sound information shared on his blog and Facebook page over that time. In fact, I’ve highlighted his work on my own blog previously, including this 2012 blog post as well as featuring his blog on my May 2012 New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs. He’s the real deal and yet he’s being singled-out like a criminal by Facebook without any just cause for this happening to him.

How can YOU help him correct this error? Share Dr. Souto’s blog link on your page to see what kind of message you receive from Facebook about it: http://www.lowcarb-paleo.blogspot.com (you’ll see the warning message from Facebook where you can leave feedback with them that this is a legitimate website and should NOT be blocked)

In the meantime, Dr. Souto has created an alternate website for readers to access his work: http://www.lowcarb-paleo.com.br

Perhaps if enough of us share that it is NOT spam they’ll correct this grave error they have made. Incidentally, all Portuguese language Facebook groups about Low-Carb and/or Paleo were unceremoniously deleted from Facebook without any explanation last week as well. One of these groups had over 14,000 followers and it was just systematically zapped off Facebook. Thousands of people have already inquired with Facebook about what happened, but there has been no response from them explaining why.

Dr. Souto suspects this was instigated by a group of militant vegans who likely ganged up and reported his website and Facebook pages as inappropriate. Since his blog has garnered nearly 4 million hits and is very popular in that part of the world, I can see why he was targeted. It is one of the largest blogs in the Portuguese-speaking world and that is apparently scaring some people who fear it is having too much of an impact. As Dr. Souto put it in an e-mail to me, “If you want to try to attack Low-Carb in Brazil, I’m your target!”

He’s considering taking legal action against Facebook demanding they explain to him why he is blacklisted or reinstate him. But at the very least, Dr. Souto wanted to make sure the Paleo and low-carb communities around the world to know about what has happened to him. This is an outrage and we need to rally behind him lest they come after us next.

SHARE DR. SOUTO’S BLOG LINK ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.lowcarb-paleo.blogspot.com

This whole ordeal reminds me of that famous poem about defending others:

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